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I got my new little rescue dog, Paco, a couple of weeks ago. Today I have no doubt that he has a guardian angel and I am sure that his name is Chico, my wonderful heart dog that I lost to CHF in June.

First thing this morning hubby took Paco out. He was letting him in the door and unleashed him and Paco turned and took off like a bullet before he had time to blink. He ran straight into the highway busy with school traffic and got hit by a car. Hubby said he saw and heard the impact. He came in to get his shoes on and told me Paco got hit. I asked if he was dead and he said yes. Hubby went back out to get him and I went to the floor, hysterical and sobbing. A few minutes later he came in and said the driver said that Paco ran off! He could not believe it after what he saw and heard. We took off looking for him, expecting to find his body. We found him a few houses down and he was running around and barking, came running to me. He is absolutely fine! He has a tiny scratch on his leg. It is truly a miracle. Hubby was sure he was dead after seeing him hit and even hearing that horrid impact.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Paco has a very special guardian angel who knew I could not bear to lose my new pup so soon and was looking out very intently for this little boy. Thank you Chico! I am so glad to know he is watching out and so glad Paco is fine and curled up beside me tonight, safe and unhurt.....somehow!

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OMG Berta, I could not believe what I was reading.  Then I read that your sweet Paco was not taken away from you, I was so very thankful.

There is no doubt that Chico had a hand in watching over Paco.  I am so thankful he is fine.


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How amazing! And what relief for you.

 Lots of love to you and your hubby and Paco so happy for you

Bless you all xxx

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Good Lord...........................i think this is what's called 'heart attack at vine.    living on the edge'.    so very relieved that this turned out just fine.   good thing for paco that he has chico watching out over him.     just to be on the safe side though, you might want to take him into your vet just to get checked out to make sure there's no internal damage and/or bruising that isn't showing up.      i'd still be shaking like a leaf if i was you!   don't know how you were even able to type a post.   lol.


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Wow Berta....what a story....thank God for Chico watching out for him....x&o for young Paco!


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Oh my Goodness!!!!  How freightful for all of you!
I agree, I would also take him in for a quick once over to be sure there is nothing internal going on.  Whew... Precious Paco don't EVER do that again!


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Whew, what a close call for little Paco!  This is the reason I make sure my door is completely closed before I "unleash" Murphy, my Cairn.  Like Paco, he is faster than a speeding bullet!  :)  As Mare suggested, I think I would have Paco checked by a vet just to make sure he is okay.  No doubt, he has a guardian angel!


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I did have Paco checked out and he is fine. I don't know how.

Hubby learned a valuable lesson about making sure he is completely inside before unhooking that leash. He is a bolter! This is the third time he has escaped. We certainly have to watch him and also make sure he is nowhere near the door when it is opened.

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YES, A MIRACLE. Thank you Lord! We nave so much pain here, its NICE to read this. Please Lord we want some more!


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Oh my goodness!  I also could not believe what I was reading!!!  I am so happy that Paco is fine....and yes, your beloved Chico was a huge part of this happy ending.  Such wonderful news!

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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Berta, that's wonderful to hear Paco checked out ok at the vet.  It's just amazing and I really do think a miracle.  My Max is a bolter too.  He got out on us 3 times the first year and what a chase it was to get him back.  I've since taught him to be in a "sit and stay" in the kitchen before I go to the door.  If he moves, I go back and do it again and again until he remains.  He's gotten much better and we've learned to side step out the door in a sliver space quickly. Getting back in is a challenge too.  whew... I'm too old for this!  He's 2.5 and I can't wait for him to settle down a little bit. 
Murphy's Mommy


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Wow.  Thanks Chico!!!!!!!!

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