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In 1999, I did some volunteeer work at our local Humane Society.  One day I dropped in at the shelter and saw a black kitten sitting on the manager's desk.  I had never seen an ugly kitten before, but this one was downright homely!  His fur was dull and his head was too big for his body.   He didn't even have a name. 

When I picked him up, he was cuddly and affectionate and started to fall asleep with his little chin resting against my chest.  When I told the manager that this loving little guy would likely be adopted quickly, she shook her head and said, "Everybody plays with him, but nobody wants to adopt him.  He's a black cat."

I couldn't believe that in this day and age, people are that superstitious.  I told her, "It's not true that nobody wants him.  I want him."

I named him Reagan.  After awhile, his fur became shiny, he grew into his head, and he became quite a handome fellow.  And so active and loving!  And such a little clown.  One night he was playing with my foot and actually fell asleep with his paws still wrapped around my foot.  He liked to climb up behind me while I was at the computer and drape himself around my neck. 

In February of 2006, my little guy suddenly became legargic and quiet.  He was only 6, but tests showed that he had liver disease and diabetes.  The vet  said that if it had been ONLY the diabetes or ONLY the liver problem, there would be hope, but anything we could do at that point would only prolong things.  With a grieving heart, I made a decision that shouldn't have to be made for a such a young cat who had been playful and active only the week before.  

Reagan's legacy is that I now have my kitties blood tested on a regular basis to hopefully catch any problems early on.   I love him and miss him terribly.


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Bless you for giving Reagan such a wonderful life so full of love.  I am so sorry for both of you that it was so untimely short when it ended in this world.

Do know that a love bond cannot be broken, so the two of you are together forever.

I do not understand how so many wonderful kitties and dogs are dying now of cancer at such young ages, so hope that the quality of their loving and much loved lives makes up for the short time they are with us.

May your pain soon begin to ease at this difficult time.

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Dear Alannah,
What a wonderful loving gift you gave your sweet kitty boy.
Reagan had a beautiful life with you.
A life filled with so much joy he would have never known if not for the love your heart held for such a tiny one that no one else wanted.
He is proof that black cats are most certainly not bad luck for he brought you much more then luck.
He brought into your life years of love and companionship and the memories that you shared will live on forever in your heart.
You give him a loving gift when you let him run on ahead to the bridge and spared him all the suffering of his illnesses.
In return he is now your guardian angel, watching over you till one day he will run to meet you.
You will once more be reunited with the playful kitten you fell in love with when you first saw him.
Till that wonderful day may you find peace in knowing that he is happy and playing now with all of our loves who are waiting there for us.
Love and Peace,

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What a truly fine handsom kitty man. absolutely gorgeous. You were really blessed to have him when you did, and to be able to carry him with you in your heart forever.


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What a special boy and what a special furmom you are.  I can tell that you gave Reagan a wonderful life.  Even though it was cut short by illness, he knew the joy of your love. 

Your story about adopting Reagan reminds me so much of my Boo Bear.  Someone dropped Boo Bear off at our house 2 1/2 years ago.  I think Boo Bear and Reagan could have been ugliest kitty twins.  Boo Bear had a big head, little body, and dull blackish, greyish, brownish fur.  I wanted to put him out in the barn with our farm cats, but we had a new lab puppy who had not learned that you don't hurt kitties, plus my daughter begged and begged to bring him in (even though we already had a cat, Gus, and my husband said NO).  Boo Bear is now a gorgeous black cat with silky long black fur.  He has been such a God send to me, helping me cope with the loss of my Gus who was only 3 1/2 years old when he passed. 

I know that your Reagan's spirit is always with you and he will always have a special place in your heart.  How  fortunate that God brought this little "ugly duckling" into your life.

Warm Hugs

My Boo Bear


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Dear Alannah,

Your story about your Reagan touched my heart because my cat Blackie was very much like your Reagan. Blackie was also a black cat (hence the name Blackie, LOL!). Like Reagan, Blackie probably was considered rather homely when I first got him. He had been a stray for who knows how long and because of that his fur was dirty and he was so thin that his face looked kind of funny. Once he started eating regularly his face wasn't so skin and bones anymore and it started to look a little more normal. Once I put him on premium food his coat lost its dirty color and grew into the softest, most beautiful black coat of hair I have ever seen on a black cat. Indeed, I have had - and currently have - black cats, and they are totally gorgeous cats. But Blackie was special, he grew from an ugly little stray cat into probably the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and probably ever will see for the rest of my life. His beauty was not just on the outside, though. Like your Reagan, Blackie's true beauty came from within, from his heart and the part of his soul that was reserved just for me.

From one "ugly duckling" parent to another, thank you for sharing your story and picture of your wonderful boy Reagan.

Blackie's mommy


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Thank you so much kamc22, Kathy, Kate, Kelly and Loudpurring (I love that user name!) for your wonderful, soothing words.  Special hugs to my fellow "Ugly Duckling" moms Kate and Kelly for showing me Boo Bear and Blackie. 

As Kathy said, Reagan proved that black cats definitely are not bad luck.  I'm the lucky one for being able to share my life with the little ray of sunshine. 

{{{{{{{{hugs to everyone}}}}}}}}}}

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I am very sorry for the loss of your sweet beautiful baby boy, Reagan.  He is a doll!

Thank you so much for sharing your story of how you met. It was very sweet. You guys had a wonderful bond and I could tell that he really loved you.

I took my other baby to the vet the other day and someone had brought in there black kitten. It was soooo cute!  I wanted to steal it! :)

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