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This is the place where we can all share the cute little things that our

 Earthkids are doing, and to post new pictures for us all to see. I'm looking forward to reading all about them.



Bijou with his Puppy Kong.

He likes to play with socks and

shoes more.

I sometimes hear footsteps

in the middle of the night when I'm on the computer.

It's Bijou with his Daddy's shoe.

It's so big that it hits the floor

as he is carrying it.

We still wonder how he gets

Daddy's boots out. 

He also takes out the insoles and hates if I have socks on my feet-he wants them.

He comes at my feet and I can just hear

him saying,


He also loves any toy that makes

noise. after a few experiences

I have learned not to buy toys

with eyes put on,

because he can take them off.

he would love a squirrel,

have never seen one like that.


Love and Hugs,

Carewolf aka Carol




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Hello all,

Next week Baby Kuggel will be six months old. He has discovered his Doxie Moxie which includes barking, diving off the deck, digging under the garden gate, calf chasing in the back pasture, unmaking moms bed, hiding under blankets and begging.

Mozie and Kuggel have established a truce when it comes to the toy box. They each have a pile of squeeker toyz and chewies. Silver waits until the get into a squabble over a toy or bone and then meanders by and takes the prize. neither Kugs or Moz argue about who owns the toy once Sil has hold of it.

Sil reigns supreme in the car. The buddy lookout seat is his and the youngsters have the back seat. Pooh blanket has to go with Kugs.

Everyone has his own dinning area, Sil kitchen, Mozie the upstairs Den and Kugs the sofa on the sun porch.

They all say hi to Bijou.

Meriam. Silver, Mozart and Kuggel

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A salute to your guys. We need a new picture

of Kuggel-I bet he is getting big.


Shabbat Shalom,




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Ollie the great Kong protector


Last week Ollie's Daddy bought him a new blue Kong toy.

They are very hard to find and when it arrived Ollie was so excited.

Ollie is very afraid of thunder storms and on Saturday we had our first one of this year.

Usually when it storms Ollie hides in the bathroom coming out to where ever I am frequently to try to encourage me to hide in there with him.

When the storm is particularly severe Ollie climbs into the bath tub.

I guess he has heard those tips on the weather channel on how to be safe in severe storms.

On Saturday we were just coming into the house when it began to storm.

I gave him his tranquilizer and he then ran to grab his new blue Kong.

He ran into the kitchen and placed it in a safe spot then headed for the bathroom.

He kept coming out to encourage Daddy and me to come hide with him but each time he would run to the kitchen to check on the blue Kong.

Finally when the storm was over he brought his blue Kong back into the living room and settled down with it nestled between his paws and went to sleep.


Love to everyone,


Kathy and Ollie the great Kong protector


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Hello all,

The LLama twins and Piper Sullivan have discovered the joy of flipping feed buckets over. They also chase the feed trucks down the fence lines and it is a hoot to see two Llams and a filly running after each other. Tow frantic mothes try and stop their young if they think that the play is getting out of hand. Yesterday, Lola, a Llama ripped my jacket pocket in her quest for a Donkey cooky. Piper, the filly has learned how to crab hair pretties and hide them in tree branches that hang over the crek bed.

The Doxie boyz are waiting to go up and visit the large ranch animals. They enjoy a good roll in heaven knows what and then they get hosed off before they can get in the turck for the ride back to the car.

We wish all happy tails,


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Sending roses to all

the special Mommies.


Love to My Mommy

and all Mommies on

Mother's Day.


 Petit Bijou



Bijou's Page


Love and Hugs,

CareWolf and Bijou


Special hugs to

our family at the

Rainbow Bridge.





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As anyone who knows my Ollie all ready knows

his favorite things in the world are his Kong toys.

He absolutely loves his new blue Kong that his Daddy bought for him a few weeks ago.

This morning when I came out of the bathroom guess what was laying in front of the door.

You guessed it, Ollie's new blue Kong.

He was standing by the bedroom door looking all pleased with himself.

My boy gave me the most special Mother's Day gift he could think of.


 On this Mother's Day

Ollie sends his wishes for everyone here at Pet loss.




Love and Peace,



and Ollie

 the official unofficial Representative of kong toys



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My Mom has long black hair. Two of us have long hair, one has short hair. We all have long tails, and four paws. We range in age from 11 years to six months. All of us adore our human mom. She feeds us, grooms us, bathes us and most of all adores and loves us. We in turn love her and try our best to keep her groomed. All three of us work in unison to keep her looking spiffy. She is our driver, succor, and provider. Without our mom, we would not have a home or food. She has given us unconditional love and we retrun that love. Mom works hard for us and we have the job of just being the spoiled boyz that we are.

So on Sunday, we will take mom for a walk to the park. We will see to it that the squirrels do not raid the garden and we will be sure to wake her up early and demand breakfast. Yes, we are fur children, the three Doxies who live in the Big Sky. We have fur brothers at the bridge. We have a fur sister at the bridge. We have fur friends and fur cousins.

Our mom is the best and she in turn treats us with love and kidness.

So we say, Happy Mother's Day from us and please honor your fur mothers also.

Silver, Mozart and Kuggel



Mother's Day

True to our woof, we dragged mom out of bed at 4;30, made her get dressed and off we went for a walk. Mozie picked the route today, so we headed to the park. Mom made us stay on the city sidewalks because it was dark. The we headed up toward the doughnut shop, where we got mom a treat and the newspaper. Kuggel then wanted a ride home because it was cold, so he was stuffed in the front of moms ski parka.

At home we all had some oatmeal and then we watched videos of me, Mozie and Hershey. it was fun to see Hershey again. our video has sound so we even heard his bark.

Now, we are going to watch some TV and just make sure mom is warm and has some tea.

We all hope that everyone had a good Mothers Day.

Woofs to all,

Silver, Mozart and Kuggel and Mom


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Hi evryone,

It is a busy time in the house. Every day we are on squirrel patrol.. the wild bunnies are bringing their offspring to snack on the new grass shots in the back yard. Yesterday, in the back pasture we saw a rufous fox and her cubs frollicking around near the hay bales. There was a mean looking badger on the bridge deck and mom said we wer bred to get them. None of us was in the mood for a chase.

Our baby Kuggel is growing up fast. he is now six months old and full of fun and pestiness. Piper is now several weeks old and really feeling her oats. She still likes her milk shakes. Our llama twins are getting more playful and they team with Piper to keep both moms on the alert for their babies.

The calves and lambs are growing, all the calves are branded and this year there are no late births. Later today, we are going to visist the large animals.

Sunday, mom is taking us to Bozeman and then on over to Yellowstone national Park. There we can see baby buffalo, elk and antelope. In West yellowstone, we stop and to some shopping and have buffalo burgers and chipos at the Rattlesnake Cafe on Yellowstone Drive. We get home very late at night and mom has to be very careful about deer onthe roads.

Mom says to stop typing and come and get my fasce washed so we can head out.

Hope all my friends here have a good day.

More posts later.

Silver, the spokesdog


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test pic insertion

(Edited so photo would appear - original link had http entered twice in error - Moderator - Trekys Mum)

Posts: 205

(Edited so photo would appear - Moderator- Trekeys Mum)


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Ollie just loves his Vet,Ed and the feeling is mutual.

A month or so ago we noticed a little white spot on the lower rim of Ollie's eye.

Of course I brought that to Ed's attention.

The next picture of Ollie's vet visit explains how Ollie had become so accustomed  to everyone who knows him checking his eye for Mommy till his vet appointment where he could show it to the expert.

Thankfully it's just a little skin tag that needs no surgery but Ed will remove when Ollie has his teeth cleaned this summer.

Ollie still shows everyone his eye though just in case there is any change.


Love and Peace,




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Bijou saw his first rabbit upclose today.

He chased it to a big hedge 

and the rabbit disappeared through

a small hole.

What a time to not have my camera. 


Bijou is still very sad about losing

his best friend Vicki.

Today was especially confusing because

the grass was replaced where

Vicki used to go and he didn't

get her scent anymore.

Then the great rabbit chase happened

and he was his funny self again.


Love and Hugs,

Bijou's Mommy Carewolf



Bari and Bijou




Bari and Vicki




Bijou Following Hayley




Best Friends


Vicki we will always

love you.

Bari and Bijou





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Dear Carol,


What absolutely beautiful pictures.

Bari is getting so big and I know she misses Vicky but what a blessing that Bijou came into your life so she and Hayley and all who miss Vicky will have him to share.

He will bring them joy just as he has for you and Jeff.


All my love,




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Old post 06/23/08 at 09:40 PM #1


I know there are many on this site who are newly grieving and I don't want to take anything away from their grief, but I wanted to share with my Petloss friends that I have gotten a new kitty. 

Many of you know that I lost my 3 yr. old kitty, Gus, a little over 6 mo. ago.  I have never felt such pain and emptiness.  But,  time did help my heart to heal and I eventually started thinking about getting another cat.  I have two other cats, a 2 1/2 yr. old male and a 1 yr. old female, but something was just missing after I lost Gus.  Gus was my soulmate, my best friend and my baby.

A couple of months ago, I started thinking about visiting Tails, our local humane society, to look at cats.   I drove by several times but could not bring myself to stop. I decided to visit their website. instead.  There was a beautiful 1 yr. old long hair orange cat named Garfield.  I immediately started crying because he looked so much like  my Gus.  I didn't go back to the website for several weeks.  About a month ago I decided to check out the website again to see if any cats caught my eye.  Garfield was still there and out of all of the cats, he continued to be the one that I was drawn to.  I decided that I was ready for a visit. I spent a couple of hours playing with cats of all ages.  I avoided the common room that Garfield was in.  I was trying to find another cat that I could bond with.  Finally, I decided to visit the room where they kept Garfield.  He was sitting by the door looking at me like he was waiting for me.  When I went in, he came up and started rubbing on my leg.  I started to cry and had to get a tissue from one of the volunteers.  I left shortly after that.

Two days later, I showed my daughter the website.  I wanted her opinion on Garfield.  As soon as she looked him she said "Oh my gosh mom, look at the name of the cat below Garfield."   It was Gus Gus.  That was my special name for my Gus.  She decided it was a sign that I should get Garfield.  I was still trying to talk myself out of it, so I went out to mow the lawn and think.  As soon as I started mowing, the wheel fell off the mower!  That was enough for me, I headed up to Tails.  As soon as I sat down in the room with Garfield, he curled up on my lap and started purring.  That was it, I had been adopted and I was in love.

Garfield (now known as Sampson) is now a part of our family.  He fit right in with my other 2 cats.  We never even had any hissing or growling.  I just know that my Gus sent Sammy to us.  He was probably wondering when I was going to get the hints he was sending.  One other weird coincidence--I brought Sam home on June 5th.  I didn't realize it until I was looking at some pictures of Gus, but I got Gus on June 5th, 2004! 

Here are some pictures of Sam.  Even though he looks like Gus, he has his own personality.  He is such a good boy and has filled a void in our family.

 Gus--thank you for sending Sammy.  You knew that I needed another kitty to love.  You guided me to a kitty who needed a loving happy home.  I love you my
Gus Gus.  You will always have a special place in my heart.

Thanks for letting me share my new little guy.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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Sammy is a sweetie. I know how much you've missed Gus. Boy, Gus sure put all 4 paws into this one! I am so happy for you.
Molly's Mom

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I was so scared today. I wonder if any of my friends were scared too. Something kept

booming -it really did!!


Mommy and Daddy

held me and gave me lots

of tickles.

I guess it was a good day

after all.






Love and Puppy Kisses,






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Hi Bijou, The booming was coming from the big brass tuba, so says our friend Lt Fritz, a German Shepherd serving at Malmstrom Airforce Base in Great Falls. The 4th was a happy, sad day here this year. It was the Hershs 8th month at the bridge and then the 5th was my birthday. All of us wish you lived closer so we could celebrate together. Mom says we now start to get ready for the High Holidays in the Fall. Luckily they are later this year. Have a wonderful rest of the summer. The Great Falls Doxies and Mom
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