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Posts: 76
It's hard to even think I'm loosing my Wizard!  He is a little more feeble now, but he sure enjoyed his second time out this week and 3rd or 4th time out in his life!

I have less than a week left with my sweet 17 year old wizard before I have to put him to sleep before the pain and bad symptoms of the Renal Failure sets in...  But, I'll letting him eat what he wants when/if he eats at all and I thought I'd let him enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and fresh grass!

I'll miss him so much!  He is my life!

Pictures will say the rest...  I'll post more if anyone wants to see them.....  I just fon't want to be a pain in the butt here...   I just can't believe I'm loosing him after all these years and only 2 years after loosing his step brother, the all black Demon Kitty at about the same exact age within a few weeks!

Thanks everyone!

Bob D - Wizard's Dad FOREVER!


Wizard Enjoying Eating Grass Fresh From the Lawn!

Just Enjoying One Of His Final Walks On Earth...  Hard To Believe He'll Be Gone Soon!   I LOVE YOU WIZZY!

Wizard's Daddy Forever!

Posts: 991
It sure looks like Wizard was enjoying himself! He looked very much at peace, just having a look around.
We just lost our schnauzer Molly last October. From the time she was diagnosed with inoperable oral cancer until the time we helped her to the Bridge was just 6 weeks. During that time, we did exactly what you're doing: nothing(except chocolate and grapes)was taboo. Her last day, I was able to take her on a sniffy walk in a pasture and yes, she got a taste of the forbidden chocolate.
Just love on Wizard all you can. Spoil him rotten. Be strong for him for you know he can read you like a book. When he's gone, you'll have plenty of time to grieve; just enjoy this week with him.
And about the pictures: Bring them on! You are not being a pain in the butt here. We'll share his last days with you in pictures and support you afterward. That's just what we do here.
Peace to those missing their furbabies today.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 699
Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for sharing pictures of Wizard with us, he is a beautiful boy!

Please don't feel that you are being a pain in the butt, because you aren't.  I hope you will come here as often as you need to - this is a very difficult time and as Molly's Mom said, we will share your precious Wizard's last days with you.  It helps to know that others care, and we do care.

Spoil that handsome boy to pieces, hold him, love him.

Thinking of you,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


Posts: 43
Aw, I'm so glad that you are able to be with Wizard and taking him out for what appears to be some enjoyment outside! The photos are wonderful and I promise, you will treasure them forever! I know it's heartbreaking to be thinking there are only a few days left and they do go quickly but just remember that even though you'd love for him to stay longer, it's our love for them that allows us to set them free.
Keep enjoying your time with him and the good memories that these days hold will eventually bring you a smile.
PJ and Hawkeye's mommy

Posts: 763

Your Wizard is quite the handsome boy! I enjoyed looking at his pictures and I am glad you posted them. Please don't think for one second that you are a pain in the butt.  I tried once to put a harness on my darling Mr. Meowgy. It took 2 people forever to get it on and he was out of it in 10 seconds. He wanted no part of that! My heart is breaking for you. I feel so sad. I know you love your beautiful Wizard with all your heart. Please post more pictures, we really want to see them. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


Posts: 95
Please don't think you are a pain in the butt. Thank you for sharing your precious pics with us.

I too am doing the same as you with my Bennie. Don't know how much longer he has, so he is getting and doing anything he wants.

These are last precious moments with them. We love them so much.

Be strong. Hugs and prayers to you.


Posts: 881
What wonderful photos of your handsome Wizard..I love the white fur. You'll always have them to treasure.


Posts: 95
I am so sorry!  Enjoy and love him while he is with you! I lost my "Baby" on 3/29/08 - he was 13 yrs. old.  I got up on Sat. morning and there he lay - looking like he was sleeping - he had been fine the day before.  I had him cremated - and I turn on a flicker candle every night and put it beside his urn.
I miss him so much!  My heart goes out to you!


Posts: 686
Oh Bob,

Wizard is a beautiful boy.  I am sorry that your are facing this.  Every moment you have with him will be precious.  Please don't ever feel you are being a pain.  We are here whenever you need support.

Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 847

Dear Bob,

These beautiful moments you are sharing with us are very precious, it is good to see Wizard enjoying all the beauty, sunshine and freshness all around.  He is a very beautiful kitty, there seems to be like an 'aura' around him.  He sure is cherishing every moment, as I know you are.

It seems like I remember your Demon kitty though I can't remember if it was at the candle ceremony or the message board, as I started coming here two years ago myself. Our babies maybe went to orientation classes together.

I am so sorry that you have to go through this again, I can see how loved Wizard is, and I know he is soaking it up.  He is very blessed to have you.  You'll both be in my thoughts.

Love from Tweeny's ma


Posts: 76
Thanks Everyone.....  It helps so much posting here and hearing from so many wonderful people.  If only my sweet Wizard knew how many people were thinking of him...  He always loved attention! 

Thanks again everyone and I look forward to reading everyone's continued replies.

Bob D
Wizard's Dad

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