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My husband, David, and I lost our precious Ridge on Saturday evening, June 7, 2008.  We have been so devastated and grief-stricken I could not bring myself to visit this site until tonight.  Ridge died very suddenly in David's arms...the result of a massive hemorrhage from a tumor on his spleen.  Our lives are in turmoil and grief.  I am going to a counselor, but I seem to be stuck and unable to make any progress at all.  I sit and cry for the loss of my precious and beloved dog.  My husband has been crying as well.  Ridge has a lovely grave in our yard near his beloved woods.  I feel like I could die as the pain in my heart is so heavy.  I hope someone can help us.  We pray everyday for strength.  I have never felt this pain in my life.  Thank you so much.  We desperately need your suggestions and advice.

God's Peace to all,
Patty and David

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Patty and David,
I really, really feel your pain - and all of us here know what you are going through with the loss of your beautiful Ridge. I lost my Dally Jesse just over 3 weeks ago - she was nearly 13 years of age and a heart condition and seizures became too much for her. I remember when I first came to this forum - the words of comfort I received here were just wonderful and everything I needed in order to get me through the next hour, the night, the next day, the next 2 days. Each day I visited and it gave me so much solace to know that others were feeling the same as I - they understood - more than my work friends, more than even some of my family members. It is such raw, hard, painful grief - you have lost your best friend, your most faithful companion, of course there is a huge hole in your heart. But like everyone told me that first time I came to this forum, in time the pain does ease, the many wonderful memories slowly start to replace the harsh, painful ones at the time of their loss. For you, it was so sudden and that's incredibly difficult to get through, but do find comfort in everyone's experiences here - your darling boy is now free from his pain and his spirit will live on in you both - no one and nothing can ever take that away from you. I'm certainly thinking of you during this terribly difficult time - I'm sure my Jessie and all of our babies are taking real good care of Ridge. It's what they do best isn't it.

Do take care,

Jesse's Mum


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Dear Patty and David,
First, my condolences to both of you on the loss of your precious Ridge.
I remember when our Molly passed last October; it was 3 weeks before I could post here about it. The first post was gut-wrenching.
Do you know the story of the Rainbow Bridge? Ridge and all the other beloved furbabies are there, happy and healthy, waiting for us to join them in our own time.
You have come to a good place. Everyone here has been through similar situations. Come here and talk about Ridge, about your feelings, about your anger and frustrations with losing Ridge. Come here and share his picture when you can, and tell us the stories about him that tell what his unique soul was about. We care about you two here. We want to help you in your journey through grief over Ridge.
My prayers are with you both.
Molly's Mom

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Dear Patty and David:
My heart aches for you and your precious Ridge.  The pain of losing our beloved pets is devastating.  Please remember that the pain is so great because of the tremendous love you had shared with Ridge. Ridge will be forever in your heart and you will be together again one day.  Everyone here understands your feelings and we are all here to help you.

I lost my sweetheart Meister on June 6, 2008.   He was 17 and had seizure that took his life along with other complications.  I cry for him every day.  To help ease the pain I go out every day and put flowers in the garden for him.  We will be putting a stone in the garden with an apricot plant. Meister was an apricot poodle.  I keep his picture near me at all times.  The candle lighting ceremony is a wonderful night to talk to your sweet Ridge.

I am sure you have many many pictures of Ridge.  When you feel the time is right please send us pictures and stories of the great times you spent with Ridge.

I do feel your pain.  I pray for my sweetheart every day and I will pray for you both and your little Ridge. 

Many hugs to you.

Meisters Mom


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Patty & David--Sorry for your recent loss of your baby, Ridge. It's all so raw right now for you. I think losing a pet that you love so much is one of the worse pains that can be. Just try to get through each day right now, try to eat good foods and get some fresh air--things like that to nourish your body and soul. It's just plain hard. Take care of yourselves.

Posts: 23

Patty and David,


I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost Louie on June 5.  I too just came here earlier this week and I am so happy I did.  The people on here are wonderful and so supportive.  I come here and talk to people who are going through the same exact thing.  These past 3 weeks I have been so out of it, just going through the motions, complete HAZE.  Some days are better some are harder.  Know he is happy and pain free watching over you guys.  Come here and talk about him it will make you feel better, even if you’re floating in a river of tears after you write about him. (Joke)  Share when you are ready.  I came here Monday and wrote for my first time and I did the same thing you did and forgot to write what Louie was and how old he was.  When you’re ready we would all love to here about him.  Your in my thoughts and prayers.


~d Louie’s Mom


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Dearest Patty and David,
My heart aches for you.  Your precious Ridge most certainly succumbed to the same cancer that took my Zach on 6/17.  You are not alone in the suddenness with which this bleeding cancer (hemangiosarcoma) strikes.  My Zach had some warning, but many do not.  He had his spleen removed on 4/1 when he was bleeding and survived another 10 weeks, but I know of many who do not survive even long enough to be hospitalized or treated.  This is a blindsiding loss and my heart goes out to you.  I really feel for you and the pain you are experiencing right now as do dozens of other here.  I will pray for your peace.  This is such a devastating time in our lives...the loss of our fur-kid.
With heartfelt condolences, Alison & Angel Zachary

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Dear Patty & David--  I'm so sorry for your loss of Ridge.  I know how devastating it can be when your precious furchild leaves for the Rainbow Bridge.  It's been 8 months for me and I still shed tears every day.  I miss everything about my Teddy and will never forget the unconditional love that she brought to my life.  It's just so difficult, with all the memories hanging around, to get through each day without them.
    This site will give you all the support and understanding that you need.  Many caring people are here for you.

       All my thoughts & prayers are going out to you both---

                             Teddy's Mom

Posts: 64
Dear Patty and David,
I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  My furbaby, "Trooper" has been gone for 7 month now, and from time to time I feel the pain.  I know that since you took the time to find this website and posted here, you guys are very special people.  I have no doubt that Ridge was (is) loved.  You were good parents.

I've been reading a wonderful book titles, "The Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Coping with the Grieving Process When a Pet Dies" by:  Wallace Sife, Ph. D.  This book has been a tremendous crutch for me to get on living without Trooper.

Some one here on wrote me a letter acting as if Trooper sent it to me..."The grass is greener here at the Rainbow Bridge.  I miss you all sooo much, but I am having such a fun time....Please don't cry, I always wanted to make you laugh."

I have to remember the good times we had with Trooper when I start feeling sad.  He would want me to be happy. 

Ridge would want the same for you two.

W/ Love,
The Opusman

Posts: 1,569
Dear Patty & David;
So sorry for your loss, I as all of those here know what you and yours are going through. This site and all the wonderful, caring people helped me and they as you can already see will be here for you both. Total strangers who have taken time to read your message and reply because they know how devastating it can be and perhaps in their words be able to offer you both some peace and comfort. God Bless.-----Jerry in Oklahoma

Posts: 14
I appreciate so much all of your wonderful comments, suggestions, and prayers for David and myself right now.  I forgot to say much about Ridge.  He was rescued by us eight years ago when he was a 3 year old.  He was a Ridgeback/Lab mix....but the vets (he had 3 vets) said he was predominately a Ridgeback.  He was emaciated when we found him.  And he had been beaten and frightened beyond words.  But he came right to us that day, and eagerly jumped into Dave's truck for the ride to our cottage in the Maine woods near the shore.  Not once was he ever a problem, or did he show fear towards us.  He was such an intelligent dog.  I took him everywhere with me, as I do a lot of photography and exhibits.  We went to ponds, beaches, the woods, the ocean and many coves and bays.  He learned to swim after we adopted him, and I have a picture of him swimming that day off a little island in the Northern Bay.  He was so proud of himself.  I always talked to him in full sentences as he rode along beside me, and he hung on my every word.  He learned to love Schubert, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi...all the classical pieces which I played on the car radio....they were very soothing to him.  I would tell him what a rose was, and Ridge would go smell it and look up at me as if to say, "yes, that smells lovely."  He was such a little gentleman.  He had those beautiful, intense, dark brown Ridgeback eyes.  Ridgebacks are sight hounds, and I think he could see a bee at 50 yards.  He never barked unless there was a real reason to, and we knew to pay attention on those rare occasions he did bark.  He would not use the bathroom anywhere near the yard.  Ridge, always the gentleman, would go off in the woods, use the bathroom, and come back refreshed.  He never pushed his way in to get his food, but waited until I said, "okay, Ridgie, it's all yours."  I could go on and on, but what I feel towards Ridge is so special.  I could not possibly have loved him more if he were human.  He was the same as my little child around the house.  Today Dave and I did leave the cottage and drove to Bangor where we explored the waterfront.  Then this evening we drove around the rural areas of the shore and went through the village of Brooksville, Maine.  Afterwards we bought some ice cream and came home and made ice cream cones.  I think Ridge would approve.  I also had a very spiritual event which happened two days ago with another dog.  I was taking a photo of a church on Deer Isle in the village of Stonington, Maine.  The young couple were quite proud of their one year old pure was a beautiful French name, which I cannot recall.  The dog resembled a standard poodle in size.  I told them we had just lost our dog, Ridge.  When I said this, their dog walked right up to me and lifted his head until he was looking right into my eyes.  Not AT my eyes, but INTO my eyes.  They said, "Prince, what's the matter with you?"  But he would not drop his gaze.  I petted his head and they made him come to them.  He didn't want to leave and they said he had never acted like that before.  On his way back to their car he kept looking back at me.  They said "he really likes you a lot."  I told David and my counsellor, and they said "Ridge wasn't in that dog.....Ridge was in YOU, and that dog knew it!  Could that be possible?  Has anyone ever had such an experience?  I assure you I am not insane, I am depressed, but I am not crazy.  The young couple even acknowledged this was bizarre and unusual behavior for their dog.  I felt very comforted for some reason while this event was occurring. Well, I have really rambled on here.  I need to rest if I can.  I don't sleep well yet.  I hope you will continue to remember us, and we surely appreciate all your prayers and suggestions, as well as your kindness!

God's Peace and Healing,
Patty and David

Posts: 909


Your Ridge sounds like such a wonderful dog.

I know how empty it seems when our babies are gone.

I read your story about the other dog

and feel Ridge was sending you a message.

He knew how you loved his beautiful eyes

and it seems natural to me  

that eyes would be the way he would

contact you. I believe he was telling

you that he will always be watching over you

from the Rainbow Bridge.

It is not uncommon for us to be contacted by

our babies to tell us they are healthy

and happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

My daughter's golden Vickie died about

a month ago and that night she woke

up and saw her walking around as she used

to do looking after the family especially the children. Her husband woke up and told her that he had just seen Vickie in a dream. Some

talk of hearing them or their collars jingle-

and some see their other pets respond as if

they are there.

The important thing is to be open to what you see

and hear or you will miss it.


It sounds like Ridge had such a wonderful

life with you.

I would love to see some of the pictures

you have of him.



I know just what you mean about their eyes.


Spartacus was the puppy of my daughter's

Ridgebacks Loki and Pandora.



Spartacus's dogster page


Spartacus's Web Page


It is a long and painful trip

to come to grips with the loss

of your beloved pet.

As you read the other posts you

will see that it doesn't happen in a day or a week -a month or a year.

Most of us seem to gradually come

to accept that our beloved friend

has gone on ahead of us to wait

until we can join them once more.


I pray that you will also find comfort

knowing that your baby is running

happy and healthy at the Bridge.


I am going to light a candle for you,

your husband and Ridge.

May peace find you and wrap you

in her healing arms.





Monday night is our candle ceremony.

I hope you will be able to join us.

It can be very healing.


Love and Blessings,

Carewolf aka Carol















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