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I lost my 15 yr old girl to kidney failure and arthritis last month and right from the beginning of her diagnosis she was put on hills prescription food k/d and the phosphorus binder Ipakatine..Within a month her bloods improved and she was stable for a year until she then deteriorated, went off her food and didn't want to walk, she was also a little anaemic.

The reason I'm confused is because I have read that lots of pets when 1st diagnosed are 1st put on fluids and my baby wasn't offered this ever. She was once given a vitamin B injection. The grief alone is torturing me and after having heard about the fluids which they give at hospitals I now think my little girl may have had a longer and more perkier time ahead of her.

Please help, has anyone on here had experience with Kidney failure..I'm so distraught...


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  Yes. Years ago one of my beloved dogs had renal failure. She may have had Lymes disease which can affect the kidneys. The Vets never confirmed this. I was heartbroken. Please don't beat yourself up over this. So many things can affect kidney function including the thyroid gland. I never knew this before until I started to research it. The kidneys act as filters of the blood so lots of different toxins can affect them. Especially, as your pet ages, the kidneys become less efficient at filtering the blood. This can also happen to young pets but it is most prevalent in older pets. I didn't know a lot of this stuff until I had to go through that horrible ordeal. You did the absolute best you could and your pet loved you for it. I think we all feel guilt that we did or didn't do the right thing at that particular time. In addition, Veterinary medicine doesn't always have the right answers for us all the time. Our pets bodies are so very complex and things can happen very quickly despite your best efforts. You were a wonderful pet owner and your baby loved you for it.


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Thankyou for your kind support and soedy to hear that you too lost a dog to this disease.

I've only just learnt that a dog with kd is supposed have their blood pressure taken as high blood pressure is supposed to be common with this disease and I only ever remember my vet listening to her heart with a stethescope. I am not blaming my vet as he was wonderful and a compassionate human being but I'm just confused and now worried that she may have been in pain if her BP was high, and if so she would have been suffering in silence. It's awful that I have only now discovered this. Just before her diagnosis of kidney failure she was listless and v weak and seemed as though she had a stroke..


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I am so sorry for your loss of precious Baby Daisy. My Piper is 13 years old and was diagnosed with kidney disease back in November. My vet referred us to a specialist and Piper crashed the day before the appointment. After three days of testing and round the clock care they sent her home with a lot of meds including subq fluids. I don't believe either vet expected her to live this long but she is doing very well. Six weeks ago she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and is now taking medicine for that. I am retired and able to take care of her around the clock with 3-4 feedings daily, twice daily medications (9) and fluids daily. I feel very blessed to be able to do this for her, before my retirement it would not have been possible. It is possible the vet did not think she would tolerate having the fluids done daily. Another Petloss friend did the meds and fluids and her Arby lived for nine months. There are so many variables in treating something like this. Please do not torture yourself which I think we all do, making our pain even worse. You did the very best you could for your baby, most of all you loved her and she had a wonderful life with you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If you would like to communicate with me send an e-mail. Sometimes it helps by talking about your Baby Daisy.

Piper's mom


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My cat Emerald was on IV fluids daily for kidney illness-- However, please know that they are not for any animal simply because the animal has kidney illness. Some ailments come with automatic treatments no matter what. IV fluids for kidney failure are not "automatically" given. You literally have an IV bag (a human one) on a medical pole with a long tube and a human size needle on the end. They don't have sizes for cats or dogs. You use the human ones. It is an invasive procedure and  you are putting the needle in them as the fluid drains out of the bag into them. You have to keep them stabilized while this is happening. It is a big deal and not every animal needs it. I sdon't know if it is a last resort treatment but I do know that when an animal starts out with kidney illness, putting them on IV fluids is not an immeidate go to treatment. They really have to "qualify" for it. Otherwise all that extra fluid going into them would build up in the chest and lungs and cause health problems in and of itself. So IV fluids are really given carefully. Not as a first line of defense and in many cases with animals who have kidney illness, IV fluids are never indicated.  In short, just because IV fluids are used with kidney illness, they are not used in all cases. God bless.
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