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Let me start by saying I’ve owned pets my whole life and never in my life imagined having to give one up, but here I am. 4 years ago we lost our Burmese Mountain Dog Lucky after 17 years. My whole family was devastated, but we felt lucky and blessed to have had him so long. My husband, who had had Lucky since he was a teenager wasn’t ready for another dog, aside from our other rescued Bichon we still had. However after 3 years, while flipping through Facebook, he saw a post about a dog he literally fell in love with a first sight. We drove to the shelter the next day with 3 kids and a dog in toe. He was a beautiful 111 pound Mastiff who immediately greeted all 3 of my children with kisses and engaged in a game of chase with my grumpy 12 year old Bichon. It was perfect, we all fell in love and took him home the same day. There were obstacles, he was huge and could easily jump our fences. We took out a loan and did a $20,000 dollar yard remodel. He would drag me around when trying to walk him, so we joined a trainer on Sunday hikes to better socialize him and teach him how to walk properly. He had a very sensitive stomach so we consulted the vet tried a huge variety of foods until we found one that got him back on track. After a few months it seemed all the obstacles were behind us and we settled in as a family. About 6 months into having him he started to show leash aggression with other dogs. It got to the point where I was afraid to walk him because if he saw another dog or cat he would charge and I didn’t want him to get away from me. He also started to not like people he didn’t know coming into the house and would bark and lunge when they would enter. We started him putting him in the yard when he had company to keep everyone safe. Yes, he had these issues but with his family he couldn’t have been more sweet, calm and gentle. We spent so many days out in the yard as a family and he would just walk from person to person getting love and scratches from whoever he could. He adored my kids and would greet them so happily every time he saw them. But that all changed drastically. We took him for all his two year vaccines last Friday night and by Saturday he was treating my 2 sons (age 6 and 8) like they were strangers, barking and lunging at them whenever they walked by. I took him back to our vet, went to a holistic vet, called a behaviorist, and even an animal communicator and nobody can figure out the issue or how to fix it. After long discussions with all these people and my husband, we have decided we have no choice but to rehome the dog. The rescue we got him from is currently searching for the right place for him, and have said he will be leaving in about two weeks. I’m dreading each day the closer we get. I know we can’t keep him and I have to put my kid’s safety above all else, but it’s still killing me. This is the dog that helped me through the death of my grandmother who raised me, who helped to pull me out of a depression and kept my anxiety at bay. He became my protector, my security. Not a night has gone by in a year when I haven’t sat outside with him after everyone has gone to bed sitting with his giant head in my lap looking up at the stars. But now when we do it it’s bittersweet because I’m filled with dread and the feeling of loss. I can’t imagine life without my friend. I can’t handle the fact that I won’t be able to take care of him anymore and make sure he’s okay. I cant comprehend never seeing him again. Having him live his whole life without me in it. These beautiful creatures are only with us for such a short time as it is , but our time together will be cut even shorter. I feel cheated of all the years we could have enjoyed together. Of the life we’ll no longer have together. I don’t understand what happened. I’m angry that life seems so unfair. I’m worried about his future and I feel my hands are tied, forced to make a decision that’s breaking my heart: I’m trying to have faith and tell myself that everything happens for a reason, but it’s a hard pill to swallow. Losing Lucky was awful, but at least I got to be with him until the end. I knew I did all I could for him, this somehow seems even worse. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I feel like I’m falling apart.

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srlara9, I’m very sorry for the pain you are feeling. It’s an awful decision you’ve had to make. My heart breaks for you because I can tell how very much you love your dog. Will the rescue organization let you be involved in choosing his new home? Would you be able maintain some contact when he is in his new home so you know how he is doing? It may offer you some comfort. Know though that you have done so much and be gentle on yourself because you’ve gone through a great deal.

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Thank you for your kind words. The rescue is still in the process of searching for the perfect home for King Henry, which can be a timely process. My emotions are so up and down right now. I know I can’t keep him and want him to find the best home possible, but I also dread the day when I get the call that one is found. Whatever was going on with my boys seems to have passed now. Although I don’t put them together, when he sees them through the gate, window, or sliding door he is back to wagging his tail at them. Many people told me that his behavior was from the shots and now that they are passing through his system his getting back to normal. But there’s no guarantee and when you’re dealing with a 110 pound dog you can’t take chances with your children. My kids are pretty devastated, they cry every time we try and talk about him finding a new home. That breaks my heart even more. The rescue people are friends of ours so they have been good about telling me all about potential adopters and letting me give my opinion. So far there have been 5 applications but nobody who was good enough. Hopefully the new adopters will at least send me some updates, maybe even a visit sometime. Now that he seems back to his old self I want so much to keep him, but I know I have to put my kids safety first. I keep telling myself that I’m doing the right thing by him. That we are two teachers with 3 kids and very little spare time. That he’ll find a home where they can give him all the love and attention he wants. That helps a little and I hope it comes true. Even so I’ll be lost without him.

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I had a very loving Jack Russel, but he was overly protective. One day he sneaked out past me and attackes a car's tire. He didnt survive the spin and died. He was my best friend and I miss him dearly. We tried behavioral classes but he was too protective. He would attack any dog and bark at people he didn't like. Miss him like heck, but I can totally relate. Probably he was best suited for a farm with alot of land. I can relate and understand, maybe at the end he'll end up with a family that can better accomodate him. Its not a hit on your family, you did everything you could. At least he's alive and you can hope he'll do well. Best wishes for you and your family.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. It sounds like your dog may be vaccine injured. Can you learn how to try to detox him? Some people have had good results from this. Do some research on heavy metal detox and homeopathy, among other things. It seems like it could be worth a try.
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