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My Dearest Pet Loss Family,
I need help in dealing with an upcoming loss ~ my grandmother is getting ready to die.
Don't have a lot of emotional strength right now.  Depleted from so many other losses.
Nanny is my mom's mom.  My own mother passed away 16 years ago this Christimas Day.

I do take comfort in their reunion.

Nan was never a big  pet lover, but she is the reason I inherited my beloved Lil' Red, and I was forever changed by that precious boy.
The two year anniversary of Ceci's passing is only one week away.  I am already trying to process this upcoming anniversary, and now I am on death watch ~ 166 miles away ~ from my grandmother.
Don't even have any money on my stupid Pay As You Go phone to get word when she does indeed die.  Will be running to K-Mart computers and the library for updates.  Maybe that is better since I have to work all weekend at my second  job.
Blessins to All,
Ceci's Mom (Robin) and Mama to Lil' Red, my precious boy
                                                                          and The Pinny Gig


Ceci and Me

"Kissing Ceci's Ears"


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Robin, I'm so sorry you are facing this.  I'm sending you strength and prayers  Know that your grandmother will be joyously greeted by your mother and all will be well.

Hang in there,

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Robin, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. 
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Keep us posted.

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Robin ~   I am very sorry to hear about your grandmother.  I will keep you in my prayers.



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Dear Robin, I am so sorry you hear about your grandmother's illness.  You have been through so much and suffered so many losses, and I know this is so painful for you.  I will keep you and your sweet Nanny in my prayers.



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Dear Robin,
This is very sad news indeed about your Grandmother. Sometimes it feels like life just seems to knock us back just when we start to try to lift ourselves up. You have been through so much sadness, Your Nanny will be safe she will be with her daughter, hold on to that thought. What a lovely memory that she is the reason you got Lil'Red.
I don't come so much to the message boards, as you may remember my own beloved Mother died in May. My heart is very heavy and I miss her so much. But I saw your message about your Nanny and I felt I wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you. You have my private email if you want to write me anytime.

JanH...across the water 

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im so sorry to hear about your grandmother it seems like yesterday me and my grandpa were living happy he was like a dad to me more so than my own dad, we all lived with the great cats we loved them we had 20, 11 inside 9 out at one time then he died it was hell trust me my aunt a huge alcoholic was the executor kicked me out swiflty i could go into detail but it would be a novel to do so anyway they say cats have nine lives well this human had 1 more card to play i was the the one who got the insurance money and the ira which all added up was 90,000+ i tied to negoiate to save the house she would have none of it so i moved out got me a nice house cheap and me and the cats are ok, sorry ive been rambling im sure you dont want to hear the details but anyway i know how you feel the cats me and him were always connected and im realy sorry for what is happening to u, u truly have my sympathy


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Thank you all.  You give me strength across the miles and across the water.


~ God Bless Us, Everyone ~


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Dearest Robin,
I am so very sorry to hear about your grandma. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. I am here for you if you need to talk my friend.
God bless, Linda

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            May God wrap his healing arms around you dear Robin as you allow His will to be done.........  My prayers are with you sweet friend.

Love and {{{HUGS}}} BlakeGirl's  mommy  (Chris)


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Thank you, Family, for All of Your Love and Support


 ~ Nanny passed away this morning after 99 years and 16 days of Life on this Earth ~


I felt your prayers, and they gave me strength to get through this difficult weekend.


Right now, I think I am on automatic pilot and am too tired to fully comprehend my grief.


~ I will return here soon to seek support for this loss

 and the upcoming two year anniversary of my beloved Ceci Girl's passing ~


 ~ Goodnight, Friends ~


Posts: 5,100
May God bless and keep you, sweet Robyn.  You have my deepest condolences.


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I am so sorry for your loss Robin, I wish you and your family comfort and peace.

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Dearest Robin,

My thoughts and prayers are with you my Dear Friend. I am so sorry for the loss of Your Nan. I know the Love that A Grandchild has for her Grandmother and the Love a Grandmother has for her Grandchild. It is a Special, Unconditional Love. Your Nanny is holding Ceci for you now. They celebrate the Love Robin. I pray for your Peace and Comfort Dear Friend. God be with you and Bless you Robin. My Love is with you.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

Posts: 214
I'm sorry for your loss, Robin. It seems your grandmother lived a long life and I'm guessing a fruitful one. She gave you life through your mother, and love through Lil' Red and that's something to praise :)

A hug through the miles and the ocean.


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    My heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your grandmother.  I have asked God to shield you from any pain and suffering.  You are so strong and you have been through so very much.  Your grandmother lived a very long life and I'm certain that she is with your mother right now in Heaven.  They are both watching over you Robin and always will.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless you.  Please take care of yourself and come back here soon so you can receive more love and support.
                               Sleep peacefully,

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Hello Robin,

     I am so sorry to here about your loss. It seems that as soon as you turn one corner another ordeal seems to come at you. I hope that you find the strength to help you through it.
     I am not sure that if you are aware that I have not been on Pet Loss as much. Jerry Copple helped me so much to find that Inner Peace which took me to almost to the end of May. It has taken me this long to deal with my dog Gizmo's loss. Jerry's passing in June has left me saddened because he has helped me and others so very much. I do find it ironic that he died on the same day as his Pokey's Anniversary.
     I do hope that you had enough time to share with your grandmother. My grandmother has been in a nursing home for about 10 years. This year we noticed that she was beginning to fade and near the end of July of this year she stopped eating. I prayed to GOD to allow me to see her that upcoming weekend in which I was able to drive down to her twice which including Sunday. She died that monday and I was so glad that I saw her. You mentioned that you would do it all over again. That is what Jerry and I talked about with my Gizmo and his Noah and Peaches. Robin, life is indeed precious and sometimes things happen. Even though I may not be on Pet Loss as much I do look for people like you who have helped me so much. I remember how devastated I was when I first came to this site. Then I was able to heal by helping others. I see now others are joining the ranks of helping making this site perpetual. As always Robin You remain in my nightly prayers at Gizmo's Grave.    GOD Bless,

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