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Hello everyone,
     It's been awhile since I visited and today am writing for a friend who is not able to access Pet Loss due to poor vision. Judy had her long-time companion cat, Buster, put to sleep yesterday as he was ill and 18 years old. She's adopted him as a kitten and he meant the world to her. 
     After speaking to her today, I thought it may be comforting to know that others at Pet Loss send their condolences to her in her first day of missing Buster so much. I've told her about Pet Loss and how much it means to me after so many years of visiting here after the loss of my cat, Decker, in Nov. 2003. 
     Yesterday, I did add Buster's name to the Candlelight Ceremony for next Monday. I also lit a candle for Judy at with the link found on the opening page at Pet Loss. Judy has a friend who will help her find that on a computer and she will perhaps be able to see a little of the candlelight for her cat on the special page that was created for her.
      I am meeting Judy later today and if anyone feels like reaching out to her and say a few words of comfort, I know she'd be so surprised and comforted too. I'll have my IPod with me and can access Pet Loss to see if there are any comments for her and then I will be able to read them to her. Thank you for your caring.
      To those who's hearts are missing their fur/feather babies, my sincere wishes that the memories that you hold dear bring you comfort.
      Blessings to all the angel fur and feather babies,
      Wendy (Decker's mom)


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Dearest Wendy,  Please tell Judy that I know her pain and send her my deepest sympathies for her loss of Buster.  You and I know how devastating it is to loose these special furkids.

My son lost his Persian of 18 years back in May and he was devastated.  I'm sure his Savannah or as Jackson called her, Meaness, welcomed Buster, as well as Decker and all the crew.

Tell Judy she will be in my thoughts and prayers as she starts down the path to healing.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge almost 8 years

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So very sorry for your loss. 18 years is a long time.I wish you peace and many happy memories of Buster. Joanne, Chloe's Mom(Choc. Lab), we had her for 13yrs.


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Sincere condolences to Judy for your loss of precious Buster.
My Lil' Red lived to be nearly 18, so I understand the loss of a longtime companion.
Thank you Wendy for helping your friend gain additional support.
May God Bless You and Keep You in His Care,
Ceci's Mom (Robin) and Mama to Lil' Red, my precious boy
                                                                         and The Pinny Gig

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     I am so very sorry for your loss of your precious Buster.  First and foremost, you must know that Buster is peaceful, young, vibrant and strong and he is surrounded by so many other furbabies and they are all welcoming him to the Rainbow Bridge.  He is very happy, but he does miss you and he will be watching over you every day.  Your love will only grow stronger.  Stay close to him and he will stay close to you.  God Bless.
                       Sleep peacefully,

Posts: 452
Dear Diane, Robin, Joanne and Pam,
I was so grateful for your messages today when I was with Judy this afternoon. Thanks to the wonders of WiFi, I was able to access your thoughtful messages to her. As I explained to her how so many friends here at Pet Loss really care about others, she really felt less alone as I read your beautiful messages. She did weep and dabbed at her eyes, and I must confess that I was choked up a bit too. But I know that she will treasure your kind words and faith that her Buster's spirit is not alone but with all those fur angels we love still. 
I promised that I would print out all the messages that are posted here for her scrapbook that she will have someone help her make of Buster and his life with her.
Today, I helped her pick out a locket in which she plans to put a little of Buster's fur and a picture too and also of her other cat, who is still with her. 
Again, many blessings to each of you and also your beloved fur angels.
Wendy (Decker's mom)

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My thoughts and prayers are with you...Smile knowing that Buster is among wonderful friends at Rainbow Bridge. 

Zip 3/9/08
Lucky 3/28/08



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I am very sorry your friend has lost her precious cat.  She had many years with her dear companion and I know she is missing him so much.  It is so hard in the early days to make sense of everything that has happened.  Judy will be in my prayers.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


Posts: 1,001
Dear Wendy,
You are such a caring friend & you understand so well the sadness of loss.  Judy will be comforted by others who know what she is feeling and truly care. Our fur children become such a part of us & knowing they are all together at Rainbow Bridge and will see us again is comforting and can carry us through until that day.The Memories of sweet Buster will sustain her and warm her heart through her tears.
Judy is on the path to healing & knowing she has someone & some loving place  to turn to makes all the difference.
Max's mom Jo


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 Dear Wendy,
I am sending my thoughts and prayers for Judy too. My mother was very visually impaired and I know how much our pets meant to her for the  comfort they bring, just touching the softness of them, feeling their love and warmth. Tell Judy Buster is safe and well at the Rainbow Bridge and that 18 years of being together is a true gift from God. Tell her too that time will ease the pain of parting. She has a very good and caring friend in you, it was touching to read your post and see the care you have for Judy.
The candles are so beautiful, I hope Judy did manage to see them a little.

JanH...across the water

Posts: 452
Hi everyone, 

I'm visiting again for Judy and reading all the lovely words and sentiment really warms my heart. I had absolutely no doubt that I would be able to give Judy more comfort through Pet Loss than I alone could give to her after Thursday when Buster left her side physically forever. Everyone who visits here has such caring in their hearts despite themselves grieving for the loss of their pet. 

I will never forget the absolutely love that I received in November of 2003, when I parted with my cat, Decker. It truly sustained me through some very sad months missing my beloved little furry companion. 

I want to continue my thanks to Jan H, across the water and my dear friend, Jo - handsome Max's mom, also to Mare - Christoph's mom, and Tonilit - Lucky's and Zip's mom. All your messages will be printed up for Judy to keep in the memorial book that she is going to have an assistant help her put together. I'll be seeing her on Wednesday for the afternoon and will give them to her then.
She is very comforted too knowing that tonight's Candlelight Ceremony that I explained to her had Buster's name included too.

Hopefully, her heart feels much less lonely thanks to all of you and Pet Loss too.

With my most grateful blessings to each of you and your fur angel babies,

Wendy (Decker's mom)
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