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I’m so filled with guilt, confusion, I’m angry and I just want it to be over. I haven’t put my dog down yet, I’m making an appointment for Monday. I feel so far beyond guilt because she’s a beautiful healthy yellow lab only 4. But she’s becoming far to dangerous. I have three dogs two of which are rescues. The lab is one of the rescues. She’s really my sons dog.
Before we had her she was abused badly for almost the first full year of her life. My husband’s aunt took her in for a couple months and she ended up with us. I’ve had her for 3 years. I introduced her to our other girl who is another rescue and they got along great.
I potty trained this dog, made her unafraid of walks, nail trimmings etc. but the last six months she’s been turning on my other rescue. They’ve started fighting usually instigated by the lab. It got better for a few weeks and it’s taken a turn for the worst suddenly.
I feel guilty because I just had to take my other rescue to the vet. She got punctured on her head and eye and a horrible infection set in. I feel horrible for for not putting my lab down sooner because maybe my one dog wouldn’t be so hurt. I feel horrible for putting down the lab because she’s really a wonderful dog but I know there’s just something that’s snapped in her. I tried talking to rescues they won’t respond, or they don’t have room. Even the vet reached out for me and friends are looking. I’ve tried being stricter and retraining and it worked temporarily before these latest attacks. I can’t Even keep her in the same room as the other dogs. I won’t just hand her over to some random person because I’m terrified she’ll end up in a worse situation and I won’t leave any of my furry babies in a shelter to die with strangers. I’m afraid my son will get hurt. One of these latest attacks, she attacked the other dog while my son was playing with the other dog and holding her. I’d never been so scared before. I want it to be over and I want everyone to be safe. But this choice is killing me and my husbands job takes him out of state so I’m doing this alone and I feel like no matter what I do I’m doing the wrong thing. I’ve been trying to explain to my son that sometimes there are people who do bad things to animals and sometimes that messes the animal up and I don’t think our dog can be fixed. I told him Sunday is her day. We’re going to spend the whole day with her get her hamburgers take her to the park just be with her to say goodbye. I never wanted to put my dog down like this and I feel like the worst failure as her dog mom. She’s just had so much stuff happen to her and now this. I feel like she’s going to hate me when the time comes or feel betrayed by me. i feel like my son just won’t get it and he’s going to hate me for having his dog out to sleep. I hate myself for taking her in the first place. What if she could have ended up in a much better place than this 3 years ago and I robbed her of that?

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Oh my gosh, can you put a post on Facebook or something to try to find a new home? Maybe there is someone out there who is willing to take him and who doesn't have other kids or pets. There are usually community pages on Facebook and I can't imagine that some dog lover wouldn't reach out to try to help him. This is so sad. :(

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I am so sorry for what you are experiencing. It is so hard to say goodbye to someone we love and we have such horrible feelings that we did not try hard enough or did something wrong. Your girl lived in an abusive situation the first year of her life and it caused pain and suffering that can never totally heal in some of us, animals and humans alike. You did all the right things, gave her everything she could ever want, most importantly unconditional love and now a release from her fears and pain from her previous life in an abusive situation. She can't possibly hate you, she loves you and your family for all the good things you have brought into her life. I think it is wonderful that you are making Sunday such a special day for her with all the good things she loves. If you are able to be with her when she passes she will feel your loving touch and hear your kind voice. There will be no feelings of betrayal, only the love she has shared with your family during the best years of her life. I have been in your situation and know how difficult it is. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.

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Lu yup I’ve done it before with no help. I’ve made one last post calling for someone to help her. Hopefully someone answers. She has till Wednesday now the vet can’t take her Monday.
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