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It was three weeks ago today 05/21/2008 that I had to do what so many of you had done before me and many will do today and the many days after. I knew in my heart it was time for our Chihuahua, Peaches to the bridge. Many of you have read our stories as I have read so many of yours. We make that decision because of our love for that special companion and soul mate in or lives. I too did it for our love for her for it seemed like her sixteen years had caught up with her over her last weeks with us. She had lost her sight and was having more problems trying to stand up and in watching her the last few days before our journey to the vet I could tell she was ready. She would just sit with her head down and I wondered what she was thinking, perhaps, please if you love me help me, let me go. But I also did it for a different reason I knew I had to, I had to for the joy, happiness, love and devotion she had shown to us. Always there through thick and thin, in good times, bad times and sad times.
I made the decision knowing far too well she would be gone from our lives for ever. Life as I knew it would end, and our, my wife and I lives would never be the same again. I had been down this road before with other companions and soul mates. But for reasons unknown to me Peaches passing has been more difficult. So in the blink of an eye she was gone  and I was left with pain and misery my life forever changed. But you know what, in that same blink of an eye Peaches life as she had know changed as well, her life changed for eternity. She was no longer in her old life of pain, she had reached the bridge. Sight restored in a new healthy body free of pain with many new companions.
Some may call what I did and many of you have done and will do a sacrifice because of what we have to endure, not wanting that special companion to leave us. But I look at it as gift, a gift to her for that gift of unconditional love she had given us the past nine years. What more of a precious gift could I and you have bestowed on those companions and soul mates.
The pain is not as it was those days after her departure, the 24/7 type but it still comes on at times. I deal with it as so many of you have to deal with yours, but when it does envelope me for ever how long, I'm not trying to be heroic or noble, I know in my heart it is one less moment of time she, Peaches, would of had to endure and for that I am grateful. So for me that is why it was a gift, a gift for her gift to us, joy, happiness, love and her devotion. In closing;

So on this new day in our part of rural Oklahoma, our gift to you, our present
on this present day is what I pray each night over her resting spot; May today of all days be the day that many of you can start your healing process and most of all that today may be the day that some of you can open your heart a little wider and start to release some of that guilt I read about in so many of your posts. God Bless each of you.

                                       FOR PEACH
                    THANKS FOR BEING THERE,
                    YOU ARE ALWAYS HERE, IN
                               OUR HEARTS.
Jerry and Gwen


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My dear Jerry
You are doing so much to help others here in memory of your Peaches.  I wish you and your wife peace and healing in your hearts.  Much love and Hugs, Di xxx

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Jerry:  What a lovely story.  I'm sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes, my goodness.  Peaches must have been a very special little baby, and she was so lucky to have you and your wife as furparents.  And I couldn't agree more - these wonderful creatures come into our lives and change us forever.  They truly are a gift.  I thank God every day for my girls Luna and Gypsy.  We only had Luna for 4 short years, but the memories we collected during those years will never be forgotten.  SHE will never be forgotten.  Every single day she was with me was a gift and for that, I am forever thankful.  We had 10 wonderful years with our Gypsy Girl, and those memories still make me smile.  God Bless you and your precious Peaches, and may God grant you peace during this difficult time.

Many hugs to you.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

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Dear Jerry-- I'm so glad that I read your post.  I was feeling sad & sentimental today, and you put everything in perspective.  It is a gift that we can give our furchildren for all the years of happiness and unconditional love they gave to us.  Not for one moment have I regretted having to send my little girl, Teddy, to the Rainbow Bridge.  I knew when the time was to say good-bye to her.  I had this incredible strength to get through what I knew was going to be the most difficult thing I ever had to do.  The hardest part was living with the grief & pain after.  That will never end for me.  Of course, we have all the wonderful memories to look back on, and this site has helped others and myself to deal with those waves of sadness that seem to come and go.
     Thank you for your words of wisdom.  They have truly seen me through one of those "days".

         My thoughts & prayers to you and your wife---

                            Teddy's Mom



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To; basil, Luna 13 and for you HelenY, You are welcome, HelenY I see you got the "gift" and Teddy is adorable, I am so glad. I know our Peach is too.-------Jerry in Oklahoma.


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JerryC, my heart goes out to you on this difficult day.

Hugs, peace and prayers, and thank you so much for your kind words to me on dealing with my guilt and extreme grief.


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Dear Jerry, what you said made perfect sense, and I wish I could have read those words on July 29th, last year, when I sent my golden girl Nike to the Rainbow Bridge.   Even though I knew it was the right time to let her go, my heart was torn in pieces for months.....even now, ten months later, I still have to catch my breath when I think about her, and look at all the photos.  We truly do give them a gift when we let them go to the bridge with dignity, when we prevent them from having more pain and one wants a loved one to suffer, especially one that cannot speak for himself.   Yes, I will miss my Nike every day remaining to me here on earth, but thank God, I know in the depths of my soul, that she is OK now, and knowing this gives me indescribable peace.   Hugs from Houston, MsSavion

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