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Has anyone else had regrets about too much or too little vet care at the end of a pet's life? Some vets will keep offering "let's try this" and "let's try that" and I think they can really overdo it and confuse a pet owner. I recently put down my 18 year old cat, who'd been healthy her whole life, when it was clear to me that she was declining though her blood work was normal. I declined further testing, and immediately felt guilty for not going through with an ultrasound, etc. (we think she probably had cancer). Before that, I had an old dog who in hindsight, I kept alive too long with meds and specialist visits. I think bottom line is you have to go with your heart and gut (and wallet) and not feel guilty. Back in the day, pets simply got old and sick and were put down and it was very cut and dry. Now it's like we have way too many expensive treatment and diagnostic options to keep them alive.

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This is a good question and I am interested in the feedback you get.  I am still processing what happened with Jasmine.  One thing I am sure of is that if Jasmine would not have passed on her own that I would have kept trying.  I would have overdone it.  I also know that is the wrong thing to do.  It's almost like Jasmine knew that I'd never let her go and she was ready. 

I told her the morning that she died that I didn't want her to be in pain.  I sat with her about 30 minutes in the morning to help calm her down before I brought her to the vet (she wasn't breathing well).  Her breathing did calm.  Then when I pulled her to face me she kind of whimpered like it hurt her and I told her --- oohhh Jazzy I don't want you to hurt.  My previous thought was that I hoped whatever the vet found to be going wrong with her was going to be a simple fix and she'd feel good quickly.  And, at that moment I knew I didn't want her to hurt.

The flip side is that I have been questioning if I should have done blood tests and X-rays a year ago.  The Vet offered to do the testing before I put Jasmine back on revolution.  I normally took her off it during the winter and restarted in the summer.  I wonder if I did the testing something would have been revealed that would have given her more time.  

Like I said, I am processing it.  We have so many options to keep them alive and it isn't always for their benefit.  She was 13.5 and I know she enjoyed her life.  Maybe it all happened the way it was suppose to happen.  I miss her.  I wish she were sitting next to me right now.  No matter what the day was going to come.  Sadly, our furbabies lifespan is short and we knew when we brought them to our homes that we'd outlive them and it was going to hurt to say goodbye.  The day came and now we need to try to focus on what a blessing they were.  I thank God for the time I had with my little 4 legged soulmate.


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I am suffering with this. My Remo was put to sleep a week ago. He was paralyzed from the neck down. The vet offered an MRI and surgery. MRIs are not cheap. And the price for his surgery would’ve been $8,000. Even with this surgery, there was no guarantee that they could fix his paralysis. Nonetheless, I feel like my family and I made a quick decision based on emotion and finance. My vet just laid out the options and didn’t question us about our decision for euthanasia. I kind of wish she had. But I have to keep telling myself that my family couldn’t afford the medical costs or the care that Remo deserved. This doesn’t stop the guilt from eating me alive though.

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I totally relate to this thread.  When I put my Midnight down last week, I was so guilt ridden with the what if we did the ultrasound, what if I tried something else, that it consumed me with sadness.  

I have come to realize that we do the best we can for our animals.  It is a personal decision on how to treat them when they are declining.  I was once told, "You know YOUR pet".  And that is so true.  I finally came to terms with the fact that I didn't do further testing when I realized that I did, indeed, know MY pet.  She was not the same girl from a month ago, and she was suffering.  We all don't want our babies to suffer.

And I do agree.  Some of the treatment that the vets suggest I wonder is only a money making scheme.  I was fortunate that my vet told me outright that she was a very sick girl and I should be prepared to let her go.  If more vets were that honest, this world would be a better place for us pet owners.  Even IF that isn't the news we want to hear, we do need to hear it.


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In my opinion it is important to identify what the problem is. I could not sleep peacefully if something was wrong with my pet and didn't try everything in my power to figure out what exactly is wrong. Only then I believe one can make the decisions necessary, to weigh out all the options on how to proceed. Either this means trying different approaches or euthanizing. However, we are all different and we should do whatever feels right.

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I just let my one dog go on Sunday. I know it has only been two days without her, but I still feel guilty about the decision I made and question as to whether I did the right thing. I miss her terribly and feel like I let her down.
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