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I don't know what to do. Bramble died on tuesday and he wasnt due to be 3 till august, i don't know why he went and i don't understand why he was taken, he's left his mum, dad and brother behind and we all miss him so much, he was so cheeky and mischievous. It breaks my heart. He didn't eat his carrot the night before but somtimes he leaves them sometimes he eats them so i thought nothing of it, gave him a stroke in the morning and gave warwick(his brother) a stroke aswell whilst i fed them and i went about my day, i let warwick come out first for a change instead of bramble and i blame myself because if bramble had been playing out like normal he might have been oaky, anyway i went to the gym, i came back and i came to see them, and he looked as though he was flopped like he would do sometimes but facing the other way, so i shouted my girlfriend and i said "have you seen how bramble is flopped out, but then when she went to check him he was coldish and lifeless, his brother warwick just watching him from his cage and i felt distraught, i feel heartbroken and i have people saying its just a rabbit, its only a bunny, but its not and it breaks my heart and i just sit here and cry and cant face doing anything not knowing if he was scared and if he felt loved, what i would do for just 10 more minutes of playing with him, i had to put him in a box with his favourite toys and wrap him up, i put a carrot in there with him and i clingfilmed it all tight shut and i buried him, i sitll go out and put food in his bowl on top of the ground where he is, and all our bunnies love veggies, but bramble loved herbs the most and last night i gave the orthers upstairs some basil and they ate it but not that quick whereas bramble would scoff it down and make so much noise and it upset me so much, i have put some outside for him but i just want him home :'(

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You posted 4 days ago so I hope this message reaches you.

I am so very sorry about the loss of your beloved Bramble (I love his name!).  It's perfect for what I imagine to be a bright, twitchy, mischievous little cartoon bunny who probably looked like a perfect toy, content to munch and roam and play and share his innocence and individuality with anyone.  

I know what you want, and I know just how badly you want it.  You want the 'normal' life you had, when Bramble was as much a part of your world as breathing and eating.  You want to feel his fur, stroke his back, watch him enjoy his treats and his free time.  You want this aching sadness to stop, just stop, and for things to be the way they were.  

Daniel none of these things can ever happen again because there is nothing that can restore him to you any more than my little dog Fiona can be restored to me.  The sheer, breathtaking permanence of what has just happened hits you like a ton of bricks.  No rewind button.  No do-over.  Just this awful longing and hopelessness because nothing in the universe can change what is now true.  

And it seems that people, probably well meaning, are unable to support you thinking he was 'just a rabbit', unworthy of the depth of grief you feel in your soul.

Well, to that I say if he was just a bunny then you are just a human.  There is no species-specific method to grieve. You don't follow some arbitrary protocol to grieve one way for a rabbit and another for a dog.  One way for a brother and another for a spouse.  You grieve as YOU are meant to, with all the imperfections, frailties and emotions that make up who you are.  You feel what you feel, and no one has the right to say it's not appropriate or somehow wrong.  Your little friend deserves your grief because you and he shared something no one else did.  A piece of your heart has been shattered and your life has changed, at the very least.  Yes, he was 'just a bunny' (whatever that means).  But he was YOURS and he was loved and he was part of what made up your identity and your security and your spirit.  

I know what this feels like, and I know how much you're trying to come to terms with his loss.  It takes what it takes to get through these early days, and to try and figure out what 'normal' looks and feels like in the weeks to come.  That you'll get there I have no doubt.  There is a sincerity and a passion in you that brought you to a place where one little bunny on this planet made such a deep and lasting connection inside your heart.  It's still there, and it cannot ever be taken from you again.  But, right now, there is only the pain of losing him. And my heart grieves with you.  
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