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It's been a month today.  Exactly one month as I type this.  My world is a different and much sadder and lonlier place than it was before that awful day.  I know Perry is ok and that he is at The Bridge, another word for where we go when we leave this life. I'm Christian and believe that life after this life is a certainty ... especially for the furkids, as they are so much more capable of unconditional love than humans ever will be.

I find I try really hard to not think about it too much.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  I just know that, like the attorney in John Grisham's The Client, I miss him/them "so much I try not to even think about it."  Some days, like today, like all anniversary days ... it's pretty much forced on me to think about it.

I miss you sweet little prince, my PerryBerry.  Mom will be there before you know it, so you'll just have to let Paw and Bo and Jack play with you instead of me for a bit.  I know they must now love you as much as I do - how could anyone not?

Someday .... we'll run together again ... both of us young and able.  What a joyous reunion it will be, my precious boy, when "morning has broken" for both of us, "like the first morning".  God keep you, love.

Pics of Perry: (and I hope to goodness the links work)

God bless each of you and give you strength and courage, as you travel down the path of grief.

Penny, aka heartbroken Perrysmom


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Penny, what a handsome guy Perry is!  I know that you must miss him so much!

I find the anniversaries to be the toughest times for me.  My Luke and Lil both left me on a if Mondays aren't bad enough....this has made them all the more difficult, starting out the week, knowing that another week without my precious babies is just starting.  My head says I'm a week closer to our reunion, but my heart feels like I'm further away!

Luke will be gone two months on Sept. 9.  Lil will be gone 6 weeks next Monday.  It still feels like a very long nightmare, and I wish I'd just wake up!

God Bless!  LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)

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Your pictures came through just great and what a beauty your fur baby is.
Your loss is still fresh and new.  Do not expect anything too soon, as far as feeling better.  We never get over the los of our fur babies; we just want to feel better and in time you will.
We lost our sweet Bonnie Lou on June 9th of this year and we are just now able to look at her pictures.
Just hang in there and come back to this message board anytime you need to talk.


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what a pretty boy!  it's so hard losing them.  i'm sorry for all of us!  i lost my elliott on a monday and the candle ceremony is so important to me.  hope it helps you.


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Dear Penny,  Your Perry was/is a gorgeous dog.  I know he is sorely missed.  You will run with him again someday.  We all must believe that.

Bless you and the spirit of your beloved angel as you commemorate his 1 month bridge day anniversary.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge almost 8 years

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Dear Penny,

Perry is so gorgeous. I know how much you miss him and how your heart hurts for this sweet boy.

The anniversary dates are really hard. I remember every Wednesday since June 16. It's tough and so hard on our hearts. Even Mondays are hard since it's the day I found out Chico would be leaving me.

Bless you Penny on this sad day. My heart goes out to you. I understand that at the Bridge there is no time, so hopefully our babies are not going through this, as we are. We will be with them before they have the chance to miss us. They are always with us in the meantime.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of PerryBerry!

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Dear Penny,

My thoughts and prayers are with you for Perry's 1 month Bridge Day. Your Precious Perry is just Beautiful. As a Christan you know that Perry is standing in front of His Lord, worshiping and Praising Him. What a sight to behold Penny. And what safe arms Perry is in. God bless.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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Thank you, everyone.  Yes, Perry was/is beautiful ... both inside and out.  He is a truly gentle & happy soul with a heart incredibly full of love.  He loved entertaining and playing with guests as well as with his family.  I'm quite sure, God having made him exactly who he is, that his particular praises do include lots of barks, tail wags, sheltie-spins, and running full speed from one place to another.  LOL  The hosts of heaven must surely be laughing and full of joy with our amazing loved ones in their company, including my precious boy. 

I agree, Mayme, His are safe arms for my boy and for us all.  But, like C.S. Lewis, the comfort of my faith doesn't lessen the missing and grief ... it simply let's me grieve differently than I would without it.  The warmth of heaven has increased, as has the coldness of this world, with Perry's passing from one to another.  My heart aches with the missing of that boy, but one day, someday ... I'll hear that familiar bark of welcome again.  I hold on to that.


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Dear Penny,

I absolutely agree with you and C.S Lewis. I have heard all good things of C.S. Lewis. Do you have any suggested readings of his. Where to start.

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I do like reading C.S. Lewis, Mayme, but in the interest of full disclosure ;)  I must admit I honestly don't agree with everything he wrote or believe everything he believed about our mutual religion.  Still he was really good at defending Christianity and I highly recommend him to friends.  That said ... first book of his to get?  I'd have to say Mere Christianity.  If only because I find it must-reading for those who would delve into Lewis' works.  It's not only for the non-Christian, but for all of us, and it does give a good sense of where he was coming from to begin with.

After that, I would suggest The Great Divorce because of its thought provoking view of 'judgement' and our acceptance of His forgiving us.  It's different and it does succeed in making one think outside the box, so to speak.

After that? Well, if you find you still want more... God in the Dock, The Screwtape Letters, and probably The Joyful Christian.

I enjoyed reading A Grief Observed, but it was read after I had read many other of his books.  I wouldn't recommend it as a book on grief, but only for those who happen to be Lewis fans. 

And for goodness sakes, unless you absolutely detest the genre of fantasy, don't forget The Chronicles of Narnia.  It's amazing!
I better shut up here ... this is turning into a tome.

Best to you and all here,


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Perry is so beautiful, I've always loved shelties and collies. I grew up reading the books of Albert Payson Terhune, who raised and loved collies.  He wrote of how years later, not a day went by that he did not miss his best friends.  And yes, your Perry is waiting patiently for you.  As Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I tell you, they will be there long before any of us."

Peace and healing to you--

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Perry is so sweet and fluffy! I bet he was a lot of fun to hug!! I know you're missing him very much, but we will spend all of eternity with our precious babies.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~
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