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Sorry for asking all of you to pray again, but my mother isn't feeling well.  She's in a very bad state of depression.  She went off her medicine because it was damaging her kidneys and they are trying to regulate her on a new medicine, but it is a very slow process.  She never complains and is always pleasing everyone around her.  She puts herself last.  She is 75 and takes care of my Dad who is 84.  They live in Florida.  My mom and I are extremely close and she is always happy and cheerful and positive.  She's looking at the walls and has no appetite.  I love her so much and she is in a hole right now.  I have been praying  a lot.  Please say a few words to God asking for a speedy recovery for her.   I talk to her on the phone every day and she said she is caught in a vicious cycle.  She is such a wonderful human being and she only deserves the best that life has to offer. Thank you for allowing me to vent.  God Bless.
                         Sleep peacefully,

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Prayers your way Pam. I hope your mom feels better and gets her meds taken care of.


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Oh Sweet Pam, never apologize for asking for a prayer.  That is what we are all here for.  I will send up a prayer for your Mom!!!!!

I know when hubbie was in the hospital, I asked for prayers from my petloss family and everyone else I could round up and there were alot; our friends, our church, our family and of course this web site.  I truly believe in the power of prayer.

I am so sorry your Mom is going through this difficult time.  Depression is horrible.  I know first hand.  I take medication for it and occasionally  have to seek outside help.  With the medicaion and have a professional to talk to helps alot. 

Many people do not understand depression.  They think that person is just sad or unhappy all the time.  They think if they just go for a ride or go shopping, it will cure all!!!  Well, we are not sad.  We have a true chemical unbalance and all the new purses in the store will not cure it.

I will add your mom to my prayer list and let me know how she is doing.  Bless her heart and yours too.


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My Dear Friend,
 I pray for your Mom's total Healing in The Name of Jesus Christ. By His stripes we were Healed! I know your Mom is a wonderful and beautiful person Pam... just look at what a wonderful and beautiful Daughter she raised. God bless.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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Dear Pam, I will surely be praying for your mom. Please keep us updated. I hope she is feeling better very soon. I know what a deep, dark hole depression can be and it is hard to climb out of sometimes.

Lots of love, Berta

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I will be saying a prayer for your mom and for you.  It seems as if you have had a lot going on in your life lately.  It must be time for things to start getting better for you and your family.


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Dear Pam,
 I am praying for your Mom and you. I know what it is like to be in that deep, dark hole of depression. Please keep up updated on how she's doing.
 God bless, Linda

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I am sorry your mom is having health concerns.  I will keep her in my prayers.  Life can be such a challenge!



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awwww.... Mom's are so precious, of course you have my prayers.  My son takes this medication also, it can be debilitating if the medication isn't working and  needs to changed.  Send her lot's of hugs, I'm sure they are keeping her heart warm.

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Prayers here also for your mom, depression can be so hard.  Please try to keep up your spirits, my thoughts are with you.



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Prayers are coming Pam, I hope your mom will get better soon on her new medicine.


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Thank you all so so so very much.  My Mom is the same.  She hasn't been on the new medicine for very long.  She feels better in the afternoon, but dreads going to sleep because she wakes up in the same hole.  I, too, have had depression, but not as severe as my Mom has had.  I am on medication too and I know how consuming it can be.  Depression feeds on itself and you have to push yourself even when you don't want to. 

I know God heard all of your prayers and I also truly believe that my Mom will be back to herself  soon.  I will keep you all posted.  God Bless all of you.
                             Sleep peacefully,

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Dear Pam,
Depression is such a terrible thing. I am sending my thoughts to you and my prayers that your dear Mum will soon feel the benefit of the new medication. I lost my beloved Mother in May, she was my best friend, my angel. Like your dear Mum she always put others first and never ever complained. Mothers are treasures. I hope your feels brighter and better soon.

JanH...across the water.

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The doctor doubled my Mom's medication and in just a few short days, she sounds much better.  Her voice is stronger and louder and she was able to go grocery shopping today.  I think she may have turned the corner.  She really sounded like herself today for the first time in a while.  Thank you all for your support.  I'll keep you posted.
                      Sleep peacefully,
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