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On July 6th it will be one year that I lost you my beautiful Katie.  It was your birthday and the day that you died at only 7 years old.  I remember telling your vet and your friend, Jim, that I didn't want you to die on your birthday.  You died at 3:13 AM in his arms just after you had turned 7.  It was the next best place for you to be if it could not be in my arms.  My dear little girl, you bravely went on with a brain tumor and just that last day was so bad.  Those memories are fading now as I remember you as a healthy and happy girl.  Your litter sister, Tiffany, was lost without you and she still looks for you when we say your name.  But, I know you gave us a gift.  A gift that could only have been arranged by you, my precious one.  Puppies were born on your birthday.  The day after you died, I got an e-mail.   I was not expecting it at all.  Now this year although the tears will flow for you, we will celebrate 3 birthdays - your sister's, and the two puppies that were born the day you came into the world and left the world.  I love you my Katie.  You left us much too soon but I know you were so sick.  You were such a trooper.  I never stop thinking about you.  I look at pictures of you every day.  You were and are my angel dog.  I miss you...until we meet again.

Kassidy's mom and Katie's mom forever  

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Dear Christy:
I am so very sorry about your loss of Katie.  I know it has been a year and she is still so very close to your heart.  What a beautiful story about the puppies. 

She is happy and healthy now at the Rainbow Bridge with my sweetheart Meister and all her new friends.  


Many Hugs,
Meisters Mom


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Dear Christy, what a loving tribute to your beloved Katie on her one year bridge day, she was a brave little girl indeed, and it sounds like she was adored and cherished by all.   She must be a popular little lady at the bridge, as she was on earth.   How sweet of her to send the gift to you of the puppies!   And on her birthday!   She was one special fur baby indeed!   Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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What a lovely tribute to your precious Katie. 

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Dear Christy,

Oh, my friend. The one year "anniversary" seems to long and so hard. How is it possible that we continue on without these companions by our side? I know how much you love and cherish your time with Katie, and I know that she feels that same way about you.

I think of you and Kassidy often. I hope she's doing well.

Big hugs, and lots of love to you,



Posts: 166
Thank you all for taking some time to send such kind messages about my Katie!  She was and is my very special little angel.  Her life, even though very short, was full of love for us and we loved her more than words can say.

Mary - I know that Meister met her at the Bridge.  One of the things about this Pet Loss family is that I believe that we are all connected through loss but also connected through hope and knowing that our beloved pets are together, knowing each other before we will have the chance to meet each other.  Thank for the sweet post about Katie, my sweet girl.

mssavion -How very kind of you to write so many nice things about my Katie.  She was a brave little girl and although she had seizures for nearly 2 years before she went to the Bridge, her life was indeed very full of love.  She was so special.  When I think that there are problems in my life that make me just want to stop and sit and cry about them, I don't.  Katie fought so hard and of course never ever showed how much things were bothering her.  She will always be an inspiration to me.

sweetpepe - thank you for the hugs which very comforting right now and for helping me to remember all the good things about my little Katie. 

robyn - what can I say?  You've been there through the worst of everything with me since January of this year when I finally found my home here.  It was through Kassidy's cancer diagnosis that I have been able to come here for hope and for comfort.  You, my dear friend, have always been here for me.  Sharing the story of your Molly has allowed me to breathe again. 

HUGS to all of you!

Kassidy's mom
Katie's mom forever and for all eternity (one year at the Bridge on July 6th) 

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I am so sorry for the loss of your Katie.

I lost my cat Cheeseburger on May 4th 2008. He was very sick with cancer. One thing that helps is knowing he is free from this terrible sickness now and he is healthy and strong again - just like your Katie.

I know how hard the Bridge Day anniversaries are - Cheese will be gone 9 weeks tomorrow.

I try to think of all the wonderful years I had with my boy, and all the love and happiness he gave me.

Their spirit and love remains forever in our hearts.

Happy 1 Year Bridge Day Katie - Your Mom Loves You!!!

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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Dee -

My heart goes out to you with your loss of Cheese.  What a beautiful cat!  I am getting ready for another first year at the Bridge for my cat, Mystic, who will have been gone one year in two weeks.  It was a rough year last year.

Thanks so much for the kind words.  I wish that I could take away your pain as I wish I could do for all the others.  Sometimes it just hurts so much that your heart actually hurts.

Being here has been the best thing that could have happened to me.  Unfortunately, I did not know about this wonderful place until I got a terrible diagnosis last January - my precious Sheltie, Kassidy, was diagnosed with cancer and had her left lower jaw removed.  She is doing well though and I am so grateful.  I had come here with no hope.  I had come here with such terrible pain.  But, I found a place where I knew I would not be judged for sharing my pain. 

I wish you only happy memories of Cheese.  Thank you for taking the time in your pain to say such nice things.  It has been through understanding that I am not alone in my pain that I have come to heal.  It hurts on anniversaries though.

HUGS to you!

Kassidy's mom (and Allie's, Tiffany's, Bindi's, Baylee's, Marina's and Little Guy's mom)
Katie's mom forever and for all eternity
(also remembering Nikki, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Shawnee, Tory, Kolbi, Abby, Morgan, and Shelby)

Posts: 5,100
Oh, Christy, what a loving post and tribute you have written for your beloved Katie.  The gentleness and the love just shines through.  I think the thing I like most about your post is it is filled with hope, as well as love and longing. 

Like you, those terrible last memories of my little girl are fading, and are being replaced by all the joyful memories of her when she was at her strongest and happiest.  What a gift that is for you and me.  

I think our beloved babies want us to have HOPE and love in our hearts.  I know my Betsy and your Katie are thrilled at the thought that we want to open our hearts and homes to more furbabies.  This does not dishonor their memories. I think it does the is the highest honor we can pay them.  My husband and I say we loved Betsy so much that our love for her will spill over onto our new puppy when it is time to welcome her or him into our home.  Betsy Noodle opened the doors to our hearts so wide that they will never be closed again.   That is her legacy.  We will give another precious puppy a loving home.

Thank you, Christy, for being the special person you are. 

Sending big hugs,
Betsy's, Easy's and little Arthur's forever grateful mom


Posts: 166
Melissa -

What a sweet note!  I remember how much support you gave me when I was going through the tough times with Kassidy and also when my dear dad's Hootie went to the Bridge.  It is through the tough times like this when we realize that people are for the most part good and also that people who love their pets are so kind and understanding. 

I am sure that Katie and your Betsy have become friends and are just running free and healthy through the days and dreaming only sweet dreams at night.   When you think about it, it could not be any other way for our sweet angels.  Those innocent little lives that only lived to love us have gone on to the most happy of places to wait just that short time until we join them.  I say short time, because I don't think that in eternity that time is important.  Their wait to see us seems much shorter than our wait to see them.

I agree that we are not dishonoring our furkids that have gone on before we have.  We are just adding to the wonderful family that will one day be reunited in eternal happiness.  This has become so evident to me lately as my dad is 88 and approaching this transition time in his life.  It's heartbreaking but with the faith that he has he teaches me something every day and every day with him is a gift.  I have come to appreciate my time with my dogs and cats more than ever as they comfort me when I am sad. 

I read on another thread that you have not been feeling so well with eye problems.  I hope that clears up for you very soon.  I will keep you in my prayers as I do the entire Pet Loss family and just know that I will always be so happy that I found this wonderful place just because of people like you and all of the others who care so much in their rough times to post a little about a special girl, Katie, who meant so much to me!


Kassidy's mom
Katie's mom forever and for all eternity 

Posts: 1,205

Bless you beautiful Katie.  Di xxx

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