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Hello my Petloss family,

I've not been online much in the last year, but am now able to come online.  And, I come to this family to ask for help for friends of mine.  Their beautiful greyhound, Bailey, has been in the hospital for the last week, and just 2 days ago traveled to a neurologist to see what the diagnosis is.  It turns out that Bailey suffered a stroke (although initial tests did not indicate this).  Here's the update from my friend, so you have the latest information:

"We spent a very long day yesterday traveling with Bailey to the neurology center and we now know what has caused his condition. The neurologist examined him ( very painful to observe I might add) as well as sent him over for an MRI. The results of the test show that he most likely had a stroke last week. The neurologist feels 90% certain the images are representative of the characteristics of an incident in the mid-brain which is where the motor skills track through and the eye movements start. He has determined that to be 100% sure we need to stop the steroids as well as the antibiotics. If Bailey’s condition continues to improve, then it was a stroke – if his condition worsens after weaning him off the steroids, then we would have to do a spinal tap to see if there is an infection or if the image was actually showing us a tumor. If it was indeed a stroke, then we are cautiously optimistic that we will see a continued improvement in his condition. In the meantime, we hope to determine what the contributing cause is or the reason why he would have a stroke at such a young age. Translation -  he has some blood tests and an echo cardiogram in his future J


As a side note, Bailey did have a rough night last night and he has had a little backslide. We are attributing this to the stress and strain of the trip and the procedure and the doctors believe with fluids and rest he will be better within 24 hrs. When I visited this morning, he was snoozing comfortably, so I believe he is simply exhausted as well as stiff and sore from all the prodding, twisting, and the stress of the trip. We are just thankful we were able to get him strong enough so he could have the opportunity for a diagnosis and hope that this backward step is just a minor setback."

Sorry for the long post, but this information may help someone else, too.  And, we really need as much positive thought and as many prayers as we can get.  I know the Petloss family will help and I appreciate it so much.

Please keep Bailey, and his family, in your thoughts and prayers if you can.

Thanks for listening.  My heart is always with everyone here, even if I'm not able to join in very often.




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I will keep your friend's dog in my prayers.  I hope Bailey makes a complete recovery.  Please keep us updated!



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PM me if you want. Remember, my Bella suffered a massive stroke and is still here 2 1/2 years later. (Hers was so severe, she couldn't even walk for months after.) 

The vet clinic she went to did the spinal tap and MRI at the same time. (The spinal tap would be to rule out an infection.) 

Dogs can recover from strokes. Their strokes are not caused by the same reasons that us humans get strokes. (Bella has the beginnings of kidney problems - so they think that caused her blood pressure to go up. Shes on medication now to keep that regulated.) 

I would tell your friends to just be patient. It will take time to recover from this. 



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Thanks, Les and Mare for your support.  I know the more support we can get, the better Bailey's chances are!  (Or, at least that's what I believe.)

Les, thanks for the reminder -- I do remember what you went through when Bella had her stroke.  This information will help my friends!  

I can't thank the Petloss people enough for their support, care, and love, all the time.  What a blessing it is to have this site.  Thank you all.


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Prayers coming Bailey's way from Diane in NC.  Keep us posted and we'll keep the prayers coming.  Love,  Diane


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Thanks again to all of you for keeping Bailey and his family in your heart. Also, I don't think I mentioned before, but Bailey is a rescued greyhound racer.  Sad beginning of life, but now a happy, wonderful one!  We just need to get him through this medical challenge!

Here is today's update on Bailey:

"COMING HOME!  Well, as the subject line indicates, our Bailey will be coming home on Sunday! He is eating and drinking well, they have backed off the i.v. fluids, and all of his vital signs are good. So, the doctor believes he is ready to move to the next step. The recovery period is going to be slow and steady, but we are just excited that we have a recovery period to talk about J He is scheduled for physical therapy at a hydro physical therapy facility on Wednesday, so hopefully we will get those muscles back in shape soon. They have a state of the art facility which includes an underwater treadmill, so we are thrilled that we could get him scheduled right away.


We are also thinking about acupuncture, but we are not very well versed in the practice – have any of you had acupuncture for your kids? If so, would you recommend that we get Bailey set up with an acupuncturist? We are committed to getting this guy back on his feet, so any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!"

Thanks again, everyone. 



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Hi, Robyn,

Wishing Bailey a speedy recovery and prayers to his family.  If it helps, I had a cat who suffered multiple strokes and recovered completely.  Animals can recover from strokes.  It is a long process but the results can be amazing.  Good thoughts and prayers going out for Bailey.


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Dear {{{{Robyn}}}},

It was so good to see you posting again, but I was so sorry to hear of your friend's beloved pup, Bailey, being ill.  Of course, I was thrilled to read that Bailey is doing better.  I will be praying for his continued recovery. 

I have thought of you often and wondered how you are doing.  Hope all is well.  You are such a kind and caring soul, Robyn, and such a great source of support for your petloss family and friends.   After all these years, I still take such pleasure in looking at your sweet Molly's photos.  What a pair you were/still are!

Take care and stay in touch, dear friend.

Best regards,


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Thanks, everyone, for reading this post and keeping Bailey in your hearts and prayers.  Here is today's update...  unfortunately, Bailey was not able to come home.  Please, please, keep him in your thoughts even more if you can.  We all know how hard these things are -- Bailey's family really needs our support.  

"Unfortunately Bailey did not come home today. He spiked a fever yesterday and stopped eating. Today, he has fluid build-up and he is not urinating on his own. They believe he has an infection from the catheters which has led to his sudden decline. They let us spend a couple of hours with him tonight – it was nice as we had a room where we could just be with him. He was resting comfortably and even sat up to eat for us. We are now at that quality of life crossroads that we were hoping we would not hit. Our hearts are breaking, but if he is still declining we will be saying goodbye to him tomorrow. We just can’t let him get to the point of suffering – that would not be fair to Bailey.


I will let you know what happens tomorrow – who knows, he could rally once again …"

I'll keep everyone updated. Please, let's all rally for Bailey.  

Thank you all so very much.



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Prayers for Bailey. What a brave boy he is! Get well soon Bailey. We're all pulling for you.

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