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This thread is intended for anyone who wants to express his feelings in poetry. Allow me to break the ice:


His whole existence called for fame

my memory demands for shame

My shame, that was my lack of care

deny time when I had to spare

My time, which seemed so precious then

I'd cry if I was not a man

Still cry I could when I do think

of our time, my heart doeth sink.

It sinks 'cause every year with him

spreads like a second now so thin.

A second with him to relive -

my whole life just for that I'd give.

I'd give, but I won't throw it away -

We'll find new wonders anyway.

New wonders, paths, wild treasure trove

we'll meet again, my dear sweet love.


(c) 2006 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 80

I search for you everywhere

I even went out to the field to look for your pawprints

Some part of you I may have missed

Another piece of you to collect for my memory

But you were gone

Nothing more to prove you were ever here with me

The world stops

It is so empty without you

I need the comfort

That only you used be able to give me

I listen hard

For your footsteps in the leaves

Or the jingle of your tags

A bark to tell me where you are

But there is none

I call you like I used to

Though I know you cannot answer

Because it feels so familiar

The syllables of your name just one more time

Like maybe you are still here and just out of my sight

Maybe this is all a nightmare

And I will wake

Once again with you

I don't want to let you go

But even now you slip away

It's getting cold

The leaves are falling

I don't want to leave you

Alone at the Bridge

I promise

One day I'll come for you




Posts: 46
Two Years Ago

Two years ago you went ahead
Yet still you I feel your soul
How come it's me who thinks he's dead
And you who's become whole?

The answer to that riddle
You know it well, my friend
Death gladly plays his fiddle
When on my side you stand.

Until that time you take good care
I'll take a little longer
Can't come just know, yet keep in mind
You always were the stronger.

So then, 'till I meet you
A flame yet to smother
The day we'll be joining -
This is your brother.

(c) 2006 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 1,493

One day as I was on my way into the grocery store,
Two little boys had a box that said "free puppies", who could ask for more?
So I looked in the box and what did I see?
The most beautiful little face looking up at me.
We named her Precious because that’s what she was.
And for almost thirteen years, I knew the joy of her unconditional love.
When I brought Precious home, we had a beagle named Brittany.
I knew that Precious would be a good friend and keep her company.
When Brittany crossed to the bridge, I knew that Precious was sad.
When I found her a new buddy named Kahn, she was really glad.
As the years went by, I watched their love for each other grow.
I always thought Precious would go first, but how could I know?
Kahn got very sick and he was the first to go.
Precious did not handle the loss of her best friend very well.
She was giving up on life and wanted to be with Kahn, I could tell.
But I think she held on for a little while longer,
She knew I was sad and wanted my heart to get stronger.
But on that final day she waited for me.
I really want to be with my friend Kahn, can’t you see?
So I said good bye my beautiful girl, I love you and I will be okay.
I know you really miss Kahn and you can go be with him today.
The love of these babies I will forget never.
I will carry the memories in my heart forever and ever.


PRECIOUS: 08/08/93-07/26/06




Posts: 46
Too easy

Too easy to ask why its over already
too easy to miss a firm heart beating steady
too easy to argue with man and divine
and too hard to see that he never was mine.

Our time was a gift, too late now I see
perceiving the blessing then granted to me.
and were I to name a wish to be prime
I'd wish that yours was as good a time.

Allow me to thank you for teaching me strength
and patience to endure life in all its length
reminding me of the great being above
with your sensitive, pure and compassionate love.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 4

Not quite poetry, but what I posted early today on a website to memorialize Barbaro:


He was not my pet. He was not my horse.  I believe he was everyone's horse.


Look at his photo: he had a blaze on his forehead that looked like a map of the Eastern Shore.


Still, like most folks who ever cared about a critter, I grew to love him - and I celebrated every milestone of his race toward recovery.


He didn't make it, but we can learn from him and his owners and primary Vet (Dr. Dean Richardson).


What I have learned: 

        1. NEVER quit until all possibility of even breaking even is gone

        2. Give it your best shot - then go a little further

        3. "Grief is the price we pay for love" (owner, Gretchen Johnson)



Goodbye, dear brave and valiant prince. May you be whole and happy at the “Rainbow Bridge.”.


“For the journey is done, and the summit attained.”


We loved him much; God loved him more. Gone home to God January 29, 2007




Posts: 46
I Killed Him?

A life was ended, a being was killed
a heart was mended, existence fulfilled
now this deed should make you just all the tougher
as it was your choice: this or let suffer.

"Not fair?" -He's looking on us who are blind
Awaiting our coming, and just keep in mind
your path was a hard one, void of all pleasure
yet strong and merciful beyond all measure.

Eternally grateful - that's what we should be
to show easy exit - we're blessed you see;
to grant this last favor, to show them the light
there's no one to tell me this couldn't be right.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke


Posts: 46
He was my friend, my brother true
he made my heart fell warmer.
Mankind compared to his virtue -
well, shame be on the former.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke


Posts: 46
My baby. I love you.
And I don't regret
The time we were granted
Nor will I forget

The virtues you taught me
Patient and strong
I'll wait for you, may take it
Ever so long.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46
Just an animal

So many people around you who say
"It was just an animal, needless to pray
get on with your life, it wont wait for thee."
I cannot express how much they pity me.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46

If only I didn't, if only I had
echoing in my skull
comparing to the life we lead
everything else seems dull.

I could have done better, I could have done more
that's repeating in my brain
I could have prevented you reaching that door
I could have made you remain.

How cruel that must sound to you
you, my courageous fighter
and could I take your point of view
my judgment would be lighter.

And I sought how to prove myself
"Be loving, good and strong!"
Now I do know, that somehow you
had known it all along.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46

We gave them all we ever could
shelter and food galore
eternal love -and yet I would
think they gave us much more.

People who ask: What was it, then?
What separates our dears from men?
Here is your answer, simple and pure
here is why man can only look poor:

They loved us just for what we are.
in every moment living.
in their sweet eye, we were the star
no man could be that giving.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46
Saying thank you

Excuse me, friend, if this is not
a poem about you
you know as much as I do, now
I am naught without you.

No, this is something for all those
who're helping where they can
who've suffered enough pain, god knows
yet - help their fellow man.

When my heart seems to stop it's pace
and uncaring seem others
I will be glad I found this place -
I count you 'mong my brothers.

This is for you, my wolves, my friends
you have shown me a way
you showed that true hope never ends
you've shown me how to stay.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46

They tell you go and take a while
take all the time to heal
not knowing that your every smile
does not show what you feel.

They tell you that they understand
they'd help you when in need
they offer you a helping hand
when you're in deepest need.

Should you have found some help outside
blessings on you, my brother
and yet, for any eye that cried -
it's this site and no other!

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46
Just a thought

But who could claim to know for sure
what lies beyond that portal
small wonder to be insecure
for everyone is mortal.

If we could reach that one true shine
where selfless deeds would lead us
we'd have to wait in quite a line
because our pets would beat us.

As love remains, no where or when
will limit our senses
and even souls may meet again
for love will jump all fences.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 46
Dedicated to Milly

The More

The more we cared
when together we went,
The better we fared
in the moments we spent...

The more it will hurt when we are left behind
soul-numbing, heart-rending and shackling our mind.


The more we thought
of their good coming through
the more they brought
back our minds made anew...

The more we will see all may be for the best
we gave what we could, showed them one place to rest.

The more we accept that we aren't perfection
the closer we'll find ourselves to satisfaction.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke


Posts: 6
For Tre........
I searched for places to bury you
To let you rest in peace
But the tears were falling from my eyes
And I thought they would never cease
I thought of places we had been
And times that we had shared
And of those places where would be best
To rest your weary head
I thought of trees and grass so cool
Of beaches and flowing streams
I even thought of burying you
Only in my dreams
And then one day God talked to me
With a wisdom oh! so smart
And the only place to bury you
Was forever in my heart.

Posts: 46
Thank you Tre. Your poem was very true and deeply moving. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Now, everyone, for once I wont give you another poem, but the reason for my poetry. Here he is:

Wolf... may you have dreams as sweet as you were.

Take care of yourself and all the newcomers at the bridge; you will always have a special place in my mind. See you, and thank you for your time, my friend.

Posts: 7
out of the corner of my eye, I catch a whisp of your tail
my heart leaps and I follow you, but you are not there

I call out your name when I arrive home from work
but stand at the door alone like a fool, ashamed

In my sleep I sense you next to me, soft and warm
I wake up to find it is Chris's cat, toying with me

My passwords are no longer your name
but I absently type the first few letters T-E-S
only to realize you are gone again and again and again

Posts: 328

This is something I wrote after the passing of my big boy Zacky:


Zacky, Zacky, why did you not tell daddy you were ill
You know that daddy would gladly pay the bill
After all we have been through both good and bad
You have always made daddy happy and never sad

Even in the back yard with your special hole
As you lie there and look deep into my soul
You lifted your head to say the time has come
And daddy must do what must be done

We made a pack, you and I, that when the time was near
That daddy would be there and the pack was clear
Because of your love no need for tears.
I was so blessed for all those many years.

I know he's watching over me
He will be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on his beloved head
I told my Husky Dog good bye.

You would go to the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me
And when the time is right and there, daddy will be
Now we are together forever never to part again
And if I had never known you this would never have been.

We are now a thousand winds that blow.
We are the diamonds and glints on snow.


Posts: 46

A Dialogue

"My enemy and me are one
for it is my fault that he's gone."

"So very close joy and pain are
Think of the paths you walked so far."

"It was not fair that he went ill -
so many years before him still."

"To judge that, tell me, who are you?
You got far more than you were due."

"But in my heart so cold a knife
that cuts the meaning off my life!"

"Then if your pet still did not show
where to find strength for paths to go
to endure life with curve and bend -
you have a lot to understand.
You take your time, there is a light
there's more to life than simple matter
don't hurt yourself with could and might
you take your time, you will get better."

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke


Posts: 343

Fields of Green


These fields of green have called us

For we believe it's the direction you've gone

I know you were trying to get back home

I'm so sorry if the journey was long


You've led me in this direction

I've walked places I never had been

Discovered so much on this path, though difficult

My faith and love in people restored again


Let's remember all the good times

Campouts with the futon in the livingroom

Watching movies, shows and the sunrise

I shall never forget that too soon


You're safe in my heart forever

I guard your memory with lock and key

There are things I need to accomplish to honor you

You've brought out so many new sides of me


Please don't ever doubt it

A reunion with you I hope still

I just don't know in this earthly lifetime

If this is truly the universe's will


Still I'd walk this entire country

Search the deep and vast Amazon

You are that special to me, you know

my soulmate, my fur-son


For now let me find peace

In these comforting fields of green

To know you've made it to a sanctuary

That is fit for a cat and a king


These emerald fields and mountains

When the sun shines friendly and fine

It's the place I want to see you happy

Even if it's only a vision in my mind



by Denise

for Ben


We love you




Posts: 343

This is Your Life Calling You

Will you pick up the Call?



I was just driving through one morning

A route I don't normally use

A tough street in Oakland

I was in a rush without a minute to lose


It was there that I saw you

Scared, dazed and frozen on a street

You ran in front of my car

As I stopped our eyes did meet


I got a strange voice in my head

It whispered slowly- This is Your Life Calling You

Will you pick up the phone or leave it?

How was I to know the answer right out of the blue?


But I listened to the call and went over

You were shaking, fearful and sad

You needed an angel at that moment

Wherever you came from must have been bad


But little did I know

On that early April morn

I had found my best friend and a soulmate

The most beautiful relationship was born


What's that? "No Dogs" stated the landlord

In the official rental lease

But there was no way I could give you up

I'd live in the car with you and a leash


But you quickly stole our hearts

No, our hearts were melted into one

We found a place that accepted dogs

And I gained yet one more son


Remember all the trips we took

You were the best dog to travel in a car

From the mountains to the beaches of sunny L.A. 

You were our fourth muskateer and never far


I can't believe you're not here with us

How you passed is beyond hurt and pain

I'm just trying to come to grips with it all

Your memory I want so much to sustain


It's amazing that you were only

Less than three years in our life

We packed so much in everyday

Now I'm filled with longing and strife


Yet I just can't imagine

Had I never answered that "call"

I would have missed this precious boy and the happy times

He stayed by us always and stood tall


It was that meeting on a gray cold intersection

Thank God I heard the telephone ring

And because you were in my life even just for a little while

I've got a soul filled song I can sing


Thank you my boy for all you gave

It is beyond the largest gold mine

Your companionship and love was a gift

You were the best treasure I ever could find




by Denise

for Nuvo


Our beloved dog

passed March 2007






Posts: 343
Dear Zornfalke
Thank you for starting the poetry's therapeutic...cathartic

Gratitude and peace,

Posts: 46
Thank you Denise. It sure is good to hear that the poetry thread has the healingeffect it was intended for. Thank you again!


Whatever you do

Whatever you do,
when you are in deep woe
let your grieving be true 
just don't be your own foe!

As that is a fight
which you can't hope to win.
Know that day follows night
and that hope's found within.

(c) 2007 Stefan aka Zornfalke


Posts: 555

From Up Above


I am in the memories that dance upon your soul

Bringing back to you the love that came from

up above. A love that has never left you.

Gentle raindrops falling upon your face

bringing healing. My touch reaches out to

you as they gently flow.

I know are times you look for me, in the

places we once walked side by side.

I hear the sighs coming from your heart

when you don't see me. Just because

you don't see me doesn't mean i am

not there. Because there is not a step that

you take that I don't take it with you.


There are times you listen for my voice

in the winds. Listen carefully and you will hear

me whisper, I am in the love that came

from up above. To warm your heart.

Our forms may change, but the love

we share remains. Growing stronger

with each new day. Glowing with the beauty

of a sunrise.


Remember for me that love is given

in a heart beat and is


©J.C. Stewart




Posts: 46

One afterlife we meet again
For me, is worth believing in

And if religion was a ruse...
What has there ever been to lose?

For if animals had no soul,
As if they weren't part of the whole,
We humans would have lost as well;
Creator not is hard to tell.

The choice does now seem firm, but fair
So I'll choose hope over despair.

2010 Stefan aka Zornfalke

Posts: 1,523
I Dream of a Dream

I dream of a dream
That would come to me
Of the days gone by
And how we came to be

A dream that would
Put my heart to rest
And know now My Sammy
You have only the best

To see you sing
With the Angels above
And know that you
Are surrounded by Heavenly Love

The days for me
Are very long
Mommy's Home!
Will always be My Song

Into your eyes
One day I will see
The rest of the Story
My Sammy and Me

For the Love of My Sammy
By His Mommy Mayme


Posts: 46

"Your pets don't even have a soul!"
And yet they are part of the whole.
"Not human, with no savior powers..."
Before or after we killed ours?

"Impertinence! The human race..."
Is just destroying their own space.
"You're human! Don't you feel ashamed?"
Crown of creation? Self-proclaimed.

"Ha, but be fertile and increase!"
Even while being a disease?
"But we must bow to our lords!"
We all are pawns on bigger boards.

(c) 2010 Zornfalke

Posts: 46

Time will flow ever on and on
Just like a road much travelled on
In stories, Erebor may lie
At this road's end. Others descry

New wonders to be found ahead
New pastime for mind nigh gone mad
New secrets conquering despair
New challenges - new soulmates fair.

Let's not forget the ones who seek
Their answers to a time so bleak
Who only need one thing to find -
Just finally some peace of mind.

(c) 2010 by Zornfalke

Posts: 46

And yet - this very road we go
Alone at times, will prove to show
The good memories only soon
And in our mind a happy tune.

As hard as the end might have seemed
The guilt then felt never redeemed
We'll come to know a better day
Lessons of hope are wont to stay.

How I do know this, you enquire
Well, other than it's my desire
And my conviction through and through
That what is good must be true too -

Other than that, just know, my friend
That our love will never end.

(c) 2010 by Zornfalke


Posts: 50
I wrote this poem several months ago when a friend of mine's cat died. It was entitled FROM KITTY WILSON:

I saw you yesterday,
But you didn’t see me
I was the smile on a stranger
offering you company.
I purred in your ear
but you thought it was the wind,
just letting you know I was here
and my love for you would never end.
I was the click when you came home and unlocked the door,
I was still there to greet you
after a hard day at work.
I was there beside you and saw the sadness in your eyes,
when you finally found me
and realized I had died.
I reached out a paw and gave you a gentle touch,
I knew you loved me, too,
and enjoyed the company I gave to you very much.
I was with you when you went to bed last night,
I curled up beside you
making sure you were all right.
I was the morning sun that greeted you today.
It was so quiet for you, I knew
but I wanted to help start your day.
Yes, there is an empty space now inside your home
for I am now gone
and you are alone.
But there is not an empty space in our hearts,
we’ll never forget one another
thus we’ll never be truly far apart.
Just know I am ok and happy as can be
I’ll miss you very much
but one day you will see

I’ve been waiting here for you --

So until we see each other once again
Through a gentle touch, or a smile, even the wind,
you‘ll know I am always with you, my very best friend.

(c) 2010 by wiskersonkittens

Posts: 50
I posted this separately awhile ago, but I would like to add it here. 

What are you doing up there
while I am down here missing you?
Are you happy, running and playing
or are you missing me, too?
My heart stopped beating the moment yours did
I saw you slip away
never realizing how soon it would come to this.
I will never understand why you had to go
I dread this world without you here
Time is moving so slow.
I miss you so much, my little friend
My heart is broken
while yours is on the mend.
How do I go on,
I need answers please
one moment you were here,
and now you are at peace.
When will I heal the pain of you being gone from my sight?
my world turned to darkness
when yours became light.
My precious Muffin, everyday is now a chore
I wish you were here with me still
just one day more.
You could lay down beside me
as you used to do.
Reaching out a paw, touching my face
as I stroked your fur to comfort you, too.
You could follow me around when it was safe to do so
but only when the kids were in bed
because it was our time, you know.
Nothing will fill this hole in my heart you left
I keep asking why were you chosen to leave so soon
I don’t know how to move on just yet.
I hope you understand why I let you go
You were sick and suffering
I loved you so.
I would rather it be me going through this pain
than to keep you here in misery
just for my gain.
Baby Muffin, I will think of you everyday.
As seasons pass and years come and go
in my heart you will always stay.
Then there will be a time when I will see you again,
a time for me, too,
to meet you at the rainbow’s end.

(c) 2010 wiskersonkittens


Posts: 10
Wow, those were both very good poems, whiskersonkittens. Thank you for posting them. Very touching and brought a tear to my eye.

These should be included in the 'Healing and Inspirational Poems' section on the main page!  

Posts: 50

Hi, MousersDaddy -- aw, that is very kind of you to say.  I love poetry and writing them but I always feel they are too choppy.  There are more talented folks on here than I, but I appreciate very much your kindness. 

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