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Posts: 594
Dear Wendy-

Thanks for letting us know that Colleen is now home from the hospital and doing a bit better. I am keeping her in my prayers and hoping that she will continue to get stronger. I know what a long and hard road she continues to climb, and I am sure that being back home will help her.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)


Posts: 1,038
((((((((((((((( My dear Petloss Family )))))))))))))))
Once again, you cannot imagine how very much your prayers, support and encouragement mean to me! I pleased to say I finally am feeling much better than I have in months and months. When I went into the hospital, I was at my very lowest. After much testing, they stopped two meds, fine-tuned the dosage for another and added 2 different ones. The last heart catheterization showed my heart is now optimized as much as possible and functioning at about 1/2 of what it should be which is a great improvement! I still face another surgery in the near future for lead-wire adjustment for my implanted defibrillator and as well as a possible dual chamber pacemaker sometime later this year. But I have so much hope in my heart again and because of that I hope finally to get going in my cardiac Rehab now.  
It truly has been a long journey and I don't know where I would be without each one of you. It gave me more comfort than I can ever say to know I was not alone. I also believe the prayers I have received are why I am still here today and hopefully again on the road to recovery.
I actually have tears in my eyes writing this. Who knew in the midst of all our pain and grief missing our little ones, we would find such unexpected riches and blessings in the friendships we made. Petloss truly does have some of the finest people in the world and I am just so grateful for that and to each of you.
With much love and gratitude always,

Posts: 452
Dear Colleen,
How wonderful to read your message and that you are feeling much better with hopes for the future. The power of prayer, so very amazing, as well all know.
Prayers for you will continue daily from my home to yours and that in the months ahead that healing heart of yours mends to bring you more joy as you gain energy.
Your personal strengths during the past very exhausting and frightening months are really to be recognized. Bless you for trying when it didn't feel like it was possible to find a path through your illness.
Blessings to you and your little feline lovelies at your house,
Wendy (Decker's mom)

Posts: 452
Hello everyone who has posted here with prayers for Colleen.

I haven't posted for many months but thought I would once again as Colleen (our dear, golden hearted friend of Petloss) really needs prayers.

She has had many health challenges these past few years and has visited here letting you know how she is doing. Recently, with personal challenges, she has declined and is now really needing encouragement from all her friends here at Petloss. 

We have spoken often over recent months and her stamina has declined too much to have the energy to even chat over the phone for any length of time. I think perhaps she is still checking into Petloss occasionally and I know she would appreciate the thoughts of those who she has contacted or encouraged over the past 6 years since finding Petloss.

I'm hoping that you will each receive an alert about this message and have the opportunity to send her a little message.

Thank you and blessings to each of you and your loved ones and angel babies too.
Wendy (Decker's mom)

Posts: 594
Oh I am so sorry to read that Colleen is not doing well.  I have been praying for her and was so happy to see that she had been posting a bit.  Thanks for letting us know Wendy.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)

Posts: 15
I am so sorry to hear this again.

Colleen, you are simply one of the finest human beings God ever made.

As I've told you before, it's so ironic that you've got heart problems when your heart is so BIG.

Wishing you strength, prayers for a quick recovery from this latest setback, and much love,


(And Wendy, thanks so much for keeping us up to speed)

Posts: 227

Hi all!
It has been so very long since I logged into Petloss...however, it has never been far from my heart.  I was drawn to the site this evening - just to be sure it still was there; a viable place to go for those in need.  So happy to see familiar faces! 
I keep in touch with Colleen on a weekly basis - sometimes more than that.  She is one strong woman - full of faith, determination, and blessed with a heart bigger than anyone I know.
I hope that all of you are well...enjoying the summer months wherever you may be. 
Not a day goes by without thinking of my beloved Snuggy!  It will be 3 years this September.  And I never did get another cat.  My daughter, however, has a 2 year old Boston Terrier, named Kallie.  Jim & I "babysit" often and we are absolutely in love with her. 
Happy summer to my friends at Petloss!!
Snuggy's Mum

Here's a picture of my 'grandaughter' Kallie...too precious!

And for those of you who may not recall Snuggy, this is my beloved...

Aug 19, 1991 ---- Sep 22, 2006


Posts: 452
It's fall already!

I just thought I would post a little update for those of you who know Colleen here at Petloss. Also those of you who do keep in touch with her also.

After a difficult summertime, Colleen is now more settled in her new home after moving once again which was very tiring for her. She is currently waiting to acquire a mobility chair that will be assisting her in getting 'out and about.' I think that being able to enjoy being outside will be beneficial to her in many ways.

She still cares for Atticus, the New York kitty, and Sammy and Parker. She is the forever cat mom!

I'm not sure if Colleen checks into Petloss anymore, but I do tell her that I do occasionally post here to update those who may be continuing to pray for her return to better health. She has been feeling slightly more energetic and hopeful for the future, but it's been a very long and exhausting journey.

I'll let her know if anyone posts here with good wishes for her.

Thank you for your continued caring for our friend at Petloss, Colleen.


Posts: 53
    Although I haven't been here much over the months I do wish Colleen well wishes for much needed better health.She as well as every one here is in my prayers & thoughts.     AbbyNLucysmom  Lois


Posts: 594
Dear Wendy-

Thanks for posting the update about Colleen.  I think of her often and was happy to read that she is doing a bit better.  Please let her know that she continues to be in my prayers.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)

Posts: 847

Dear Wendy,


Thank you for the update on Colleen.  She has been in my thoughts a lot lately and I am so terrible for not keeping in touch.


I have been very anxious about how she is doing and though it is a tiring journey, I am glad that things are a little better.  Still need to tell her about my almost miraculous find at the dollar store. 


Colleen is a very dear purrson and I wish her continued improving health.


Love Always, Tweeny and Rusty’s Anna


Posts: 2,719
Dear Wendy,  You are a dear friend to post for Colleen.  She is such a sweetie and I'm glad she is doing a little better and hope a lot more soon.  Give her my love and a kiss for her kitties.

Love,  Diane
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