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Hi everyone. I've missed you all, and reading everyone's posts giving tribute pets passed on.
Our computer old computer crashed but we're back up and running.

Some of you remember my struggle with my Samoyed mix, Psalty, after Belle's passing away and having to decide if Psalty was ready or not. 

As we knew she would she continued to slowly decline with the horrible cancer, and although strong to the end (still able to pull on that blasted leash to go HER way not MY way!) she gave it such a courageous fight...........for us. We tearfully decided that her fight needed to be over yesterday.

With one final observation from our dear vet, and her tears, as Psatly sniffed around the room, in too much pain, we believe to even lay down and relax, she was sedated, which turned out a heavier sedation than the vet anticipated due to Psalty's heart congestion, and thus low blood pressure, she was very relaxed and went peacefully yesterday morning.
I didn't even realize the time this time, time was of no essence as Psalty has only eternity in front of her now.

She's now with Belle again, pain free! 
Although the tears were many, my heart is at peace with our decision. Like our vet said, you'll want to remember her as a healthy dog, not her time of struggle. That was becoming hard because she had been sick for so many years.

What a precious girl she was to us. She gave a very valiant fight and in the end, she did win with her new perfect free of pain body! 

I'll catch up on things here in the next few days.
I'm so glad for the website and even told a friend about it who lost his pug last weekend.

Mom of Belle and Psalty


Posts: 686
Dear Kris

I am so sorry for the loss of Psalty.  What a brave girl.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 881
Dear Kris,

Sending you many hugs. I'm sorry you suffered another loss and it's us...the ones left behind that are in so much pain. It is so difficult when they leave. But as you said..your Psalty has won her fight...she is now free from one more second of pain and blissfully in spirit now....with Belle..and you will always have these two very special angels with you.



Posts: 135
I am sorry for your loss of Psalty.  Psalty is free of all pain. Psalty is running and playing with Belle and all our fur angels...  
Sending you many Hugs and Prayers

Posts: 1,415
Dear Kris-- Please accept my condolences for your precious Psalty.  She sounds like a wonderful companion who treasured her time with you.  I know how hard it is to let go of these loving furbabies, so you will be in my thoughts and prayers that she is at peace-- healthy, happy and running freely at the Rainbow Bridge.

                    Many hugs---Teddy's Mom

Posts: 5,100
Dear Kris,

I was so sorry to read that Psalty had passed.  I know your heart is so heavy with grief, and I just want you to know I am thinking of you.   She is now running through the lush, green meadows of the Bridge with precious Belle.   She is young again and her joy knows no bounds.

I will be saying some prayers for you as you mourn the loss of Psalty.  I have lit a little internet candle for her under "Psalt".  May all your wonderful memories of your two girls bring comfort and peace to your heart now and always.

Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 2,245
Dear Kris:
I am so sorry about your loss of Precious Psalty.  The grief is overwhelming and life suddenly becomes such a nightmare.  Mag God's Angels watch over Psalty and keep her safe.  You and Psalty are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 71
Thank you all. While we miss Psalty, and wish like all of us do regarding our furbabies, that they could remain with us, always pain free, I know for sure without a doubt that we did that right thing. I believe, because of her breed mix (Samoyed) her "iron will" would have kept her mind strong for a long long time on this side of eternity, the vet agreed with me.
And we all know the endless bounds we will go to to help our pets be as comfortable as possible through illnesses. 

I always hoped that Psalty would make it clear to us that it was time for her to say goodbye for now, but she would not give in to this disease.  She still walked, even though with a limp, she did lose her appetite the last two days.  I am surprised actually that I have peace in my heart that it was her time.

Yesterday morning I was down in the basement and noticed drops of blood on the floor.................a reminder to me that Psalty was suffering so much.

It's been a crazy busy weekend, and I'll add my tribute to Psalty soon and memories of her. Oh, one thing the vet said is that you don't want to keep her sick so long that pretty soon it's hard to remember her well days..........I was to that point where I couldn't remember what she did for fun, and how she made us laugh. But now the memories are coming back.  The freshest ones, are right at my feet. Currently I'm sitting in the passenger seat of our 18 wheeler, absent is the physical feel of Psalty and her cute little face looking out the window that sits at the door bottom.  She was a great traveler always.

I share because I know that someone else will go through what we have and are and I hope it helps someone else.

Thank you for lighting her internet candle Melissa. And thank you all for your prayers, we truly feel the Lord wrapping us in His arms through everything and even Saturday He provided such a subtle yet clear blessing when we left the vets and went to see our son and dil, and our five month old granddaughter. When we got there she was all smiles....there's nothing like a baby's smile or laugh that will warm the heart as it does. Especially when she has reached the stage of smiling AT you because she's starting to really recognize her loving family members.

Hugs to all of you.
Belle and Psalty's mom

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