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I have been coming to PL for 5 months now after unexpectedly losing my 3 yr. old kitty, Gus.  For the first two months I only came here to read the posts from others, but then I finally started posting and I received the comfort and support I so desperately needed. 

I recently lost a very dear friend and I came away from the funeral realizing why PL is so vital to all of us who have lost a beloved furbaby.  After my friend's husband died, she was surrounded by family and friends.  Her house was filled with people who were there to comfort and console her.  Even after the funeral, friends and family were with her and she received many wonderful cards and shared memories about her husband. 

When those of us who consider our pets to be one of the family lose that precious furbaby, we don't have that same type of support.  Too many people think we should just "get over it".  We aren't given time to grieve.  No one seems to understand and care about our loss.  We are expected to get back to work and act as if everything is just fine.  No one asks how we are doing or even acknowledges how important our furbaby was to us.  Even though our loss is just as painful, we are not given the same type of love and support.  This is where our PL family  steps in to fill that need.  Everyone here is understanding and compassionate.  You truly care about the ones who are grieving a new loss as well as those who suffered a loss a long time ago.  You are here for those grievng the loss of a furbaby when no one else seems to care. 

I want to thank everyone who has helped me through the terrible loss of my Gus and especially Edw for making this all possible.  You have all been a blessing in my life.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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I feel exactly the same way.

So many of us here are alone in our grief in our 'real ' lives, and this is the only place where anyone understands.  While it's not the same as having our own friends and family understanding and caring about what we are going through, for many of us, it's all we have.

Kate, what I find interesting is that after attending a funeral of a close friend, rather than having coming to a conclusion that losing a well-loved pet is not on par with losing a person, you, instead, have an even deeper understanding of the depth of our losses and the level of grief we experience and know that it can be every bit as painful as the death of a person and in some cases, even moreso.  It helps me to hear it from you.

Herbie and Belle's Mom

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Hello Kate,

Your post really hit home. It is true that when a human dies, there is ritual to follow. When you loose a fur baby, people who do not know the joy of pets have no idea what to do or say. Pet Loss has been wonderful and supportive.

Gradually the sudden loss of Hershey is growing less painful. All of us are smiling, going for walks and playing once again. BabY Kuggel is a distraction to say the least.

My sympathy to you on the loss of your kitty.


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Dear Kate, I agree with everything you said. Petloss has been such a help and comfort. The wonderful people here, like you, Kate, have been my rock and my refuge. Most people just don't understand that our furbabies ARE our babies and when they leave, they leave a huge void in our lives. I have found myself hating those who don't care enough to ask me how I am doing. I have no use for most of the people I work with because they are too self absorbed to see that I am still hurting over Mr. Meowgy. But I also found I don't need these people and neither do you! You have so many caring friends here including me. Your adorable little Gus has so many, many new friends too. Let people think whatever they want and you continue to do what is in your heart and whatever helps you keep alive the memory of your beloved baby Gus. I know he knows how much you love him and he, and the people of Petloss will give you strength. Peace and comfort and huge hugs to you. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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