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Hi, I'm new to all this, and I'm not quite sure how I found this site, but I need to talk to someone about my baby girl Beth. She was a 'red' labrador. She was the most beautiful little girl. I don't think I'm making much sense I hurt so bad. I have a pain in my heart so bad I can't stand it. I want to cry but my throat is locked. Beth went to sleep 10 days ago after a short illness, which she bore very bravely. She was always by my side, I didn't realise how much I talked to her, how much love she gave. I feel so guilty for taking her for granted.   


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I am so sorry you lost Beth.
That's the way those special pups are, just always there with you, always listening, always comforting. It is so hard to lose these special ones.
You have come to a good place. We all have lost those special ones. We will listen while you tell your stories of Beth, while you deal with the grief and lost feelings. We will give advice when asked and will encourage you as you work through the worst possible time of your life. We will never tell you that you need to get over it.
When you can, tell us about Beth. Post a picture. Tell us your story. We will listen, we will understand.
My prayers are with you tonight.
Molly's Mom

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I am so sorry you lost Beth.  I lost my dog on Friday so I know what you are going through.  I would like to say it gets easier but I haven't has any relief yet.  You and Beth will be in my prayers.

Layla's Mom

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I am so sorry you have lost your beloved girl Beth.  I have a black lab, Gracie, so I know how special they are.  So loving, so faithful.  My heart is aching for your loss.  Please tell us more about your baby when you are able.  Your loss is so fresh and raw that it may be difficult to write, so just take your time.

Please don't think you took her for granted.  Beth knows your heart.  She knows how deeply you love her and miss her.  She loves you still.  Labs are that way.  They have hearts of gold.  And, their hearts go on forever.

I have lit an internet candle which can be found if you go to the first page (and first post) of AurichWolf's "Light a Candle Here" thread on this grief board.  Click on the little Light a Candle icon in the post, and it will bring up a page of candles.  Look for the one with her name on it.  It will burn for 48 hours.  May your grieving heart be comforted by beautiful memories of your girl.

Sending prayers and hugs,
Betsy's forever mom


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I am so sorry for the loss of your Beth. I am sure your Beth knows how much you love her.

It is so devastating to lose a precious angel. They give us so much love, friendship and companionship. I lost my cat Cheeseburger 2 months ago; I miss him so much, but I am thankful to have had him in my life for 10 years.

You will find many people here that care and understand.

In time please share your story of Beth with us. Your Beth will be forever in your heart.

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


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Hi Bethy,

I'm sorry for your loss of Beth. I lost my boy 8 days ago. It is very hard to get through, and I can't offer you any advice on how to manage it. All I can say is to keep talking to your baby, she can hear you. Tell her how much you love her. I keep a photo and a lock of hair from my boy in my wallet. This may not work for some but it brings me a small comfort.

My thoughts and prayers to you.

Shiannon , Jackson's mummy

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My deepest sympathy to you on the loss of your Beth.  It is a real shock when a beloved friend and companion is gone, and the pain is very hard to bear.  We never fully realize just how much a part of our lives they were, how they filled our days with love, joy, laughter, and were always there for us.  Yes, it is a great loss and we know and understand how devastated you feel.  We've all felt the guilt, too.

Your Beth is still by your side, and in your heart always.  Think of the life and love you shared, nothing can take that away.

Sending you hugs, and saying a prayer for your Beloved Beth,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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Bethy--Sorry for your loss. Maybe you can post a picture or two when you can to show us your laborador.Take care.

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