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I don’t even know where to begin.
We put my darling girl to rest yesterday. She was nearly 8 (a boxer).
Since she was about 2, she started having aggression issues. When she was 4, she bit a friends hand who tried to pet her when they came in.

We had a few more close calls after that so we started kenneling her when we had guests over. She was always so great with our family.

When our son was 1, she bit nipped his cheek,
Leaving a big bruise but not breaking skin. Since my back was turned, I didn’t actually see it but she was cowering and the only dog in the room.

We worked with a trainer. Things got better. She was better.

The other night, she nipped my son again. This time giving him a tiny cut on his lip and a scratch on his nose.

We put her down the following morning. I feel sick about it. We contacted a rescue about rehoming her but due to her age and temperament, they couldn’t help. I’m devestated. Like I should’ve waited until something more serious happened. I know that
Sounds insane. But I’m just so sad.

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I am so sorry for you and I don't have any words to say to you make you feel better. I am sorry that you tried and nothing worked for you.Your son has to come first even as hard as it is to think this. I wish in all the heavens it could have had a different outcome. You gave her 8 years that she wouldn't have had other wise. I wish I could take away your pain but sadly I can't. Please understand that you tried and it was out of your hands. She is at the Bridge now where nothing can ever happen to her, where she is happy. Remember you tried.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I wrote this in another thread but it is similar to you as well. My Doberman was nine when I let his spirit go and be free. I think we want our animals so much we are willing to go to great lengths to not lose them. 

"My Doberman bit my toddler and I took him to be put to sleep and the vet said no, to give it the weekend. We kept the dog and I showed him in Obedience trails and he got his CD. He was never allowed alone with our son even after the years went by and he was very obedient. 

I will not ever do that again. It wasn't fair to him. He was always kept from the rest of us if our son was around. He had to be in a crate in the house while the other dogs had full house privileges. It was too much stress when my son was older and had friends come over. He had to go to his kennel or come inside. Never got to play games with my son, his friends, and the other dogs. I never gave him another chance to bite...ever. "


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I totally feel for you :'( I had my boy put to sleep because of escalating aggression too. He was only 4. But after 4 close call with other people's pets and killing one of ours it was time.

I'm so sorry for your loss . You tried so hard for her don't feel bad about letting her go. ((Hugs))

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I totally feel for you.
I can speak from experience, though, I'm glad you didnt wait for worse behavior to arise.
Thoughts and prayers.

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Totally understand how you feel. We had our collie cross spaniel put down 3days ago and the guilt and pain is unbearable. He was 7 and a half and was unpredictable. He bit everyone in the family and drew blood from some of his bites. He bit 2 dogs on walks and also bit a guest. We couldn't do anything near him, if we dropped something and went to pick it up near him he would go for our hand. No one could pet him because of what he could potentially do. Final straw was when my sister took him for a walk (his happy place) she stood on his paw by accident and he jumped up at her and bit her arm and stomach so badly it went through her coat. We tried all sorts we had bet advice, calming collars and he had a behaviourist and nothing helped. My cousin is a trainee vet and she told me that dogs don't like being aggressive and that it's scary and worrying for them so please don't be too hard on yourself. It really does hurt because you miss them so much but remember there is a reason why. Hoping you find some peace from this.
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