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To some, owning a pet snake may sound strange.  Before Curly Fry, our corn snake, I thought it was.  Sadly, just weeks before Curly's 7th year anniversary of coming home with us, she passed. 

My heart is broken.  Curly Fry (originally named Pencil) was both mine and my family's first snake.  Curly thrived in our home of people and pets.  A German Shepherd, Chihuahua, and two parakeets were Curly's non-human family members.  Curly also has additional non-human family members, including two other parakeets (a pet sitter left the front door open and they flew!) and a lop eared bunny who passed due to illness. 

Upon rising this morning, I glanced over to Curly's habitat.  She had not moved from the position she was in the night before.  I reached in and touched her.  She did not respond.  I lifted her tail.  It did not grasp onto my finger.  Her head was inside of a hiding spot of hers.  I gently lifted it up, allowing her to be exposed.  I was stunned to see her lying there with her mouth wide open in the exact fashion I'd found her shed skin many, many times over.   I burst into tears. 

This was Curly's 6th winter with us.  She'd not eaten in several weeks, although I'd offered her her favorite food weekly.  I had been hoping she was in a brumation state, similar to hibernation.  We'd been having an unusually cold winter as of late. 

Apparently not brumation.  My heart aches that I did not provide Curly what she needed to continue to live.  It makes me want to vomit when I think about it.  If only to have a reptile specialist just confirm the worst and end any possible suffering she may have experienced.   I'd successfully gotten Miss Fry through a respiratory infection about four years ago.  It's not easy to give a snake daily injections.  She wriggled so! 

Before noon this morning, we buried Curly Fry.  She is resting inside her favorite container, comfy interior and all.  Along side container is her half log and her most recent old towel that she hid under, around, and upon.  Tomorrow we plan to purchase a young shrub to plant atop her mound. 

I so miss that corn snake already.  To think, I could not image myself thawing anything larger than a pinkie way back when.  Curly Fry will be missed. 


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I am sorry your pet snake, Curly Fry, has passed on.  Sometimes it is hard to tell whether our pets are sick or not! The cooler weather can change their eating habits and you don't realize that it is more than that.  Curly Fry sounds like an interesting pet and I know you will miss her very much. 

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~


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Curly Fry's mom,

Although I am terribly sorry to hear about your snake! That is heartbreaking. From one pet owner to another I am sorry that you are in pain!These feelings of guilt, and frustration, what if's and had I's, are a normal process for us grieving. It takes an unspecified amount of time for each of us to to complete each step. I know personally that a relapse is possible! Thinking you are done with guilt aspect and having it start all over again.  It is ok!
This site provides a sometimes unspoken comfort. Just writing and posting knowing that others took the time to look, even if they didn't respond.
May God be with you and your family through this time. Curly Fry is with all of our babies now too. With old friends and making new. Not one bit of guilt would he want you to feel. You gave him many years of happiness and dedication. Remember that, and as you do try to allow yourself to experience the same feeling you felt after getting Curly Fry through the R.I. The one that he created in you giving you the first indication that he was better now and he knew it was because of you. As hard as it is  to feel that is truly what they would want!Try to take care

Jigity Jack's Mom


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Love is love. No matter the animal .. love is love. Curly was a beloved friend, and family member. My heart hurts for you, and know that in your grief, your love for him will win out. Treasure these memories, and know that your bond cannot be broken.


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I am so very sorry to hear your beloved Curly Fry has passed away.  It sounds like she passed peacefully to the Bridge.  It is so very difficult to know when a pet snake is ill, so please don't blame yourself.  You gave this girl a wonderful home and lots of love. Years ago, I lived with a pet Boa named Julius Squeezer, so I understand the love one can feel for these wonderful creatures.  My heart goes out to you as you miss your sweet Miss Fry.

Sending big hugs,

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Thanks go out to Mare, rootbeer82, Sammysmom, and WooWooWoo, for the wonderful posts I found today.  It was not without tears that I read your thoughtful words.  Posts from compassionate persons are spirit lifters.  I truly appreciate you all taking the time to both read and post a reply to me.  And... as mentioned in one post, thanks to the many whom have read my post, too.

Although a snake could be considered unconventional, I worked through my uneasiness of owning a snake over time.  My disabled daughter purchased Curly Fry and all her "accessories" after she'd held a young wild snake at a friend's home.  My daughter named the albino corn snake "Pencil", as she was about as long and as thin as a standard pencil when we bought her.  At Curly's passing she was about five feet long, but she could curl up into a 1/2 of a shoe box. 

Fortunately my daughter has an additional pet, 4 lbs. 3 ozs., Joey, a female Chihuahua (named after her fav *NYSNC member Joey Fatone).  Curly had become "mom's pet" about two years into owning her.  My daughter's disability precluded her ability to truly care and tend to Miss Fry.  By then, my comfort with Curly Fry was full on... after all I was the 'hands on' caregiver from the get go.  : )

Again, thanks to all who replied to my post.  As unconventional as Curly Fry was and the fact that she didn't provide us the quintessential "unconditional love", I have to admit that she was the most flexible, least messy, and cost effective pet I'd ever owned.  She, too, was handled often and appeared to feel secure when held.  My routine of placing her into a separate container for feeding taught her to wait at the edge of the container for the anticipated food item.  She would only move beyond it to my hand once her food item had been successfully swallowed.

With Curly's passing, I've found myself facing the reality that our other pets are in our lives for a brief amount of time... considering we humans live longer than most pets.  Although I'm grieving the effervesent energy our German Shepherd, and her repeated attempts to engage me in play with her,  warms my heart.  Unbeknown to them, my other pets are easing me out of my grief.  It's a wonder we love our pets so!

No time to edit... this post goes forward from a healing, recently lost pet owner. 


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To Curly Fry

You were a great snake, like all of Gods creatures you were special. You were loved and cared for and you will be missed by your family.
No matter how big or small, how unconventional our pets may be, they are ours and we love them. My little green Budgie managed to get out of his cage and flew away. I searched and searched, I put an ad in the local newspaper. I dropped flyers' into letter boxes. And I cried and felt terribly sad for days and still sad now when I think of him and what became of him. To the rest of the world it was a total non event... to me it was a small tragedy.
We love the things we love be it bird, snake, rabbit, horse, dogs and cats and rats and mice. My friend is grieving the loss of an old hen called Mrs Peck.
God Bless,

JanH...across the water 

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Jan ~ I can absolutely relate to the grief associated with loosing a pet bird.

While away on vacation, a trusted friend "pet sat" our menagerie (of sorts).  I stressed that it was vital to not leave the front door open.  Unfortunately, it was left open and two of our four parakeets flew out.  Gone were Osiris and Poofy.  Osiris was our first parakeet.  I dealt with him one-on-one each day.  Over time Osiris was finger trained, would sit on our shoulder, would give kisses, and was very comfortable with being handled.

After adding additional parakeets, Osiris was still people friendly, but the newer birds were more 'bird friendly'. 

I heard the news of the birds freedom flight while on the road, heading home from our vacation.  I wish the 'messenger' would have waited until I'd returned safely from my 6 hour drive before telling me the sad news.  My reaction to the news rocked me to my core.  It's a wonder I arrived home in one piece. 

Thanks, Jan, for your kind words.  It is true, that no matter how unconventional or conventional our pets may be, the impact our lives and leave a void when they pass. 

As for how I'm feeling about Curly Fry's passing, it seems I've entered into a kind of numb state.  It's as if my heart and mind can no longer deal with the emotional impact.  It's like the sadness has been compartmentalized and put in some dark corner of my awareness.  It feels better, but I believe my sadness will return any day now. 


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I know this post was written a while ago ... but I came here (the web)to find some help... hrs ago my BP Venus died and I felt so lost and upset I came across this and read the post and all the responses tring to cope with his wall that fell upon me . I thank you for sharing your story as in 2019 its helping others with lost.

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I just want to say how much I love the name Curly Fry for your snake. It makes me smile every time I see it. I hope your heart has done some healing now since her passing. I still miss my cat every day.
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