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We all have engraved on our hearts the first time we met our fur babies. Our souls whispered to each other you are mine. I have shared mine here please share your's. Memories of healing and comfort. A journey written in the stars long before we were born.

Thoughts keep drifting back to me of that day many years ago. I was in a strange city a new home. Starting a new path in my life. Everything seemed so strange. Then one night you were put into my hands a lil furry ball with big eyes the colour of spring. We sat and gazed into each other's eyes and in a heart beat a bond was formed. A soul mate, my buddy.

I watched you grow from this lil kitten into a regal king.
How many people can say they had a vegetarian kitty?. Who would run at the sound of frozen peas hitting a bowl as if a can opener were opening the best tin of cat food. Every year you got a fresh cat nip plant. You would try to eat the whole plant. I can picture you now my furry orange man running through house with a cherry hanging out of your mouth.

This is just part of our journey of 22 years, but I remember each moment each loving glance. I even remembered how you cheated when we played tag. 
Each moment is engraved on my heart, just as the first time I looked into your eyes and was whole.

Muffin each night before I rest you are the one in my heart and I see you by my side. When I wake you are the first face I see. Until that day of reunion I send you my heart in the colours of the rainbow.


Your Mum


The memories come to us when we need their healing warmth and touch our hearts.


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Beautiful. And what a wonderful idea; to post on something so wonderful as hwow we each met our beloved pets. Let me collect my thoughts - will post the story of the first day I met my beloved Arby soon.

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I met Squeeker just 2 days after Blackie unexpectedly passed away. It was March 31 and it was the first day of spring. We had a blizzard that day, and I remember driving to the adoption center in the snow thinking how crazy it was that we were having a snowstorm the first day of spring, go figure.

There were a few cats I wanted to check out. I went to each of their rooms. Only one of the cats before I met Squeeker had any interest in me, and the information about the one that showed interest in me said she was more into people than cats. Since I wanted to have the cat I adopted be a good companion to my other cat, I decided against adopting her. 

And then I went into Squeeker's room. He was sharing it with another cat. When I went into his room, the other cat didn't even look at me, probably because Squeeker got up as soon as I entered their room and made a beeline for me. I sat down on the bench in the room and invited Squeeker to come over, which he did, tail straight up in the air and purring up a storm. He immediately laid down in my lap and started the kneading thing kitties do when they are happy and content. We looked into each other's eyes, and then Squeeker put one of his paws up to my face, and that was all I needed to know - he would be the one I would take home with me that day.

We sat together in Squeeker's room for about 15-20 minutes as I listened to the music that was piped over the sound system. They had the public radio music station on and, in celebration of the 1st day of spring, Stravinsky's Rite of Spring was being played. If any of you know that music, it is very dissonant and jarring, so much so that it caused a riot when it was premiered in Paris in the early 1900s. As I sat there listening to the music and looking out the window at the falling snow, I remember thinking what an unusual piece of music to be listening to as I got to know Squeeker, LOL!

Anyhow, I had one other cat to visit, but it was pretty clear that Squeeker was the one I was going to take home with me that day. I did, and I drove through the snowstorm with a cat that was howling up a storm the entire ride home, letting me know he did not appreciate being contained in a carrier. :-)

As soon as we got home I brought him upstairs to my bedroom. I had intended to keep Squeeker and Rufus separated, but Rufus followed me right into my bedroom and, as soon as I let Squeeker out of his carrier, he went right up to Rufus and greeted him as though Rufus was his long-lost best friend. Thankfully Rufus was not taken aback by Squeeker's greeting, and I didn't have to do any introductions for those two. In fact, that was how Squeeker was with any and all cats he met - he was immediately friendly and wanted to get to know them right away. What a sweet, awesome boy he was.

Squeeker slept with me in my bed that first night and nearly every night thereafter. Tomorrow (May 26) will mark the 1-year anniversary of Squeeker's passing. One of the things I really miss about Squeeker is falling asleep and waking up with him by my side. He really snuggled up next to me as I fell asleep and often even found his way on top of me during the night. None of my other cats are quite like that, and I truly miss that part of my nightly and morning routines...

- Kelly
Angel Blackie's mom
Angel Squeeker's mom

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Even though it has been many years I still remember the day I got my beloved boxer Buster. I remember every single tiny detail about that entire day--buying a bag of kibble at the grocery store and telling my favorite grocery checker where I was going and what I was going to do, the drive down to the Camp Pendleton Marine Base, the nice Marine at the gate giving me the directions to the on base pound...
I would give anything if I could go back in time to that day so that I could have those years again with my beloved Buster before I had to send him to Heaven because of his lymphoma. I had written a post years ago which includes the story about how I got my Buster and my very first look at him. It is an amazing story and well worth reading. If the link doesn't take you to my opening post just scroll up the page to it GOD CARES DEEPLY ABOUT THE LOSS OF YOUR PET - Pet Loss Grief Support Message Board
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