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I found this site by accident while looking for a copy of "A Dog's Prayer" and it has been a God send. It was a week ago today I had to make the difficult drive to the vet with our Chihuahua, Peaches who was 16 years old. Peach came into our house and hearts nine years ago this month. She had been my wife's parents companion for seven years. Back in 1999 my wife's mother who had been cancer free for two years came down with leukemia ad her dad was also ill. I had promised them that we would take care of Peaches should anything happen to them. Well my wife's mother passed away and her father passed on about thirty days later. So Peach became one of the family. She quickly adapted to her new surroundings and became the proverbial "lap dog", mine.
She began to loose her sight over the last two years but still could navigate through out the house. I am retired military and work in security and have been on an evening shift for the past eight months and my wife's works days at the local hospital so Peach and I had our daily routines. Once I was ready for work I would put her in her bed in her favorite chair and tell how much she meant to me and my final words were "See you later". When I came home
after work and opened the door she was always waiting for me in her chair. I would take her out side for a final walk in the grass then it was inside and to bed, she slept between me and my wife over the past several months. My wife would leave for work at six am and on many mornings I would watch Peach as she slept and appeared to be dreaming of running because her little legs would be moving. The past few weeks I was seeing a change in her, at 16 old age was starting to set in and she was having a difficult time standing and her breathing became more profound. I knew it was time and made an appointment with the vet for last Wednesday May 21st. I put her in her bed and in the front seat next to me and made the dreadful drive. I was with her in the end and stroked her and told how much I loved her and how she had been a good dog. As in the "Dog's Prayer" the vet skillfully released her from her pain and suffering. I placed her in her bed and we made the final journey home. I looked at her and the strangest thing seemed to appear, it looked as if she were seven years old again even her coat appeared different. It was then I knew she had finally arrived at that far off place I had seen her dreaming about on those many mornings. I called my wife and told her it was over and Peach was now with her original family my wife's parents and she was probably sitting in her mother's lap. My wife said she had the same image at the exact same time.
I have read a lot of your messages and have cried not only with you but for you. For I know what you are going through. In closing let me say this; May God bless each and everyone of you and help you get through this most difficult time in your lives. As difficult as it may seem may this last thought bring some of you some comfort. God has already blessed those special friends, companions and soul mates each of us has lost; he has blessed them not by bringing them into our lives, on the contrary, he blessed them when he brought each one of you into their lives forever knowing that you were that "special person", that you were the one who would take care of them, protect them and above all give them your unconditional love, no matter how long or short a period of time you were together, and by reading your messages you have all accomplished that task.
The house is empty now but I still stop at Peaches final resting place between two shade trees, one of her favorite spots, before I go to work and tell her how much she is missed and that  she is always with me, in my heart and when I come home at night I say a prayer over her not only for her but for all of you and those special friends we each have lost. Again my heart goes out to each and everyone of you for your loss.
                                             FOR PEACH
                                You were a good girl and we miss you
                                                   so much.
                                Thank you for the joy and happiness
                                 you brought into our home and hearts
                                 over the last nine years. You are now
                                 and forever in our hearts! 

                                 Jerry and Gwen Copple
                                      Oktaha, Ok.

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 Peaches was so lucky to have you and your wife as her parents. I love that name, too.
 It's hard to go through these losses. I lost my little Puffy, a calico cat, in January. She was almost 18 1/2 yrs. old. The years went so fast though.
You sound like such a good parent to her and you gave her so much. Sorry for your loss.


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Oh Dear Jerry & Gwen –


Your story about your sweet little Peaches so touched my heart – I had to stop reading several times as I couldn’t see through my tears. Your Peaches was so loved indeed, by so many people. It must have been hard for her to lose her first set of earth parents, but you and Gwen came in and gave her 9 more glorious years of love and devotion.


I sensed a certain amount of peace and comfort in your post, and it takes a very special soul to convey that message . . . saying to all of us here that G-d had already blessed our little babies, our “special friends,” having brought them into our lives. It’s a wonderful thought and I thank you for sharing it.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Warm hugs,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


Posts: 1,569
Nancee and Allison(Rusty's Mom);
Thank you for your kind thoughts, you are right Allison, I had been thinking of what to post while I was at work last night. When I got home I posted it and during the writing I did feel peace and comfort. But again when my wife went to work this morning I could not go back to sleep and had to get up and move around. We have had many special friends during our marriage and I have had to cope with this in the past but Peaches for some reason has hit me the hardest. Perhaps because of the time we had her, nine years but I think mostly because she was an inside dog. Living in the country as we do the other dogs were outside types but still part of the family. The posting has helped, the pain and grief are not a constant presence but it still comes and will continue for quite sometime and I know will always be with me. But I have found when it does to reflect on the good times we had. Again thank you and God Bless you both.----------Jerry

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Dear Jerry, what a heartrending tribute to your beloved girl Peaches, so beautifully written, right from the heart.  She was so lucky to have you as her parents, and likewise, you were lucky to be loved by her.   I'm sure she is doing quite well at the Rainbow Bridge, surrounded by new friends, as well as the people and fur babies that preceded her there.   May you find comfort and support here in the difficult days ahead.    Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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This was very touching. I tried not to cry.  God bless your little angel Peaches.  What a wonderful gift to end up with you guys and for you guys to be her parents.

I'm sorry for your loss but your baby is in a better place.

God Bless,

Piggy's Mom


Posts: 5,100

Dearest Jerry and Gwen,

I don't know how I missed your beautiful tribute to your beloved Peaches.   First of all, I am so very sorry you had to say farewell to your sweet Peach.   Secondly, I am in tears, as your post was one of the most touching ones I have ever read.   And, I have read so many beautiful and heartwrenching posts on this site.   How blessed you all were to have each other in your lives.

I can tell that Peaches was your baby, your little companion, and your "heart".  I know how horribly difficult it was to make that drive to the vet's office.  I made that same drive for my beloved little 16 year old terrier, Betsy Noodle, January 11, 2008.   It was the worst day of my life, so far, and I am 53 years old.  I still miss her with all of my heart and soul.

I am sending you and your wife a big hug, and some prayers that you find peace in your hearts.   May you be comforted by joyful memories of your special girl.   One fine day, we ALL will be reunited with them at the Bridge and, oh, what a day that will be!

Betsy's forever mom

        My Beloved Betsy Noodle

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