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Last week we had to say goodbye to our 17-year-old cocker spaniel, Reebok.  I come here with a heavy heart, but this time without the guilt, questions of what if, and deep, dark sorrow that I felt 18 months ago when our 8 year old cocker, Nike, had to be let go.  Why?  Because I have learned so much from this wonderful group about this journey.

Reebok lived an extraordinary long life for a cocker spaniel (7-10 years is the avg. lifespan) and was loved by our entire family.  She was my shadow, always never more than a few feet away, until the last few years when arthritic joints made getting around too painful.  She was a Christmas gift for our daughter, who made us crazy with her rantings about wanting a dog for months before we caved in!  Andi was a cross country runner, and we thought Reebok (hence the name) would be her running buddy.  Little did we know that cockers are great dogs, but running for long distances is not one of their favorite things to do.

Reebok was a honey-colored, wiggling ball of fur the day we brought her home. She was the last pup of the last litter of a longtime cocker spaniel breeder.  She fit in my coat pocket.  In her prime, she was infamous for her 'wild dog' routine -- running as fast as she could in large circles in the yard, her long floopy ears flappin' and her stubby tail pointed straight out.  She shared our bed -- which meant sleeping between us, with at least one body part touching each of us.  She would camp out at the stove while I fixed dinner each night. She never left the yard, put up with the grandkiddos climbing all over her and pulling her ears, etc.  She lived to eat and to be with you, whether it was out in the yard or in the house.  She hated the going to the groomers and the vet.

The last few weeks, it became clear to me -- and eventually to my husband -- that she was ready to go.  She never lost her appetite, or her love of a good ear-scratchin', but the look in her eyes the night before we made the decision, was our sign that to keep her going longer would not be for her benefit, but ours.

Our wonderful vet saw that her passing was very peaceful.  She went to sleep with my husband, grown daughter and I surrounding her.  I am sure that her friend, Nike, met her and showed her the way to the Rainbow Bridge. Her cremains will go in the urn with Nike's, and are to be buried with me when that time comes. 

I came to this site right after I lost Nike, and found much comfort from your words.  I don't tend to post alot, as it took me a L O N G time to come to terms with his loss.  (The one-year mark was a huge milestone for me) But I have visited this site several times a week since April 2009, so there are many posters on here whom I feel a kinship with.  I felt like I had to come here and tell you Reebok's story, because you all know that dogs are not merely dogs.  Reebok was a beloved family member, as much a  "child" to me as my own flesh and blood.  I know you all understand that.

So thanks, friends, for listening.


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Dearest Nike,

I am so so sorry for the loss of your Precious Reebok. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family. You know, as I read your post I could actually feel the Peace and Joy that you have in your Heart. You Celebrate Reebok's wonderful life. Isn't it so good to really know that it was good. I think about my Babies that I still have with me and I know I have given the best I could and so do they.I know Nike was so Happy to see his dear Friend again. What a welcoming you have have one Glorious day. God bless you and keep you in your time of healing.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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   I remember you and Nike, and I just want to say how sorry I am to hear of another loss.  Your Reebok seemed to have a beautiful life with you and your family, and I can understand why you've accepted her leaving with such dignity and love.  She brought so many smiles and wonderful adventures while filling your hearts with joy.  I know that she joins Nike, and together they will be waiting for you when the time comes.

    When something you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

                      Helen, Teddy's Mom forever

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Oh I am so sorry to hear that your Reebok has passed away! I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Loosing two precious souls not too far from each other. I hope that it gives you comfort knowing that Nike Boy and Reebok are now together again and can play with each other forever. I will for sure light an extra candle tonight for your little girl and boy.

Thinking of you and your fur babies.


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Oh gosh, my heart goes out to you in saying goodbye to Reebok. Thank you for sharing her story. She sounds like a lovable pup. She did have a lot of wonderful years with your family. I remember your Nike forever too. They are together at rainbow bridge now, happy, healthy and playing.

Hugs of comfort,


Posts: 73
Thanks you everyone for the kind words.  I really am at peace with Reebok's passing.  I know she's been set free from the pain that wracked her body for the last couple of years.  I can only hope that she and Nike get along better in heaven than they did on earth!

Lori, I feel as if we are kindred spirits. I am touched deeply by the eloquence of your writings about your dear Piezon.  You have put into words so wonderfully the very things I was feeling as I mourned for my Nike Boyl

Ramon, I remember those first few posts that spoke so lovingly of your Ginger.  Your posts caught my attention because Ginger was a cocker spaniel.  Cocker spaniels are really special dogs, aren't they?  Those dark eyes look deep into your soul and steal your heart away before you even know it.  For some reason, I also thought you were an engineer.  Being married to an engineer, I find it remarkable that you were so open about your grief.  My husband is hurting badly over Reebok's death, but unable to talk about it.

Mayme and Helen, I see your posts so frequently.  You are part of that tireless brigade that is always here to welcome the "newbies" and to gently lead them down the path of grieving.  You are troopers, who give so unselfishly of yourselves, thank you!


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I am sorry your precious Reebok has passed on.  She sounds like a wonderful girl and I know you and your family will miss her dearly.  Our babies are such a big part of our family and it's very hard getting used to the new and quieter home.  Now Reebok has joined up with Nike and the two of them are enjoying all the gifts at the rainbow bridge!

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~

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