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My sweet little Pomeranian named Pacey passed away during neuter surgery on Monday 05/12/08. I am so devastated. I thought I was making the best decision for him. I thought this procedure was safe. The vet said that he stopped breathing and then his heart stopped. He was only a year and a half old. I feel terribly guilty because he was a healthy happy dog and the surgery did not have to be done. He trusted me. I told him everything was ok when I dropped him off at the vet. Then I get the call Monday afternoon that he did not make it through the surgery. I love Pacey so much, he was my baby boy! Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how do you deal with this? I miss him so much! He followed me everywhere and always wanted to be by my side. He loved belly rubs. He was a fun-loving, energetic little dog and now he is gone. I just can't get over the fact that if I had not taken him, he would still be here with our family. Any words of comfort and/or wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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Dear Gina,

Oh how my heart breaks for you.  I know how devastaded you are.
Something similar happened to me, my beloved Pookie, who I loved
with all my heart, my precious soul-mate who never took his eyes
off me, followed me everywhere, was misdiagnosed by a new vet
I took him to, and unexpectantly died during a routine procedure.
This was in March and I am so heartbroken, I can't tell you.
My world ended that day. I am so sorry for your loss. You have
come to a good place, everyone here will be of comfort to you,
so come back often as long as you need to, it helps to hear
from everyone.  I'm sorry, but that's all I can offer you because
something like this is impossible to get over. Just know your baby
quickly went to the Bridge and is well now and happy with all of
our fur babies. I hope he sends you a sign or a quick visit some
night to let you know he's ok.



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I'm sorry for your tragic loss of Pacey.  You could not have known what would happen, as you said you thought you were making the best decision.    I have not had what happened to you happen to me, but no matter how we loose our furbabies, we blame ourselves.  We think about what we could have done or not done.  It's only human.  Please try not to be hard on yourself.  I know, easy to say, hard to do.  But Pacey knows how much you love him and he loves you.

You will be in my prayers during this difficult time,
Nina Maria's Mom

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 I too lost my Pomeranian baby this month--it's been two weeks today. It was sudden as well as she ate a seed from a sago palm tree which are highly toxic. I did everything I could to save her, but it was too late. I am extremely sorry for your loss. Pacey and Lila are playing together at the Rainbow bridge now until we get up there. I know they will take care of each other as well as every other pet who's waiting for us.


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I am so very sorry.  You are in my prayers.


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Oh Gina,  I am so sorry ! My heart is breaking for you. I didn't lose my Baby Bunz through surgery, but I did lose him to illness.  I know what guilt you are feeling. I did all the what-ifs. What if I had known how sick he was sooner, what if I had taken him to the vet earlier. Believe me, we all do this to ourselves. We know in our hearts, we did absolutely nothing to harm our furbabies. Sometimes it is out of our control. Please don't hurt yourself this way. You will grieve, that is normal. Just know that here at petloss, we are here for you. The chat room is wonderful, full of loving caring people that can help. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

                      Jacki, Baby Bunz' Mommy


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Thanks so much to all who replied. Just knowing that there are others who understand how much Pacey meant to me was very comforting. Reading your comments made it a little easier to get through my day today. Again, Thanks. Your support means a lot, the guilty feelings are so hard to deal with on top of grieving the loss. The mornings are hard, no pitter-patter of little paws come running and when I come home, no wiggly excited little boy to run to greet me and to love on. My prayers are also with you all! 
To: Pacey - Mommy loves you very much and I pray that you are running and playing on the rainbow bridge and that I will see you again some day. I miss you greatly, my love!

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I am so very sorry you have lost your precious little Pom, Pacey.   Oh, the sorrow you must be feeling just breaks my heart.   Deaths from (I'm assuming) anesthesia are rare, but do occur.   Did the vet explain to you what happened to cause this?  Having some answers may help you a little.

Please know my prayers and my thoughts are with you.  Please tell us more about little Pacey when you feel up to it.

I have lit an internet candle for him under AurichWolf's Light a Candle Here thread on this grief board.  It is under his name and will burn for the next 48 hours.

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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I'm so sorry you've lost your darling doggie and in such an unexpected way too.

I just wanted to say that the "Dealing With the Guilt" article that is posted on the Petloss website has helped me overcome most of my guilt.  Our little Rebel has been gone for four weeks now and the guilt for both my husband and myself has been horrendous.  I'm so grateful for this website.

Again, I'm so very sorry for your loss.


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Dear Gina-- I'm so sorry about your little Pacey, but please don't put any guilt on yourself.  How were you to know that a simple procedure could turn so tragic?  I'm sure with time, the answers will come and you will find some peace.  Until then, you have all the love & support that you need right on this site.
     All my thoughts & prayers are with you---

                                       Teddy's Mom

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Dear Gina,

I am so sorry for your sudden loss of your baby Pacey. You could never, ever have known this would happen, or you would not have taken him in! If only we could know ahead of time how all things would/will turn out. If only, right?...My story is not similar, so I will just say you came to the right place. There are wonderful, caring people here. You may hear similar stories, which also may help. (My girl was misdiagnosed and most likley had end-stage cancer, after they insisted she did not. Her type was rare apparently.) When you lose them, it is still hard to get over. Time helps to heal. Be well, take good care of yourself, Vickie

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I am so very sorry for the untimely death of your Pacey. I know you must be ..... I can't even find the words. Please know that by having your dog neutered was a responsible choice to make if you had wanted to have him for a long time. Dogs that are not neutered can wind up with all sorts of problems. Of course you did not know what would happen, and I think when you are feeling better you should find out what happened. Because anesthesia in animals is so very safe right now. It is, or at least should be the same that they use in people. I would be very very angry if I were you. Something went very wrong there. When your up to it maybe find out what.
I hope you find peace somehow
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