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This grief takes over everything in your life.  I try to avoid everything that we did together.  Every morning we would eat pb and toast together.  I can hardly think about it without breaking down.Just tiny things like this destroy you. Every time I see a pb jar, I think of it and I just don't want to remember these things.


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I know what you mean, Peaches and I always shared sausage and eggs for breakfast, since she left two months ago yesterday I haven't eaten any. Another thing we shared, usually on Saturday afternoon, was some beef jerky. Here in Oklahoma there is brand named Jack Links and she loved it. Although her sight had diminished she could here me open up the bag and I always said, "Peach want a treat". She would be by my chair and we would eat the whole bag. Well I had bought two bags a few days before I knew she had to make her journey. When we came home form the Vet I placed one bag beside her in her pet bed that I laid her to rest in between two shade trees in our yard. The other bag is still unopened and will remain that way, I put it up in  a kitchen cupboard. It has been like I say two months and when I go to the local Wal-Mart I see the jerky and I feel the lump in my throat at least now there are no tears but I know they are not far away. It's the little things that we come to miss that while they were here we really didn't think about them that much. But you know, as I remember other things I find myself with more of  smile than a frown. Hope your day gets better. The memories will always be there, as it should be and yes some will be forever painful but hopefully over time the more we remember of those times together it will be with joy and happiness of times gone by. God Bless--------Jerry in Oklahoma.

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I lost my Buster on June 2nd, every Saturday morning we would have breakfast together. He would wait patiently while I would have my cereal so he would clean the leftover milk at the bottom of the bowl. Three weeks ago I had my bowl of cereal and realized I had no Buster to help me with my breakfast. That was heartbreaking for me.

The little daily things are what I miss the makes the day so empty. I'd give anything to share one more bowl of cereal with my little man. I hope this gets easier.

Buster's Mom


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I completely understand your sadness and avoiding the special things you did together.  It hurts!!!   I hope in your time you will remember this as a happy time.
Your are not alone with this feeling.  We would sit on the bed in the A.M. and my husband would have his cereal and my sweet Meister would wait for his share of it.  We have our breakfast in the kitchen now because the hurt of him not being there is heartbreaking.

You will go through many emotions and that is OK.  Please write to us when you are feeling like you need a friend to share.

Many hugs to you,
Mary, Meisters Mom Forever

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For me, today, it's ice cubes. Every time I refill the water bowl for the pets, I put ice cubes in it. Bootsie would wake up or come running for his ice cubes in cold water. Today, for the first time--the ice cubes there, but no Bootsie. It is a truly heart wrenching thing. All of these things connected with memories all day long.


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I know what you mean. Molly always got to lick the bowl when I made salmon patties. One of my favorite pictures of her shows her waiting for the bowl. It was almost 7 months before I could make salmon patties. I just made them last night, and I remarked to my husband how I odd I feel just rinsing the bowl and setting it in the dishwasher.
My prayers are with you as you miss your sweet Libbie.
Molly's Mom

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Believe it or not one day you will look at that pb jar and smile (if through your tears). You are still in mourning. Give yourself all the time you need to grieve your loss. The happy memories will come eventually and you will be surprised at how many things will make you smile in memory. There will be times, however, that you will still cry or feel sad. This times do become less often with time, but you will never forget.Would you want to?
Not goodbye.....just until
Marmy always comes back for you


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Oh you're so right.  To this day I cannot look at or eat a carrot without losing it.  I swear I'll probably be that way the rest of my life.  Carrots were Gypsy and Luna's favorite treats.  I understand.

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