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This is a photo I took of Ridge as he was playing by the beach in the yard behind our church in Castine, Maine.  He had those beautiful deep brown Ridgeback eyes.  I turned around and there he was just watching me, so I snapped this photo of him.  He was 10-1/2 years old at the time this was taken, but he was just like a pup.  I could barely keep up with him, and if he saw another "critter", he lost me in the dust.

I am just so stunned and saddened by his absence in our home, on my hikes, everywhere I go I feel that Ridge should be there too, like he always was.  He loved both Dave and myself very dearly.  Ridge was extremely intelligent, he could even open the patio door and let himself inside.  But he loved for you to talk to him, just like he was another person.  He would look right at you and hang on your every word.  He would turn his head to the side and have the dearest expressions on his beautiful face.  As I do photography, I have over a thousand photos of Ridge and from time to time I hope to add a new one to Rainbow Bridge.  Perhaps this will help in some way to ease the shock, pain, and depression that consumes us at this time.  Please remember us in your prayers.  We miss our Ridgie so very much.

God's Peace,

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Dear Patty,

       Ridge is absolutely beautiful. I am so very sorry for your loss. In your words I can feel your pain. The lonliness you describe is exactly what I feel everyday. Please know that you are not alone. There are so many of us here that will help in any way we can.

                                Bunny Snuggles,

                          Jacki, Baby Bunz Mommy



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Thank you so much for your kind remarks and sweet words regarding Ridge.  I know how much you must ache for your pet too, and I offer you my deepest sympathies.  I know time is supposed to be the great healer, so with each day I am hoping to begin to somehow feel better.  To begin to adjust and heal.  This pain is too deep, just too severe to bear.

God's Peace,

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I too lost a wonderful Ridgeback Spartacus The Gladiator


This is his memorial-


I would love to see some more pictures

of Ridge.

When I saw your other post I looked to see

if it was a ridgeback.

They are a very special breed.

I know what a huge hole they leave

when they have to go

to the Rainbow Bridge.



Love and Blessings,

Carewolf aka Carol


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Dear Patty

Your boy is just so beautiful.  His eyes are so deep, so full of love.  You said he was looking at you when you took the photo,  How deep is his love for you, it is unbelievable how deep the love that shines for you in his eyes.  Please know that love is still with you.  It is not lost, it will always shine in your heart, as your love will always be in his heart.  Thinking of you and your beautiful boy.  Love Di xxx

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Hi Patty,

I am absolutely blown away by your boy. He is so beautiful and his eyes are breathtaking I can see why you miss him so much. You can see how much he loved you through his eyes in the picture.

Thankyou so much for sharing.

Nuggetsmum Alana

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I appreciate the beautiful comments and compassion from everyone.   His spirit is with me all the time.  I have no doubt that his spirit is right beside us.  It's unreal to think he's been gone for 23 days now.  I still haven't made it through a day without sobbing, but I am trying to be alone when I cry.  The reason is it hurts my husband so badly, the tears have nearly made him physically ill.  He is so kind and good to me, but at the same time is so broken over losing Ridge....who was truly his "little boy."  He always walked him through the woods every morning before he would begin his art work.  Now it is so different, so quiet and sad.  We have to begin to live again.  Just by little baby steps, I suppose.  I do know that Ridge would not want us to grieve in a prolonged manner, or to the point that we become ill.  It's just so hard to bear his loss, because the three of us were a little family. 

God's Blessings,

Ridge in the Spotlight

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He is beautiful. No he would not want

you to grieve-but it is important to let

your feelings out and not try to

hold them in.

I just love that picture in the woods.

I am sad that Spartacus didn't have that

kind of life. He was Daddy's boy too-

and my husband was always so proud to

be with him.

Love and Blessings,

Carewolf aka Carol


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Thank you so much, Carol.  I appreciate your suggestions and words of comfort, as that is what I need so you do too.  I looked at your dog's photos and website, and he was so fantastic!  You have done a n outstanding job working on his tribute.  How could anyone not look at the artwork and photos of Spartacus and not fall in love with that sweet face? What a gorgeous Ridgeback.....they are very beautiful and special.  I have had many dogs, and have noticed there is something "different" about Ridgies.  Can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it is a combination of things.  I am letting my emotions out, actually I am still sobbing several times a day.  This is almost more heartache than I can bear, but I feel it will become less each day...just a little decrease in the loss every day.  I would like to find another Ridgeback to rescue, just as we did Ridge.  He was such a starved, frightened little guy when we first brought him home.  But he became a very happy, loving, normal dog very soon.  He had so much freedom here in the woods, which was great for him.  And how he loved the water.  Once we reached the shore he was right in the ocean or the bay.  Even at Wight's Pond, which would be considered a lake anywhere but he loved to go there and look for the bull frogs he could hear croaking loudly.  And he would jump out of the back of my Explorer and run right down the boat launch ramp and into the water.  I am so happy for the freedom Ridge had.  He wore his collar with the tags, but never had to walk on leash unless we went to the vet or were on vacation in a city.  These were rare occasions, so 98% of his life with us was spent entirely on his own.....he had endless freedom to fly, and now he has his wings!  This photo was taken of Ridge when he was just 3.  He loved to play in the snow! 

God's Peace,


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I thought perhaps I would add some photos of Ridge through the years to honor him in some way.  Maybe others would like seeing what a happy and loveable dog he was.  Ridge's days were filled with hikes, swims, explorations through the Maine woods, and lots o`f hugs, petting and cuddling.  I believe he lived the good life....a very good life for a dog with complete freedom.

My hope is these photos will give you a glimpse into who Ridge was and was he was like.  Blessings and Hugs to All!



                                RIDGE JUST LEARNED TO SWIM






                        RIDGE ON GUARD DUTY

                                      ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN

                                  COME TO MAMA, RIDGE!

                       COMING IN AFTER A SWIM IN THE BAY



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I just love your pictures.He sure led

the perfect Ridgeback life.


I can just picture Spartacus, Ridge,

Loki, Pandora, Blue(Sparty's brother)

and Kuma (another brother)

running through the meadows and woods

at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sparty was never in the water but his Dad

loved to swim so maybe he will too.

Sparty was always cold in the winter.

I cut off ex. large sweatshirts for him

and he always wore them.

I decorated most of them with

fabric paint and a giant S in the middle.

If he did run out people knew who he was

by his sweatshirt and always called

or brought him home-even the police.

He was so gentle that people who were

working here would be scared until he walked up to them and walked around them saying,"Hello.



Spartacus loved the heat. He would lay

outside when it was over 100.



Hu was also huge-at least six inches

larger than his parents.


I just love the wrinkles they have

on their face. They are so expressive.

I couldn't get another Ridgeback-

but a year later we did get a little

Coton de Tulear.




He is so different from Sparty that

there can be no comparisons to our friendly giant.

When Sparty died he was the last Ridgeback

in our family.

We all miss them.



We do make memorial web pages.

If you would like one contact me at:


You can see them at


We did this one recently:


Love and blessings to you

and your furangel Ridge.




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I just showed my daughter your pictures.

She loves them.





Posts: 909

Can you email me?




We see a squirrel!!!

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