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I recently made the tough choice to put my elderly pug to sleep as his quality of life was quickly declining. We have been with the same vet practice since I was a child I’m 35 now and have always had great experiences with them including when having other pets put to sleep. On this occasion the vet took my dog to put the tube into his leg so the medicine could be put in then brought him back To the room they had laid a big comfy blanket on the floor but she didn’t put him on the blanket she just stood him next to it and put the anistetic in his leg and let him fall onto the cold hard floor then afterwards the only thing she said was something about getting somebody to come and get me to pay and me saying I left my purse in the car She left him on the floor and left the room I picked him up and put him on the blanket then was left not knowing what to do if I had to just pick his body up and take him to the car or if I could use there blanket to wrap him in and take him After a few minutes I Walked into the reception and while bursting into tears had to ask the receptionist what I am supposed to do she was lovely and wrapped him up and carried him to the car for me. I am left feeling really upset and confused about it all I emailed the vets to say that I was unhappy with the way I was treated but they haven’t replied. It is driving me crazy and I can’t stop thinking about it am I overreacting or am I right to feel upset

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I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your loving pet and also had to experience such unprofessional hearltless uncompassionate treatment by a vet you trusted.I just put my 17 year old pug to sleep Tuesday who had many health issues and it broke my heart but if I went thru the extra pain of seeing her treated like your poor baby was I might have done something to the vet I might have regreted later but the vet would have deserved.You are not overeacting to this unacceptable behavior by this vet.she should be ashamed and I'm so sorry this happened to you but you had no control over it it's the vets fault. It really sickens me to hear a vet could treat a pet this way.I would call them up and complain to say the least maybe more so maybe it doesn't happen to someone else who has to suffer even more than losing a pet we love..Again so sorry you had to go thru this but I'm sure your pug knows you loved him and treasure the time you had.I hope you find peace take care

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It’s devastating enough to loose a pet and most professionals realize putting a pet to sleep deserves and requires compassion and respect for the owner as well as the pet. I’m so sorry that such a difficult situation was complicated by this persons insensitivity. I’m glad you have emailed the vet and should be proactive about sharing that information with the vet so that the tech could be educated or even released of her responsibilities. No one should go through this loss like you went through. I’m so sorry but good for you for informing them of your concern and grief for the way the process was handled. As an employer, they would want to know if things weren’t managed with heartfelt sympathy. I’m glad the other individual helped you to bundle up your baby to take home.
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