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earlier in chat room I was told Lobo is having surgery Oct.5. Who has not been comforted by Lobo's greetings at candle service and his kind words. I would like us to join together on Monday Oct. 4 after the candle service and say a prayer for a quick and easy surgery hospital stay and recovery.
Thank You
Hugs Peace and Blessings


Posts: 1,901
great idea suzanne.   i would like so badly to attend but i work nights.   i will certainly be saying prayers for papa as i already have been doing.    papa is 1 in a million and a very special person.    

i am confused to 1 thing however.............on the grief board edw put up a post saying that the surgery date is oct 6 and you're saying it's the 5th.    which is the correct date?

Posts: 199
my doctors appt is the 5th. i was told to plan on staying overnight in Las Vegas which means he will most likely admit me either to Spring Valley or Sunrise hosptial wed and do the first surgery then. rest a couple of days and then the leg surgery. will be in hosptil 7 to 10 days and then 3 weeks recovery time.
i wish to thank my petloss family now for all they do and have done for me in the past. you are all so very wonderful and loving.
love and hugs, papa lobowolf don.

Posts: 555


Thank you so very much

Suzanne for starting this post

for our Papa Lobo. I know

it will mean alot to him knowing

you care and are near for him.


I know it does to me.

He is wonderful man. As

Jude says a very special person.


Peace be with you.






Prayers On The Winds

Prayers sent on the winds for our Papa Lobo
Touch him with your gentle healing touch
He is very dear to our hearts
Sending prayers on the winds
So he knows all will be well
Carry him through this storm
safe and well







Posts: 39

Please add my prayers and wishes for a successful surgury without any complications and a speedy recovery.


Posts: 628
My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  I truly believe in the strength in prayers and you have a lot of them going your way.

Clara, Floyd and Emmylou 

Posts: 116

Prayers are incoming NOW!!!


Posts: 199
For all you do and have done for me i thank you, for what you do for others i just love you.
papa lobo.

Posts: 1,001
Dear Papa Lobo,
May all the Healing light of those that Love you dearly, shine on you during this time & guide you through each step of the way toward healing & wellness. You are so very Dear to all that know you & you have been there for everyone that has needed support & compassion & we will be there for you~You are in my prayers & I am sending you positive energy & heartfelt thoughts ~
Love to you ,

Posts: 607
Adding my thoughts and prayers for you, my dear friend, and your family.  You are a very special person and you mean so much to so many.  May the doctors be perfect, and the nurses pretty.

With Love,

Posts: 11,059
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope all goes well!!



Posts: 2,285
I wish I could be there also on Monday night but I work nights now as well. My prayers will be there though, and Lobo you will be in my thoughts in the coming days and weeks. Best wishes to you for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. 

Posts: 1,901
many healing prayers coming your way papa!  i  hope you know how special you are to many folks here as well as in your personal life.    you have touched many hearts and we will all be in your corner.    

love and hugs-dawn

Posts: 1,405
I send my love and prayers to you dear LoboWolf. I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.
God bless, Linda

Posts: 300
Lobo, I'm also sending my prayers and best wishes.

I'm sure it will be difficult having to go through two surgeries in a short amount of time.  But then you will be finished!

I hope you have a minimum of discomfort and a very speedy recovery.  I know everyone will miss you while you're recuperating.

Thanks for all you do.  Take care and God Bless.

Sue (Nikki and Shadow's Mom and Angels Sparky, Buster, Frosty, Snowball, Leo, and Foghorn's Mom and Angels Granny, Sylvia, Fang, Yoda and Gracie's Foster Mom)

Posts: 594
Prayers being said for you Lobo.  May God bless you and keep watch over you.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)

Posts: 356
I hope everything goes well and recovery is fast.

Prayers are coming.

Posts: 648

Angels Prayers and tons of healing green light coming your way dear Lobo.  I hope & Pray for a speedy recovery. So hurry and get stuff done ((((((((((((((Lobo))))))))))) I send prayers for your wife for she will have to answer your every call  .So to her I send paitents and a whole lot of Love to both of you .  Get well quick for we miss you already....Kath


Posts: 15
Hi Papa Lobowolf.

There is a tv special soon on PBS about a wolf named Lobo, and I feel that it is part of the legend that you know about.  If it is so, I hope everyone gets a chance to learn from it.

I wish you the best possible outcomes in you pending surgeries, and I feel you will be a great fighter for life, and good example to all of us on what is important in life.


grampswolf and shakespeare


Posts: 87
Hi Brother Lobo.....

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers as you face these surgeries.  Big ole wolf hugs to you!  Your words and support have touched my heart for many years now.

As you know, my hubby had a femoral bypass over a year ago to open a blockage in his leg. Follow doctor's orders and you will be ok. 

May God bless you and your family and a full and speedy recovery to you. 

Luv and hugsss,



Posts: 1,901
many prayers for you papa today for your first surgery and then your 2nd.    we all pray for a quick and speedy recovery and papa will be able to continue to dazzle us with his charm and grace us with his wisdom.

love and hugs-dawn

Posts: 116
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

I also ask Lord that you give the doctors steady hands, clear minds and the knowledge to help Lobo in his 2nd surgery. Also the nurses Father, give them the healing touch when helping Lobo with his daily needs.


Posts: 648

Sending Angels Prayers and tons of healing green light to get you on your feet dear Lobo and a speedy recovery  Hugsssssssssssssssss Kath


Posts: 1,001
Dear PapaLobo, Sending you Golden Light & Healing prayers for wellness & recovery.
You have much Love surrounding you & you are in our thoughts & our prayers.
Love to you,


Posts: 909









One Day


One day Past Forever
Just stay with us that long
And comfort and protect us
As we listen to your song

You know that we love you
and will always be true
We'll walk the path together
So please now don't be blue

There are many tomorrow's left
Many more words to say
No more lonely Lobowolf
will walk alone this day

There are many roads left to travel
As we go from dark to light
Hand in hand we'll walk as one
No lone wolf will howl tonight

Nashoba Ahalaia (aka)

CareWolf ©





Think of Me

Look up into the starry sky
Look up I may be flying by
Look out on a summer day
You may think I've gone away.
I understand
what you whispered to me
I understand
You had to set me free
You were here for me
when I went away
You were here for me
I'm with you everyday
I know of the times that you do cry
I know of the times you wanted to die
I'm the tears on your pillow
I'm the wishes in your dreams
I'm the stars in the sky
No need to wonder why
Think of all the fun we had
Think of all we were -you're my dad
Daddy think of me once in a while
Daddy think of me now and smile
Daddy think of me now and smile


Written by CareWolf ©
Her was hand guided by Pooky





Waves of Sorrow

hen the waves of Sorrow lap at your feet,
And they work up to your heart.
Silver hued tears run down your cheeks,
And naught but sadness does impart.

Think of this place called Rainbow’s Bridge,
And the wondrous glory there.
A silent shadow looks down from a ridge,
And stands on edge your hair.

What is this wondrous graceful sound I hear,
That whispers to me on the breeze?
It is a sound that whispers peace,
And fills my heart with ease.

Is this my love that comes to me,
And whispers on the breeze?
It seems to say feel not guilt,
Listen to my whispers please.

Daddy, mommy, I Love You,
Forever and one day.
In your heart feel not blue,
Just listen to what I say.

I speak to you with sounds of love,
From high upon this ridge.
I wait for you to come above,
I’m happy at Rainbow Bridge.

   Written by LoboWolf aka Don Dade
 ©  10/02/2003








There were many tears shed for you,
Of that please have no doubt.
When the angels came and took you,
As you fought your final bout.

You just could not beat the monsters,
That you fought all your life.
God finally gave his call for you,
As you fought that final fight.

Three pain filled sets of tears fell,
While you lay there silently.
From the eyes that could be there,
Your Mommy, Dr. Pammy and me.

I wonder did you feel them fall,
On your pretty red red fur.
You were mommy’s precious angel,
And daddies little blue eyed girl.

Please know little precious ShiShi,
Our tears did not fall alone.
For many many others felt,
To them also did you belong.

You heard my gently whispered words,
That your ears only could hear.
As I told you of the love shared,
While there dropped one lonely tear.

We saw your eyes rolled up to mommy,
Standing by your side above.
They seemed to plead with her,
Mommy please give me one more love.
I want one more hug and a final word,
From the precious one who loved me.
Before the Angels take me away,
And the monsters set me free.

So travel on your special Sojourn,
We hope you know you’re not alone.
Parts of other hearts went with you,
The day the Angels took you home.

by Daddy LoboWolf
& Mommy SheWolf




Little Blue Eyes

The Sequel To ShiShi

Hot stingers fill my eyes,
Putting tears upon my cheeks.
And glasses stained so badly,
That I can scarcely see.

I pen these words of love,
For a special one so dear.
Who fought with epilepsy,
And yet brought love and cheer.

You looked so helpless lying there,
Little precious blue eyed girl.
There were tears like blood red raindrops,
Glistening on your pretty red fur,

When others learned the angels came,
To take you to your well earned peace.
Words of comfort seemed to flow,
Like raindrops from the eaves.

From the angels who helped guard you,
Through out your valiant fight.
And all of Petloss who love you,
And help speed you on your flight.

Yes precious blue eyed ShiShi,
For you were teardrops shed.
From the ones we know who care,
All across the worldwide web.

Many hearts they cared for you,
As you fought the whackadoos.
To many eyes the stingers came,
When the angels came for you.

by Daddy LoboWolf
& Mommy SheWolf





We who love so deeply
Are called upon from above
To do what is unthinkable
For the babies that we love

We do not want to part
Fight against it till the end
Do everything that we can
To help our special friend

The time comes when we know
Can no longer question why
We must end their suffering
Let go so they may fly

We hold them with urgency
Trying to take their essence in
Realizing this is the last time
Then heartbreak will begin

Tears run down our face
Sadness fills our heart
Our soul cries out in anguish
Why did we have to part?

Now that they have gone
To the rainbow in the sky
Grief and pain engulf us
Why did they have to die?

We fought so hard to save them
Struggled against the tide
Now our grief is overwhelming
For they’ve crossed to the other side

Then we hear a whisper
Telling us not to fear
“I will always love you
And I will always be near.”

"Look up to the night sky
And find the brightest star
When we are not with you
This is where we are. "

© Carol Ross aka CareWolf aka Nashoba Ahalaia
September 12,  2006-2012





Pooky   and   ShiShi




I Will Still Be Near

I will still be near
you hold me in your heart
You hold me in your soul
We never really part

I am the star
that you will see shine
The last light to leave
You know will be mine

I'm with you
When you tell our story
I'm with you
In all my glory

I am the whispering wind
I call from across the sky
Reach out to touch me
I did not really die

I live on in your heart
When dreams have ended
I'm with you forever
Time will be transcended

I look down and watch you
In my eyes you did no wrong
I will always love you
I listen for your song

I love you forever and one day more
Until we meet again
At the Rainbow Bridge

© Carewolf aka Carol



This page is dedicated to LoboWolf

Father of our WolfPack

and Daddy of

Pooky and ShiShi

"Daddy we will wait one day past forever

for you at the Rainbow bridge."

Page Work









Posts: 763

Dear Lobowolf my friend, I am so glad to hear you are doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Get well soon dear Lobo. Love and hugs, Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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