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Hello all,

I began visiting this forum almost a year and a half ago since having my cat of 20 years put to sleep. I hardly ever post, and mainly read other peoples' postings and frequently attend the candle light ceremony. I miss my cat terribly, and have since begun thinking deeply about life and death, the afterlife, the purpose or meaning of life, and so on. I've also adopted another cat since. And then tonight, I witnessed a horrible thing. I saw a young small white and gray cat (a kitten) get run over and killed by a car. It happened before my eyes as I stood on the sidewalk right in front of my apartment building. I hardly ever see cats on the streets in my neighborhood, but I've seen this kitten at night within the last two weeks running across the street one time (just about in the same spot it died tonight), and another time a block away running to the middle of the intersection seemingly trying to catch a flying insect or something and then running back to safety in a small outdoor garden. I later walked by the garden and saw the kitten in it, but it ran away as soon as our eyes met. I was worried about this kitten and wondered when or if I would see it again. And then tonight as I was walking to and approaching my apartment building entrance after parking my car on the street several blocks away, I saw the kitten appear seemingly out of nowhere in front of me and begin to run across the street, but it stopped in the middle. I think it ran in reaction to my walking by, and I think it could have looked back at me briefly. At the same time, I sensed a car was approaching. I must have thought either the kitten would complete the journey to the other side of the street or the car would stop, but the car (an SUV) did not stop and the kitten ran right under it. I noticed the SUV then stopped. The kitten lay motionless for a bit, and then suddenly started to jump repeatedly up in the air for a couple seconds and then it was flopping on the ground for another couple seconds and then it lay motionless near the edge of the street. I ran over to it and it was obvious to me that the kitten had just died. I then saw and heard the SUV speed away, tires screeching. I stayed by the kitten's body in a state of shock yelling expletives, and moments later a passerby came by to which I explained what had just happened. He stood guard of the body while I went to my apartment to get a box and big plastic bag. I lifted the kitten's body with the plastic bag and put it inside the box, after which another passerby came by and told me that he had seen the kitten around and figured it was living in the parking lot next to my apartment building. The first passerby had flagged down a police car and I was told by the officers that animal control was called to pick up the body and that I could leave the box on the sidewalk. I said I'll wait with the kitten's body until animal control came by. After waiting about about 20 minutes, with me sitting at the sidewalk curb next to the box while the officers were in their car, they told me they learned it would be hours before the body could be picked up, so I ended up taking the kitten's body to animal control myself. I know ultimately this was a senseless tragedy, but I can't help but feel responsible because I'm sure the kitten ran into the street in reaction to my walking by at that moment, and I wish I had waved my arms to the approaching SUV but then it all seemed to happen so quickly. I feel so horrible for this poor kitten, and I'm trying to comprehend why this happened the way it happened when it happened. It seems so surreal to me. Please say a prayer for this kitten who passed away tonight on October 6, 2010. Rest in peace Kitten and know that you will never be forgotten.

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I am so very sorry. I have said a prayer for this precious little kitten and for you.


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It's not your fault.  It is horrendous to see an animal get hit by a car, I saw/heard a dog get hit in front of my house...the owners were across the busy street calling it and it heard  them and took off.  i just about vomited.  I was in my yard with my dog and it came up to my fence.  i was in an area of my yard that i couldn't get my dog in the house so that i could get this dog in my yard to safety..
it was a nice thing you did for the kitten by waiting with it and then taking it to animal control.  there should be more caring people in the world like you.
don't be hard on yourself.  horrible things happen and  you are not responsible for this.

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My heart goes out to you.  Witnessing an accident which results in the death of a dear animal is awful.  You feel so helpless and feel so sorry for the little one. You were an angel to take care of the kitten after the accident.  The little kitten is at the bridge now and very, very safe.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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Dear Moejoe,

I am so sorry. It was not your fault. One thing that might help you... give the Kitten a name. Know that, that Beautiful Baby has a name to be called by in Heaven. I just know that it will help ease your Heart.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy


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What a traumatic experience for you!  The prayer is not needed for the kitten, who, after all, is at the Bridge, healthy, happy, and playing in complete safety. The prayer is for you, that the Creator will comfort you and heal your guilt, which is totally unwarranted.  You did not know the kitten was there; you did not chase him out - you happened to walk by at the "wrong" moment.  The kitten holds no grudge against you, so there's no need to hold one against yourself.

How sad that this poor child never knew love on Earth, that he was taken Home before having an Earth family.  Some months ago, I picked up off my road what was left of the body of what must have been a beautiful cat: long, silky, very black fur which looked to be in good condition.  And I wondered why such things happen.  Perhaps that cat - and your kitten - were granted merciful, quick passages; maybe they had unknown diseases or conditions that would have taken them slowly and painfully.  I don't know.  I'm just trying to make some sense of  some things.  I do know that the Creator knows what He is doing, so there's a reason for all of this, even though we cannot even imagine it.

May He bless you for caring, for your compassion. And may He help your heart to heal.

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Dear Moejoe,

I read your message about the little kitten, it was so touching, all that you wrote showed how much this ghastly incident affected you and no wonder. You gave your heart to that little one, she/he will know you cared. Cared enough to write so sweetly about the little mite and stayed with it and taking care of its little body.   Animals  often run unexpectedly, no fault of yours. It's so awful to witness, years ago I saw a dog run over on the road, it struggled for a few moments as the kitten did and then died. It must be 30 years ago but I have never forgotten it. I still think of it and must push it out of my mind as it still upsets me so. As Mayme suggest - give the kitten a name and it will indeed ease your heart.

JanH...across the water
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