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Well, I still miss Wizard so much!  However, if you have read my post titled "Wizard UpDate," you'll know "Wizzy" helped me pick out a new kitty to love and love me back.  My new kitty will NEVER be a replacement for Wizard and I'll go on loving and missing him incredibly, but it does make me feel better thinking that Wizard had a "paw" in lining up this whole new kitty and adoption!  If you haven't read my post WIZARD UPDATE, please do so and you'll know what I mean!

But, I went and picked up my new kitty, Bandi, yesterday at the no-kill shelter.  She is so sweet and only 7 months old.  She remembered me when I got there and came running out to great me!  Then I set down my nice colaspable kitty carrier and sat at the table to fill out the paperwork.  To everyone's surprise, Bandi ran over and leaped up onto the chair where my kitty carrier was sitting and layed on top of it like she was saying "OK, I'm ready to go "Daddy", so hurry up!  It was so cute!  All the shelter workers thoutght it was cute too!

Here's Bandi at the shelter sitting on my carrier.....

And, here she is at my home on my bed....

And, I really think that Wizard misses me, but is in Heaven looking down and and is happy knowing Bandi, the Kitty he helped pick out, and I are together!

Here's Wizzy!

Thank you all so much for all your support.  I still cry daily missing Wizard, but I really feel he helped me find Bandi....

I'm thinking of changing Bandi's name to Angel.  I think that is what she is!

Wizard's Dad
Now, Bandi's (Angel's) Dad!

Posts: 355
Dear Bob

Bandi is precious! She is certainly an "angel" sent from your beloved Wizard.

I am sure our boys are looking down upon us - and Wizard is happy you and Bandi have each other.

Someday I hope I can find it in my heart to have another "angel" in my life.

Give Bandi a hug from me - and while we will always miss our boys, we have so many cherished memories of them and they will be in our hearts forever.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


Posts: 139

These pictures of Bandi are just great.  I've thought of maybe getting another dog but can't bring myself to do that yet.  If I do, I really hope that my Comet will have her paw in it just like Wizard did.  Our beloved animals can never be replaced that love will always be there but if we can find some comfort and help (especially if you know its from them) then you can truly be happy with your new addition.  It sounds like you and Bandi were really meant to be.  Apparently Bandi knows it and couldn't wait to get home with her Daddy.  Much love is being sent from this home for you both and Angel is a beautiful name for your new little angel.  Wizard is watching over you both and I'm sure he is happy that you are not alone and knows he can never be replaced and is trying to help you with your pain.  Best of luck to you and your new angel in your life together.

Wizard was such a beautiful cat and your bond was just as beautiful.  Be good to yourself and know that your Wizard knows he will never be replaced and one day you will see him again.


Posts: 5,100
Oh, Bob, she is just beautiful.  And, I think the name Angel may truly fit her as she came into your life at a time you really needed a little angel to help heal your heart.

I am impressed with how she immediately "took" to you.  Just look how comfortable she looks on your bed!

And, your Wizard.....what a lovely, lovely kitty.  I just KNOW he is watching over you and your sweet little "Angel" Bandi.

Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 1,604

I'm smiling here, Bob, after reading your post. It's evident that Wizard is still helping you - you're happier now, and it comes through in your post.  And dear, sweet Bandi is blessed to have found you.  May you be blessed with many,  many happy and healthy years together!


Posts: 1,014
Awwww, Bob, Bandi/Angel is exquisite and clearly in love with you already.  (What's not to love, Wizard demands.)  I am so very happy for both of you!

And of course I have to say "I told you so," because I truly think that the little poem (in your topic I'll Be Gone Today) I wrote for you and Wizard came from your heavenly buddy - he made sure that this verse was included:

Daddy, the road ahead will be hard, I know,
But we are never, ever, apart –
Remember our love, share it with someone new –
And whenever you need me, just look in your heart…

Best wishes always for both of you - and know that we share your grief, too -



Posts: 991
What a beauty Bandi/Angel is!!! And there's no doubt about it: she chose to go with you.
Again I say, what a neat Father's Day you'll have.
Have a great weekend!
Molly's Mom

Posts: 95

Bandi is so beautiful. I truly believe that Wizard is an angel up in heaven that sent you this beautiful creature to help you heal the wound you have in your heart. I am so happy for you. You sound so good. It sounds like Bandi is helping you to heal.

You saved each other.

Hugs to you both.


Posts: 1,205
Dear Bob

Your Wizard is such a special guy, and so clever.  He has sent you a beautiful little angel, and I think that the name is so fitting.  Your little girl just knew that you were going to be her new Daddy, another clever Wizard move, whispering in her ear.......Love both of the photos, also loved the wizard pic.  Wizard knows that you are not replacing him, but he knows his Dad is lonely and needs another baby to love.
I am so pleased you have found each other.  Much Love, Di xxx

Posts: 64
WOW! She's a BEAUTY Bob! Looks like a little "Vixen"!
What a face!
Major Congrats again !

And Love just keeps goin' on!

Karma's Mom

Posts: 1,569

Good for you both, Angel fits perfect, sent from up above by the Wizard. As per the "shooting star". He made this connection  happen, to help ease your pain and also knowing that you would make a difference in your new Angel's life. God Bless.---Jerry in Oklahoma.


Posts: 317

Dear Bob,
I'm glad you find the little angel that your sweet Wizard sent to you. I also adopted two new kitties after the loss of my cat Neko. They could never repaced him but it is a good way to focus your thoughts and love on another furbaby. Our furbabies will always be a part of our lives. I love the pics of Bandi, she is beautiful!!!
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 686
Oh Bob, she is absolutely precious.  I am so happy that you found each other and have no doubt in my mind that Wizard had a "paw" in that.  I agree with your thoughts on the name change.  She is definitely a little Angel sent to you with the help of Wizard.

Happy thoughts,
Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 43
Oh, she is so beautiful Bob! She reminds me very much of my Zoey, the kitten PJ picked for me just 4 months after she left me.
Torties are very special, loving and so darn cute!

I'm sure Wizard is very happy with his selection!

Congratulations to your new addition....I wish you many happy years together!
PJ & Hawkeye's mommy


Posts: 699
Hi Bob,

Oh, Angel Bandi is just adorable!  I just love it that she ran and plopped herself on your....I mean, HER kitty carrier like she belonged there! ;) And she looks very comfortable on your bed.  I am so happy for you and your little Angel, and know that Wizard is right there, he is a big part of all of this, he knew that you and Angel were a good love match. This was absolutely meant to be!

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 
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