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Hi guys-
Things have been busy here with my new friends,Monty and Lila.  Little sleep plus work makes little time for the Internet these days!  I had issues trying to write here, but looks like I figured it out.  I have been reading posts and trying to keep up as much as I can.

Anyway- today makes week 26 without Foster.  One whole half of the year without him. Yes it has gotten easier.  Yes I still miss him like crazy.  Yes I still cry.  My Foster candle is burning extra time today as I think about him.  He was such a good dog.  He was so funny.  He carried his bowl to me when he was hungry or when we were eating and he wanted some.  He knew lots of tricks and would go through them all then he wanted something.  His tail whapping on the bed in the morning when I came home from work made me smile.  His crazy UPS delivery person bark will never be forgotten.  I don't remember everything and that makes me sad.  I really have to think about things to remember and that hurts.  I never wanted him to become a memory but I guess that is just God's way of helping me get through this. If I remembered everything every day I would probably go crazy.

He had such bright eyes.  Such a soul in those eyes.  Such soft fur.  Such soft ears.  He loved going for rides in the car and walks in the forest.  He wasn't a cuddler, but he always listened-even if he was asleep while I  was talking, lol.  He 'killed' his toys by shaking them around.  He would throw toys at us so we would throw them for him. He would catch them when we threw them back.  He chased the light from flashlights or from the laser pointer.

I can't wait to see him again.  No matter how many people and pets are up there, he is the first one I want to see.  I want to see him wag his tail in a circle because he is so happy. I want him to bump my lips with him over and over as he gives me "mommy kisses".  I still love him so much and I always will. I will never forget him. 

Lila and Monty are helping me get through this....they give me a reason to get up in the mornings and they give me a reason to go out and exercise.  They have kept me from going crazy.  They haven't replaced Foster by any means.  Monty has some physical similarities... a lot of people say they look alike,and they are similar but very different too (Monty is shepherd/beagle and Foster was a golden/shepherd).  I see somethings that they do that Foster did, and things that Foster never did and it makes me smile because it keeps Foster's memory  here everyday.

Here is a picture I had a friend take a bit after they came home.  I know you guys will like it:

The stone says "Foster  loved with a love beyond all feeling, missed with a grief beyond all tears".

I also had her take some from behind too with us looking out over the yard and the stone in front of me.  I like the idea of the other one better but this turned out cuter.

Thanks for being there.  Thanks for letting me type out my feelings. 

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Fostersmommy, what a nice tribute!  Sometimes it feels like the time has just flown by since I lost my pups.....other times it feels like forever!  On Nov. 5th, it was 4 months since my Luke left me....three weeks later for sweet Lil.  I also see alot of similar behaviors in my new on our walk in the woods when SilverCloud was sensing a deer was close, he stood so proud with his head held high and his chest out.....I thought he almost looked as magnificent as Luke in his prime.  Little Rowdy melts into me at night when he's tired and wants to get some cuddles before sleep.....just like Lil would always do.  These times and occurrences are still a bit bittersweet....the feelings from the losses are still pretty painful at times.  For some reason yesterday was particularly difficult at night, and I spent some time at my pups graves talking and crying abit.

My new babies are wonderful and a Godsend, but it occurs to me often that they will never be replacements for Luke and Lil.  Nonetheless, I will love my SC and Rowdy and give them the best family possible.  I still long for my precious babies, and, like you, can hardly wait until the time that I can see them again.  I've never really been big on family reunions, but this one will be the best!! 

God Bless!  Rick

Posts: 893
Thanks for the response.  Yeah it's nice to see similarities, it reminds me of Foster when he was healthy and happy. 
Sometimes I have bad days where I am missing him more.  Somedays I miss him less.  I know I will always remember him but sometimes if I don't talk to him as much I feel bad.  I know there will be someday when I don't talk to him at all....but I know he will always be there for me...just like your Luke and Lil.

Have a great week!

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Happy 6 month Bridge Day Anniversary Foster! What a wonderful tribute to your beloved boy. The picture is just all telling, Fostersmom, and I like what you said: "If I remembered everything every day I would probably go crazy". It makes me realize that it is not necessarily about what we remember about our beautiful furry companions, it is what we feel in our hearts when we think of them. That doesn't seem to be changing with the time passing. Not even a bit.

Thinking of you and your Foster.


Posts: 541
Such a beautiful tribute to Foster. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.
I love the picture and I love what you have written on Foster's stone. Lila and Monty are just gorgeous.


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What a lovely photo ~
It's full of love for your angel Foster and your earth babies. 

I think there's no doubt Foster will have run to be right up front to greet you with tail wagging, giving you big slurpy kisses all over your face Mom. 

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