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Picked up my Anna's ashes today. Thought that would make it easier to bring her back home. Throughout  her life we had only been separated 1 time when I had to spend the night in the hospital until now.  I miss her sooo much. She was my girl, my best friend. I wish I could have done more for her. Done something diffwrent, helped her in some way. See her everywhere. I love and miss my girl sooo much. So hard to be without her. 

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I am so sorry you are missing Anna so much. It is amazing, isn't it, how big of a presence they had in our lives? We really don't realize it until they are gone and we no longer see and hear them everywhere...

I have lost a few cats as an adult and I always thought I would have some kind of relief and closure once I got their ashes back. Somehow, I am always surprised when I get their ashes back at how small a vessel the ashes fit into. I guess it kind of helps that I can hold and hug their urn, but it is not the same. It can never be the same. We can never hold them in our arms, look into their eyes, feel their soft, silky fur, hear them breathe or feel their hearts beat again. But the one thing we can do is know that we gave them the best life we could, and that they always knew they were loved and cherished, right through their final moments. That is probably the best gift we could leave them with, and hopefully they left this earth feeling the love we had for them.

Hugs to you as you adjust to life without your beloved Anna. When you have some time, please come back and share some stories of the life you and Anna shared - it would be so wonderful to read them!

Angel Blackie's mom
Angel Squeeker's mom
Mom to Angel and wondercat Thomas


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Hello Anna's Mum
Be strong and remember all the good times with her.
It's very likely that your pain is in my future as my buddy - Lucky is a 7 year old Bichon Frise - can expect another 5 to 7 years and I don't know what I will do. It's the reason I joined this forum, learn from others, enjoy the present, avoid accidents and accept that my buddy has a shorter lifespan.
My thoughts are with you.
Best Regards

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Hurts sooo bad not having her with me. I go down the hall and can see into the spare room where Anna had kind of made a nest, where she liked to sleep if I had to be gone to the store or something. Its like I can see her there. Put her ashes where she liked to lay while I did housework. Right in the door so she kept up on everything. Miss my anna sooo much. Want her back sooo bad.


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So hard not having her here. Doesn't seem real.

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I picked up ashes for my big cat boy Coco the day before you did. So hard for me too. Sooo hard. We had a bond that couldn't have been stronger. He was funny, smart, and so loving. Made me laugh, made me melt. Yes doesn't seem real. I put his ashes in his favorite bed, which is a cardboard box tipped on it's side full of packaging paper. So sorry you're going through this too, but of course we have to.

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Its the price we pay for loving them sooo much.  I just hate to get up in the morning and face another day with my girl.


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Hi I lost my little dog 6mths ago our bond was strong she was my emotional lifeline. Since air lost my son in 2000.
I would turn to my girl for comfort we did not meet until 7yrs after my loss. She gave me a new beginning. It never crossed my mind about how long her life span would be. For I believed she would live forever. Wishful thinking I was ignorant of animals life span. I blocked it out for I never knew it would effect me as much as it has. I cry everyday it comes in huge waves. I am lost no one to comfort my emotions the way she did. I write to her in a diary remembering all.the good times we had. It gives me relief but brings sadness too. I have lots of things I can turn to for distractions but it just doesn't kill my pain in my heart.
I comfort myself when possible by writing compassionate letters to myself.
This brings out my pain not allowing it to fester or build up.
It does not stop me crying each day often and cry myself to.sleep .I am so lost. I do not ever wish to get another dog for she was my girl.
I shall never forget her and the love we shared.
Thank you for reading. I miss you my sweet baby..

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I know. If Anna could have lived to Nov. she would have been 13 years old. A very long time for a large breed dog. I just never let myself think about giving her up. I just thought I would get her arthritis issues fixed and we would go on forever. She was always be my side. Itried to do some yard work yesterday evening aobut the time when we would have been out there and it hurt soooo bad to not have my helper with me. So many memories today. I miss her soo bad. So sorry for all of us here who have lost their dearest friends.

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I’ve just lost my cat
She was my oldest daughter
She was with me in my hardest times
I don’t know what to do
It feels like a nightmare
I can’t imagine a day without her
This is so hard
So Sorry for you dog
This is unbearable

Posts: 73
Yes it is unbearable. They tell me it will get better. How can it get better without our babies
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