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Today is one month since you made your journey. I still do our evening walk we would do around nine each night. For some reason during the day you would find a spot in the yard to do your business but at night you had to go down our gravel road for your last one. As I think about those walks as we are ready for another Oklahoma hot and humid summer I thought about those many walks we took during those cold Oklahoma winter nights. I would put on my parka and we would head down the road, I would pick you up and carry you because it was so cold and put you down at your spot and you would not hesitate to complete your business. But our walk back was different for I would unzip my coat and put you inside and hold you next to my chest over my heart because the walk back was always into the cold Oklahoma wind and there you would stay until we got back to the house. I used to remember how close we would be then you next to my heart under my coat. I never knew that one day we would be even closer, closer with out you even being here. So with winter far away but when the nights do start to get colder and winter arrives I will put on my coat and make the walk only this time on the way back to the house you will not be there under my coat, held tight against my chest near my, next time you will be where you are at this exact moment, at the bridge where there is no cold, but you will also be where you are at this exact same my heart. You see Peach, on that day one month ago when you left on your journey you left a part of yourself in my heart. There you will remain, always with me in my heart. You will be here Peach, always in my heart, in my heart until that
final beat.

                                          For Peaches
Thank you for the nine wonderful years we had.
Jerry and Gwen



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Dear Jerry and Gwen,
You must be missing your little Peach so much. One month is just not so long. The pains is so fresh as it was yesterday. It is difficult to miss our beloved fur-babies but like you said they are part of our hearts and there they will always stay with us.
Happy One Month Bridge Day sweet Peach, your mommy and daddy miss you!!! Let them know you're watching over them. I hope you have lots of friends on the Rainbow Bridge...
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 1,415
I'm reading this with tears streaming down my face.  Just the other day, I finally had the opportunity to walk the route I took with my Teddy for the first time since she left for the Rainbow Bridge.  So many memories and triggers of sadness swept over me. 
   Jerry & Gwen, I just hope that we all get through this sorrow of losing our beloved furchildren.  I know that we'll never get over them, but at least we can have that peace in feeling we'll see them again some day.

                        Many hugs to you both---Teddy's Mom

   HAPPY 1 MONTH BRIDGE DAY, DEAR PEACHES.  Please send your Mommy & Daddy some happy signs from the Rainbow Bridge.

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Dear Jerry,

My heart is with you and Gwen today...I know how difficult these anniversaries's so hard to believe they're not here with us.

May you hear Peach whisper to your heart and feel the comfort in that. Your sweet girl is a bright star at the Bridge.

Many hugs,


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Jerry and Gwen,

Your remembrances of Peaches just about broke my heart. How it brings back my own memories of cold winter walks for just that purpose. Even before you got to the part of her being in your heart I knew that was where she was and will always be. They really do leave a part of themselves with us. That is what we have to hold onto now, that and the wonderful memories. Your walks will be so very special now.

Hope you find some peace on this very hard day,
Helen  - Chancey and Digby's Mom

Posts: 1,205
Dear Jerry and Gwen

Your words are so sweet and poignant, but most of all so full of love for your darling Peaches.  Thinking of you both.  Much love Di xxx

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Your little peaches knows, still, how much you love her. I just love that name. I hope you get some signs that she is there with you. Take care.

Posts: 1,569
Thank you Nancee, basil, bugsdogs,mykittygirl,HelenYand dianae2002 for your
kind words that come straight from your hearts. I have, thought about Peaches everyday but lately it has been with more memories of the joy and happiness she had brought. I know, as you all do, it is going to be the anniversary's that is going to be that "Bump in the Road" of dealing with our losses. Again Thank You.----Jerry in Oklahoma. 

Posts: 1,400
Dear Jerry and Gwen:
I heart goes out to you.  I know Peach will always be near your heart.  I know it is very hard for you and I am sorry.
I lost my Meister 6/6/08 and the pain as you know is unbearable.
I will pray for you and Peach.

Posts: 2,245
Dearest Jerry and Gwen:
My Heart breaks for you and the tears are falling.  These Precious Souls are such a huge part of our lives that when they leave us they take the Joy we found in this world with them.  It is so hard to continue on without our babies.  Your pain is so new your life must still be a nightmare.  Christopher has been gone for almost 15 months and I miss him more each day; the tears for him continue to fall and will forever.  The pain just continues on.  You, Gwen and Peaches are in my Prayers.  

Sending Prayers and Hugs Your Way
Christopher's Mommy

Posts: 190

Remember Me

Remember me when flowers bloom

Early in the spring

Remember me on sunny days

In the fun that summer brings

Remember me in the fall

As you walk through the leaves of gold

And in the wintertime - remember me

In the stories that are told

But most of all remember

Each day - right from the start

I will be forever near

For I live within your heart

--Judith Karen Bulock ©

Happy one month bridge day Peaches.  Many warm thoughts, hugs and prayers to you Jerry and Gwen from a fellow Okie.


Posts: 5,100
Jerry, What a beautifully written post.  I could actually picture little Peaches in the cold doing her business, only to be picked up and safely and warmly taken back home, resting near your heart.  In many ways, Jerry, your story is a metaphor for her transition to the Bridge, with God and the angels providing that last "safe" and warm transport.  

You were---and still are---such a wonderful father to that little girl.   I just know she is beaming with pride as she looks down on her "dad" from the Bridge.  At the same time, she is still safely "carried" in your heart.


Posts: 1,015

Dear Jerry & Gwen –

Your 1 month remembrance for your sweet girl Peaches was so touching . . . you write so beautifully. I imagine how she was snuggled in close to you, feeling your warmth and your heartbeat . . . I’m sure it gave her such comfort and provided her with that very singular and incomparable love connection that we can only have with these very special babies. For myself, I know that when my Rusty left me, which will be 18 weeks on Saturday, I took his love and I tucked tightly, but ever so gently into my heart, where I know it will stay forever.


I’m thinking of you and Gwen as you mark your 1 month anniversary of Peaches at the Rainbow Bridge.


Dear Peaches, please know that your mommy and daddy miss you every single day, and they are sending you extra love and kisses today. Stay warm and safe.


Warm hugs,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.



Posts: 1,569

Mary;Georgeann;jwintx;WooWooWoo and RustysMom: Thank you for your heart felt responses. jwintx, the poem was so fitting. It says it all for all of us here that are going through our loss. I have found that my memories of Peach are more in the way your poem relates and each morning I think or her in my heart and it is the last thing I think of each night. I as we all do think of them each and every day. They will always be here with us. Once again thank you and God Bless you.---Jerry and Gwen in Oklahoma.

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