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Well, it's going to be three weeks this Sunday. I can't believe it. I don't know how I managed to pick myself up. I've felt so lost without her.  I still do.

I sleep with her ashes. Last Sunday I took her for a drive in the country. She always loved the open fields.  I can just picture her walking slowly through the green pastures - bright eyed and curious.

I took my other baby Tigy to the vet today. I was terrified she's 15. I was happy to hear that her kidneys are great for her age.  The bad news - she has hyperthyroid. It's something that can be fixed though - most likely through surgery. 

I've become rather paranoid about my other two kids since Piggy passed. I guess that's normal.

God, I really miss her.

I went online looking for something that could be customized for her and I found a great site for customized flower pots  I contacted them and had them do a flower pot for my Piggy. I wanted to share the pictures sent to me by Ann, the owner.   

It really captured my baby and I was crying when I looked at them.

I hope you guys like them.


Piggy's Mom

I miss you beautiful!  You are my angel - you saved me Piggy. I love you!


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She is a gorgeous girl.  The pots are wonderful.  I am so sorry for your loss.  It is the worst thing that has ever happened to me inmy life --and I am 58 years old. I am glad your other baby's kidneys are doing great.


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Dear emptynow (Piggy’s Mom) –


Your baby is so gorgeous and she stays in my mind. I hope that she and my little guy Rusty, who has been at the RB for 10 weeks and 5 days now, have met. He has such a sweet soul and I’d like to think he’s made many friends, Piggy being one of them.


I love the flower pots – they are simply so sweet – thanks for sharing that info.


Warm hugs to you.


Rusty’s Mom.


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hi ,  wow the flower pots are so neat...........  im sos orry about piggy.  what a beatiful cat.......... i was knew a cat named piggy too.  she was a little fluff ball like yours.   im so sorry for your loss............  peace to you......  arthursmom


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Once again I can not get over how beautiful your Piggy cat looked. How did she ever get such a name?

With the hyperthyroidism. It is a treatable but bad disease. Left untreated it can cause all sorts of other organ problems, so, please treat soon. As far as I know the best way of treatment now is the iodine treatment. just look up Radiocat and you should be able to find something on it. There are medications, but there can be side effects, and you have to moniter the thyroid levels. Of course you could do that if you did not want to do the iodine treatment, or if cost was an issue. I am sure your vet will tell you what is best for your kitty.

good luck.

I wish you many happy thoughts

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Dear EmptyNow

Every time I see pictures of your sweet Piggy, I want to pick her up and cuddle her.  I showed my daughter pictures of her.  She thought Piggy was such a pretty girl.  I know she is very special to you.

The flower pot is so cute and you're right, it does capture your Piggy -- a sweet angel at the Rainbow Bridge.  I just know Piggy and my Gus are great friends and are having a wonderful time running through the green pastures together.

Peace and Hugs
Kate (Gus' mom)


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Your little Piggy was so cute, what a great name for a cat.  I know what it's like walking around in a daze, trying to live a normal life, knowing that a part of your heart is missing.  I did the same thing when Beau died, I took his ashes with me on a drive around Hawaii, hoping that he could see the things I was seeing, smell the air and feel the wind in his fur, and watch the waves hitting the beach.  I like your flower pots, what a nice idea, maybe you can fill them with catnip. 


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Your Piggy is just so cute.  I know that you miss her so much.  The pots are great.  Much Love, Di xxx


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Thank you for sharing the pictures of the flower pots. They are beautiful. Your Piggy is a gorgeous creature and the artist  did a great job of capturing her markings. What a nice remeinder of your darling baby Piggy. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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