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I don't know what I would have done without this site for the past 9 and 1/2 months after losing my Sarah girl..and I'm still grieving every single day and now this....

I have 3 cats  Tuffy and Tuxedo and brother and sister who have never been sick a day in their lives..they will be 13 on August 15th(the same day I lost Sarah a year ago) and we have BJ who is 8 this year...On Sunday morning when we give them their wet food Tuffy turned his nose up and walked away..I didn't think to much about it,but was worried since he's our chow hound and I had changed to a special Senior wet food the vet said was better for them..and than on Monday(Memorial Day) when he didn't want it again I opened his favorite to make sure it was not the food and still nothing,did not want to eat,so I knew something wrong,and he was throwing up bile every 4 or so hours..he did drink water..I called the vet and she said to try giving him pepto a few time that nite and if not better to bring right in in the am(she is our neighbor as well)  He could NOT keep the pepto down and was feeling kinda blah and I was sooo worried and got him in first thing on Tues am to take blood test which was normal except for a little dehydration,but she said she would keep him the day and give him shots for the vomitting,etc..I picked him up that nite but he could not keep meds down and on Wed. am he went back to be hooked up to an IV drip all day..he tolerated it well and did not throw up all day..had to leave him,but in the am there was vomit in the cage so she called me at work and said she needed to do a barium test to see if there was a tumor hiding in lining of stomach, late in afternoon she called and wanted to talk to us..I knew then she found something!! So I left work in a panic and my husband met me at the clinic and she went over the xrays..there was something in the stomach making him vomit and the only way to know what was do open him up and get a biopsy with any luck or if it was real bad she would not wake him up and the worse would we spent time with him thinking it might be the last time we would see him...OMG I'm numb....but she came back and told us she would stay tonite and the vet tech would to and they would do it now so we would not have to wait and worry all nite...she called not to long after and said he made it thru the surgery just fine and was waking up already and that she could see nothing that looked awful that she had to close him up and do nothing..she was able to get 2 good biopsy's on the stomach and one on the pancreas..inflamed looking she said..could be ulcers,or??? will not know the results till maybe Monday,but she rushed them to the lab overnite and will maybe know by I need everyone's prayers...I am so praying the results will show that it can be treated and will heal..I have to think positive or I'll go nuts...I can't bear the thought of never bringing him home again...since Sarah has been gone he's turned into my lap cat and is the most loving little boy ever..All my husband and I are doing is crying and I keep going out to sarah's memory tree and talking to her to watch over him and make him well...I don't know what I'll do if I loose him too...Thank you for letting me ramble..I'm a real mess tonite..I love you Tuffy and PLEASE come home soon...he has to stay there so he can be put on his IV and get some nourishment...thank god he weighed 14.5 pounds cause he's gonna loose weight,it's been 5 days without food so far..can't force it on him with a sick stomach,but he's getting stuff thru the iv,which is good...Thank you everyone and God Bless  MissingSarah's mom,Michele

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I am so very sorry that Tuffy is not feeling well.  I know you are worried sick.  It is such a helpless feeling when our furbabies are sick and we don't know what is wrong or what we should do. 

Your sweet Tuffy is in my prayers.  May God bring his healing powers to Tuffy.

Thinking of you,
Kate (Gus' mom)


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God Bless you Tuffy.  Get well soon, and come home to your Mummy and Daddy. xxx


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To Sarah's Mum

Hope everything goes well for you.  Having a cat at the vets is not a pleasant experience.   Lets hope TUFFY lives up to his name and is tough. He is in the right place for care and I hope you have a good outcome.

Thinking of you Ruperts Mum

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My prayers are with you and your kitties.
Heather, Hanks forever mommy

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I will light a candle and pray for your darling Tuffy. I hope with all my heart he gets better for you and that you have more time together. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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MissingSarah (Michele),

I've just sent off an email to you, but wanted to post here, too, to let you know that I am thinking of you and Tuffy right now. I'll keep you both in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I know that Tuffy is a strong guy and will do his very best to pull through this, and that he knows how much you love and support him. That will help him get through this. And, we will all help you get through this. Please know that and remember that, if you can.

Big hugs to you, as always. Please keep me posted on how Tuffy is doing, what the results are, and how you are.



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I'm praying very hard for you and for Tuffy to make it through this. I know how difficult this time is..not knowing..but believe the best outcome will happen. I'm pulling for you.


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Dear Michele,

Sending out lots of healing and positive thoughts for your darling, Tuffy, and I keep him and your whole family in my prayers.  I'm so sorry he is so ill, and hopefully the intensive care he is getting now will turn the tide and the biopsies come back negative for anything serious.  He is getting the help he needs now - I hope he gets better and is home with you soon.  Please let us know how he's doing.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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I am sorry you are having so many health issues with Tuffy and I hope he feels better soon.
Have you thought about seeing a specialist ( an animal internal medicine specialist)? if you can afford it, it would be a good idea. Think about what human doctors do as compaired to veterinarians. You see one doctor for eyes, one for gastric problems,etc, with regular vets they have to do and learn everything for not just one species but many. It s to much for one person to ever learn. Try a specialist if you can, that way you will be dealing with a doctor tha only does internal medicine, which is what Tuffy needs. The other thing is that if you have a big cat fat or just large and he stops eating there is a very goodf chance they will develope hepatic lipidosis when they stop eating for more than 2 o 3 days. So if Tuffy is still not eating, he really needs to. there are things that can be done to get him to eat. ei. e- tube. And are you sure they biopsied the pancreas?
I hope Tuffy is doing much better  by the time this is posted.
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