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Has it only been two weeks, only fourteen days since we made our journey, t seem like an eternity. It was journey I know we had to make because your sixteen years seemed to have rushed in over the past few days. You were having a hard time trying to stand and I could tell you were in discomfort. I had agonized for days as many of you have and are today and will tomorrow and the next day and the next. But I knew in my heart and soul there was one final journey only you and you alone had to complete and it was my duty to help you along the way. So I put you in the car in your bed and we set out on our journey me with one hand on the steering wheel and the other petting you and telling you how much you wee loved and how you had been a good girl. We arrived at the Vet's and were told we would have to wait because Dr. Voss was doing an emergency C-Section on a Bull Dog and it would be about forty minutes. So we sat down with you in my lap and I thought; How many hours had we spent like this, in as Mom called it our recliner. We had spent last nigh our last night there with you asleep in my lap. There was a family there, the BullDog's family waiting on the new arrivals. We sat in the corner just you and I, you see Peach, Mom had told me she had to go to work she didn't want this to be her last memory of you, she loves you no more less or misses you less for not being here. She told me later her last memory of you was when you were asleep in my lap before she left for work and she had said her good byes then. The assistant came out and told the family they could go in and see their new arrivals, ten little Bull Dog pups. She then said it our time and I took you into the room and put you on the table petting you and telling how much I loved you and that you would be in our hearts forever. Then at 9:48 am on Wednesday the 21st of May 2008, with the same skilled hands that only moments before had brought ten little pups in this world and joy and happiness into one family helped a little 16 year old Chihuahua leave this world along with all the joy and happiness from our family. In the blink of an eye you were gone; and in that same blink of an eye life as I had knew ended, our lives would be forever changed. I put you back in the car and with the flood of emotion over coming me thought there was no way I could make the drive home. I started to call Mom but said no, this was not how she wanted to remember you, we had started this journey together and I knew I had to finish it by bringing you home. So we started back home with me having one hand on the wheel and the other on you telling you how much I loved you and was so sorry. It was then, as I have written before here that I saw a change in you it was as if you were young again and I knew then that you had arrived at your final destination. You were in that placed I had seen you dream about so many mornings before as you were next to me in bed with your little legs churning and making little muffled sounds you were in a peaceful place free of pain.
 I brought you home and laid you to rest between the two shade trees, I had prepared the spot before we had left for I knew it would be too hard to do after we got back home. I started to wish we had more time but no that would be too selfish of me because there are many of you who didn't,t have a fraction of the time we, Peach and I did, and for that I am sorry and for those of you that had more time you need to be grateful and I know you are.
I want to thank those of you who wrote me and said that some of the words I had written in  other posts had helped you in your time of sorrow, I am glad that I could help, but as WooWooWoo said in one of her post to me she believed Peaches may have had a little paw in it and she was right i believe she did. To those of you, total strangers, people I had never met thank you for your kind words and prayers and hugs when I lost Peach, I started to say you will never know what your words meant; but you do know, you know because some other kind and considerate stranger here wrote to you after reading your story. Finally to Peaches; Thank you for Those ten great years we as a family shared. I Love and miss you so much and you are and always will be in our hearts for ever; but you know that girl don't you, you know it because those were the last words you heard me say before you left on your journey, and you also know it because I say those same words everyday over your spot before I go to work each afternoon and I say those same words more than once each and every day since you made your final journey.

                                      FOR PEACH
                             IN OUR HEARTS FOR EVER

Jerry and Gwen


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Dear Jerry & Gwen,

Your post made me cry...I'm trying to compose myself here at work..but couldn't help it.  That was beautifully written for your Peaches.  It was as if I could feel what you were feeling in your heart.  I'm so sorry for your loss.

Your Peach having blessed your life with her sweet spirit is now blessing all our furbabies at the Bridge and she will always be with you in your heart and memories.  They are all beautiful and free and still connected to us by love.

Many hugs,



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Dear Jerry

What a beautiful tribute to your precious Peach.

I lost my baby cat Cheeseburger on May 4 2008. I miss him so much.
I want to thank you for replying to my posts. It is wonderful to know there are so many people who care.

I am also finding that writing is a healing outlet for me. Sharing stories about Cheesey is another way to celebrate what a wonderful kitty he was; a very special little boy, so smart, sweet and loving.

Peach had a very special family - she knows how much she was loved and cared for. She will be in your hearts forever.

Bless all our sweet babies.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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Thinking of you, Jerry, as you pass the two week mark of beloved Peaches' passing.   The love you have for her brings tears to me eyes. 


Sending healing hugs,


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Dear Jerry, here I am crying again after reading your loving words to Peaches.  I do understand how one's life can really never be the same after a loss such as this..   Even though Nike left for the bridge 10 months ago, I still miss her with a vengeance, I can close my eyes and still feel her in my arms, her warmth, her unconditional love and affection.  The first two weeks are terribly hard, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves to do even basic tasks.  Your Peaches had a wonderful life with you and your family, and is probably filling in all her new friends with the details....she is safe and warm at the Rainbow Bridge, and all of our babies that preceded her, are making sure she will never be lonely.    Hugs from Houston,  MsSavion


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Daer Jerry and Gwen
The words that you have written to your Peaches are so heartfelt.  It is almost the same words that we would all write having done similar things.  I have had many of my babies pts, and it never gets any easier.  My Basil was pts 22nd dec last year.  The vet came to the house.  When I had my Sorcha pts I took her to the vet.  I remember driving home and I hadnt even taken it on board, so I felt safe to drive.  It was when I got home and the wee Bas came to meet me and there was no Sorcha, did it really hit home. 
The pain of all of my babies last moments is always with me, but I will not let myself dwell on it.  It will be 6 months that my ginger man has been gone and I am able to talk about him quite naturally with my partner, we are at the stage of remember when Bas used to do that, remember when Bas..........Mostly I dont cry, but sometimes I do.  I dont think that I could go on though, if I did not believe that I will meet all of my sweet guys again.  Thinking of you, Di xxx


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Again a heart felt thanks to each and every one who has written those kind words. As I have said before, strangers who have taken time to not only answer my stories but so many countless others. I find myself always drawn back to this site like a magnet but I believe Peach has more to do with it than anything. It was because of her struggle and final journey that I found this site so I guess it is in my own way as it is in all of yours to reach out and try to provide a comforting word in memory of our lost companions and soul mates to another stranger who is now going through what we have all gone and are going through. We are now bonded together just as we were bonded with our companions and it is comforting to know you are not alone in a most difficult time in your life. I have been blessed as I have said before with the ten wonderful years with Peach but also blessed with having found this site with all of you wonderful, kind, compassionate and most of all loving and caring people. Thank you all.----------Jerry and Gwen in Oklahoma.


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Once again; thank you for your kind words, you and everyone here on this site are truly amazing, reaching out to others during your time of grief and sorrow. It seems like every minute of the day someone logs on with their own story of pain, grief and sorrow and you and many like you are there, I can say since joining this site it has brought me comfort when I to have tried to offer a kind word and sympathy for what they are going through; it is an honor, no a privilege to be a small part of this "fraternity". Thank You, each and every one of you for "Being There".---Jerry in Oklahoma.


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Dear Jerry and Gwen,

I just want to echo everything you've said!  I feel so for you and how much it hurts to lose your precious Peaches.  I thought I'd die from the pain that I knew I'd go through when I lost Loosey.  But the love and warmth and understanding of this place has made me feel so connected that I'm getting through it.  And you've helped so much.  You're words have been so heartfelt and I have so appreciated it!

Here's a sight for you:  Loosey loved little dogs.  (One of her boyfriends was a Pomeranian.)  I just know that right now she's at the bridge with Peaches, trying not to be scary by laying down and looking small while trying to entice her over to play!  Play would consist of Loosey laying on her side while Peaches would run up and 'play attack' her.  And Loose would just lay there thumping her big tail and barking occasionally. 

I'm so sad for you... but I'm so happy that they have each other in their youthful bodies now.  Thanks so much for all you've done for me!

Posts: 1,569

Thank you, I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face picturing your description of Peach and Loosey doing exactly what you described. I am glad I have been able to provide you with some help. This site and all the wonderful people here have been very beneficial to me dealing with it. I can say the pain does not come as often but it will at times and always will be there. As in your message I have started to smile at things I remember about Peach, as you will too with your precious Loosey. It takes time and each of us will have to cope with our loss in our own special way and in our own time span. Thanks Again; it meant so much, especially for you to take the time during your sad time but I can tell by what you said; "You are happy they are together in their new bodies".

Bless You.-----------Jerry and Gwen in Oklahoma.

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