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I guess that could describe what it is like getting through the days.  I have grass everywhere that needs to be mowed, and I can only seem to get one small section done at a time and then I am exhausted.  I remember after my mom died feeling like this,but this time it is worse. 

 On these beautiful days of summer, she should be out there with me watching me mow.  She loved to go where I had mowed and nose around.  I know the people on here are the only ones I can say these things to.  Friends and family are no longer sympathetic, and the philosophy is everybody has trouble........move on.  I know they can't spend time trying to make me feel better, but she was all I had on this earth and the pain is so very bad. 

They are farming here and she loved to go out and bark at the tractors and sniff the wagons.  She was so busy last summer.  But last summer was so bad.....we started getting really hot weather and no rain so the vet said she wasn't allowed to go out because of her breathing problems.  We only had a very few days she could enjoy outside.

I miss her so.

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My heart goes out to you as you miss your sweet girl.
Spring and winter were Molly's favorite times. I understand about the nosing about; little schnauzer Molly loved to nose through the ice and snow.
May you find a little peace tonight in these memories.
Molly's Mom

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That's a great way to describe it.  The exhaustion is just crazy.  I didn't know if it was all the grief I'm feeling or just being 7 months pregnant and running around after my 3 year old...  I feel like a really have to push myself just to make my poor son his meals and play with him.  (I do feed him - don't worry!) 

I know what you mean about other's attitudes.  My husband loved our Zoe dearly, but his work takes his mind off of everything that has happened, and he even admitted that he has stuffed his feelings away just to make it through.  I can't.  One - it's not my personality.  I just flat out can't stuff my feelings away.  Two - I'm a stay-at-home mom.  I have been around Zoe 24/7 and I was her caretaker while she was sick.  I'm so glad these message boards are here.  I think they might even be better than sharing thoughts and feelings with loved ones because we can say anything we are feeling.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your furbaby.  Keep hanging in there!

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I am so sorry for your sadness and is so hard to get through the days without our fur babies,  in the beginning, I remember that Nike occupied my every, I think of her every day of course, but time has enabled me to deal with the pain better.  It is rough though, and I feel your agony in confronting the void left in your life.  She would want you to strive to be happy again, that is certain.  Take your time to mourn her, and know that one day she will be in your arms again.  Until then may peace surround you as you remember the beautiful time you spent together.  Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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Dear Becky,

I am so sorry.  Your post is so filled with sorrow and longing for your beloved girl, Libble...and the peculiar all-consuming exhaustion that is unique to grieving.  I know she was your best friend, companion, soulmate....your everything.  I never get tired of hearing about her.  Never.  As I read your words, I could just imagine her barking at the tractors.  I know it probably still hurts too much to tell many stories of her life with you, but maybe, one day, it will get a little easier.  I hope so, as I really want to get to know her better.  

Just know, dear Becky, you are not alone as you mourn.  We are here for you.  My thoughts and prayers are still with you every day.

Sending you a big, healing hug tonight,



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So sorry you are having a hard time at the moment.  Since Rupert left in January my house has gone to the dogs.  I wash, cook, occasionally vacuum but my heart is not in it.  I just get through the days.  My husband doesn't understand, my kids are O.K. My Mum and friend still have their cats, they don't get it.  So I come here and can say what I feel. 

Presently it is winter here and I am finding it hard without his cuddles and sleeping on the bed at night.  I miss his talking and can't believe, even today, I will never see him again.  The loss is profound and I cry every day and I do it when no-one is around.  They don't understand.

I don't know whether you believe or not but just watched a pyschic programme about a guy who passed over and he was surrounded by his dogs who had previously died.  The wife (who was having the reading done) was amazed as the pyschic described the dogs.  He got the descriptions exact.  I don't know if this comforts you but I thought it might help to believe we will see them again one day.  I hope so,  I miss Rupert so much my heart aches and so does my body. 
Ruperts Mum

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Dear Becky:
I understand the pain you are feeling.  You always have us to talk to about your special girl.  You will always have her in your heart and you will be together again in happiness.  I lost my Meister on June 6 and the pain is devastating.  It's hard to do anything but think of him and cry.  Maybe you could send some pictures of your precious girl to us and in time tell us stories about her.  I wish I could help ease your pain.

I wrote a letter to my little sweetheart and I read it every day to him.  It makes me feel close to him.

I will pray for you and your little girl.

Meisters Mom

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