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When I went to pick up my boys urn I was also given a beautiful copy of the poem Rainbow Bridge. Reading it brought me comfort knowing I would see him again.

But knowing that at the time didn't help as much as it does now, because back then I felt no one understood the pain I felt when I lost my boy.
To this day I can not read Rainbow Bridge without tears and they always start at the first line.  I was reading the poem when someone came up to me and told me that the poem was on the Internet and we had just bought our first computer. I went on line and started to look.  Before I knew it I was in Petloss and being welcomed with kind caring words. That was July 15, 2004. Twenty three months after I lost my boy. Almost exactly one month before his Bridge day of August 13th, 2002. I have spent as much time as I could in Petloss since that day.  This room has helped me face the loss of two more fur babies, my older Brother and one of my best friends.
Here I learned I was not alone and others cared, others understood.  Muffin guided me here to my Petloss Family. Knowing I would find my purpose.
Thank you Ed for building this caring room filled with love.  Thank you Poppy LoboWolf for helping me find my voice and purpose.
Thank you Petloss Family for being near when the waves of sorrow come for those whose hearts grieve for the loss of their loved ones.

 For what you give in your own special way brings joy and healing to others because you stopped to care and say a silent prayer.

For this I will always be grateful for this family called Pet loss


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On the most dreadful Monday of my life December 28 2009 Kiki crossed to the bridge. Broken hearted and unable to think breathe right I put the words Pet Loss into a engine search never expected my words hit the nail on the head it was the name of THIS site. People talked to me and then the service started i stayed on just a little while I was too emotional to stay through. Since however I have not missed a Monday sevice. The chat room gave me strength and helped me find my spiritual balance to know Kiki and I are still connected. there are no words to express my love and gratitude for Edw he has the kindest heart on earth to have created this space in the cold world that shouts only a dog.I have made friends here grown here my heart is here.
Becoming a wolf is a great honor and I am grateful to the pack and in awe of Papa Lobo and Blue /Bartender wolf. This messagebaord is incredible.
With Love and Blessings to The entire Pet Loss family
Suzanne Kikiwolf

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I first found this place back in 1998 or 1999.  I had just graduated high school.  Between October 1996 and January 1998 my family had lost 7 pets.  Those were very lonley years in my life, a lonely time only made worse by the deaths of those I had come to trust in and rely on for friendship.  Now graduated high school and beginning community college, I still struggled to come to terms with the deaths of those I loved.  I struggled with learning to live life all over again, both in the sense of growing up and in the sense of doing so without the furry ones who had always there before.  My family hadn't had internet all that long at this point, but I started to do a search on pet loss - and found here. In this place, I found acceptance - a place where I could be who I was and feel what I was feeling.

In the years since, I have been back on occassion when the need arose.  When I moved across the state to Pullman in 2000, I was amazingly blessed to find a church with a group of people who cared about me in ways that I never thought possible - people who cared about the loss of a pet in my life, not because they necessarily understood it, but simply because it mattered to me.  And yet, even with that, something I know that so many people don't have, I still found myself coming here at times.  Sometimes I can be more real in writing than I am in talking.  Sometimes too its easier to write than call someone.  I found that especially helpful in this last year after moving away from Pullman and trying to start a new life in a new place - the first montsh were lonely to begin with, made harder by still grieving the loss of my dog Tres (gone since 6/2010).  But there was always someone here to listen - sometimes even listen to things totally unrelated to pets.  My life here in this new place (Yakima) is slowly being built as are relationships with people I trust.  But in this last year especially, Pet Loss has become a special place in my life - a place where I can come with my needs but also a place where I can give away too.

Thank you to Ed, all the moderators, and all those who here who are willing to just give a caring ear...



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My precious bunny, Christoph, died on July 5, 2008.  I did not find petloss until August 27, 2008.  My grief was so intense and I spent many hours each day reading about other bunnies on the Internet, and was lost in my grief.  I never even thought about trying to find a site to help with the loss of a pet.  I was reading about a woman who had also lost her bunny and she mentioned the petloss web site.  I joined up instantly and was amazed that such a wonderful site existed.  It was a godsend to me.  People's kind words truly helped me recover.  This site is now a part of my life. Thank you dear Ed, and your caring moderators for doing such a wonderful job.  Your ministry brings hope to those in despair over the loss of their beloved pets. 

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~


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After losing my precious Heidi on 10-7-10, I was hospitalized.  I arranged for a new Yorkie (Lexi) while I was in the hospital.  When I got home I went to a book store to get a book on Yorkies, as Heidi was a Yorkie, but she was 14 years old so it had been awhile since I had a puppy in the house.  During those days I was in tears constantly and so, so depressed.  I picked up a book on how to raise Yorkies  and skimmed through it and under the "Grieving" section, there was information on this site.  At the first opportunity, I logged in and was home.  I don't think I would have survived had it not been for the people in this family.  I am eternally grateful to Ed and everyone who helps me, almost on a daily basis.    I must say it is very painful to read these sad stories, but I feel compelled to comfort because we have all suffered the same hurt.  I'm sure most people know, but I don't - where did Ed get the inspiration to start this site?    Sincerely, YorkieHeidi 


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Oh, that horrible week back in June. My buddy Van Gogh had been very lethargic, not eatting and was having very labored breathing to where he could not move more than a couple of step without stopping, lying down and resting. He started to have what looked like mini seizures so i rushed him to the nearest emetgency animal hospital that Wednesday Night, where he was given oxygen and antibiotics, plus a battery of tests and x-rays to rule out things like diabetic shock, heart attack, and the like. Friday, June 24th, I got the phone call at work that I knew would be my nightmare. The doctor told me that my little buddy was suffering from a collapsed lung, plus an acute infection that was not responding to the antibiotics. feeding tubes, chest tubes, and steroids were all offered, but with no guarantee of success and the more likelihood scenario of prolonged pain and discomfort during the treatments. I cried so hard because I knew that there was only one option that was best for my Van Gogh. I left work (My boss was so great that afternoon) and went to the hospital, spent time with my Van Gogh and told him that he was going to be all better and free from his pain. He purred and looked up at me as if to say that he was thanking me and that he loves me. I held him in my arms, told him that his daddy loves him, and then he drifted away on his journey....

I went back to work, numb, but functional.

I worked a fourteen hour day the next day, and really did not have time to process my Van's passing, but then on Sunday morning, I woke up, and it hit me, and I could not stop sobbing. My little buddy was gone. I was a total mess, and I was so desperate to find somenone who would understand the true pain and the raw heartache of losing such a beloved friend. Just as afluke, I went online and googled "pet loss support" , and was introduced to

When I logged in, I actually stopped thinking about me and instead just wanted to have prayers and thoughts for my little buddy, as, by that point, I just wanted to have people know that I was honored to have a truly special Maine Coon Cat chooes me to share my life. I cried through the entire posting. It was the first time in print that I saw that my buddy was gone, and it hurt. I then thought about the past few days and I cried even harder.              I miss(ed) my buddy so very much.

Later that day, I checked my post, and I was so moved by how wonderfully understanding, supportive, loving, and compassionate the members of this community were. I knew in my heart that one thing that would absolutely be done is that I would make sure that I could be there to help others as they grieve their beloved companions. I have always believed that grief is an emotion best shared.

I am so thankful that there are people, like those in this community who understand the pain of losing a companion, and are there to share and offer their insight, their understanding, and their love when needed.

Moreso, I am so very thankful to the many wonderful members of the community who were there for me as I mourn and remember my Van Gogh (And still do to this day), and it is my honor and privledge to be part of this commmunity, to be able to share that same support to those who may need it.

Thank you, Ed, and to the moderators and coordinators of this wonderful community..

All is well with love,



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I lost my big, beautiful guy Magnum on Feb. 1st.  In the weeks following I literally lived in a black fog that I could not get myself out of.  I awoke everyday to a feeling of doom.  I did not know how to face life without my very best friend in the world.  I (similar to Mare) would sit on the Internet looking and reading about other dogs. (I wonder what makes us do that!)   On Feb 26th I remember sobbing at my desk and went in search of something/anything to help and I am not even sure why or what I thought I might find and I honestly believe I was guided here in some celestial way.  I then read several posts and sobbed some more.  The next day I became a member and for three days I read and read and cried and cried.  Of course I cried for everyone as I also cried for myself.  Then I told my story of My Guy.  I honestly did not think anyone would answer.  I guess I figured you all knew each other and I was an outsider.  Yet, it felt so good to put it in black and white.  The next day I see replies that are so kind and caring that I am actually astonished at the completely honest caring messages that I am receiving.  Each day after was a gift to me.  I was not alone!!!  I began to reply to others and found that it was a sort of therapy for me.  While I know this isn't true of everyone and that it is more painful for some to do that, for me, it was simply good medicine.  Pet Loss began to help me face life without my Magnum.  Pet Loss helped ease my pain and begin to heal and has since become a really good part of me and who I am.  I have learned so much, especially that many really wonderful people are in this world with me.

I still miss my guy with my whole heart, every single day.  It still hurts very much to not have his presence and his big head to hug.  I am, however, able to face life without him and accept that he is healthy and happy at that beautiful Bridge.  I will be forever grateful to Ed and his sight, the moderators and all of you, my friends, here at Pet

Magnum's girl, Barb


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I lost the physical body of my standard poodle Cleo on February 24th, 2009. I was so grief stricken and numb, so I saw a psychic.  His name was Thomas Windlowe and he was the one who told me about the Rainbow Bridge. After seeing him, I did searches online for support groups for pets and I found Petloss or should I say, it found me.  My life has changed forever because of this site.  I have never met so many compassionate people like I have here and I will never forget what they did for me during my worst days.  I didn't think I could go on becasue Cleo was my heartdog. She was the love of my life. My first  husband died after a bone marrow transplant for leukemia and ten months later,Cleo came into my life and changed my entire world.  She was 8 weeks old and so tiny and sweet.  She was one that brought me out of the hole that I was in.  Because of her, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Cleo and I were inseparable and I had so much joy in my heart.  When she got cancer at 11 1/2 and was put down at 12 1/2 after many treatments, I knew I did the right thing. I would never let my baby suffer and she told me with her eyes that she was ready.  The connection was so strong at that moment.  This place made me whole again.  Ed and the entire staff were unbelievably wonderful and they made Cleo's memorial, I was totally overwhelmed.  It was magical.  I just don't know how I would have grieved if I didn't find this Godsend of a  place.  It was a very difficult time and I was in denial for a long time and might even still be. Her pictures are everywhere and I feel she is very much alive.  Thank you all a million times over for changing my life for the better forever.  I am truly blessed. 
                             Sleep peacefully,

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As you all know I lost my precious cat child, Mya on August 6th.  It was like being slammed by a train, a transfer truck, and tornado at the same time. Though I had many premonitions, even way before the week before Mya's passing I never dreamed in a million years the fate that fate threw down. What I do know is I am soo grateful to Ed. So many people in my life just don't get it. I just don't speak of Mya to them anymore. I guess in their mind, past is past. Mya is in my soul.... You don't relinquish your soul nor your heart. Mya is my heart too. I struggle so much with will I or will I not see him again. I pray so as a reward for a last day of such heart ache, confusion, and guilt.  The guilt is what gets me every time. I just want to touch my Mya's soft ears once again and to hear him looking for me, running from room to room, only stopping long enough to know his mommie is with him. I love you Mya. Never leave.


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On May 30, 2011 I lost one of my best friends and favorite cat man Black Kitty to kidney disease.  I was in absolute misery on June 2 feeling guilty and searching the internet for more info on kidney disease and what I could have done differently.  I found the VCA website (the animal hospital where BK died), and they had a grief support page.  On that page, there was a link to this site.  I'm so thankful and grateful that I found a link to this website and was able to meet so many wonderful people and pets who would help me through the grieving process and change my life for the better. 

Thank you again to Ed, Diane, and all the other moderators for doing what you do.  And thank you to everyone who still comes here to help people who so desperately need kindness, understanding, and sympathy.  I believe that BK's paw guided me in the right direction that day to bring me here.



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Wow.  It was 7 years ago, Christmas Eve.  Greg and I had just returned from the emergency vets with Scruffy's remains.  We had put her to sleep after over 15 years of being our one and only child.  Kidney disease had devastated her little body and we knew it was time.  It was so cold, windy and blowing snow, as we dug her final resting place under the window.  I thought I was prepared, months earlier knowing the inevitable, I had ordered a casket.  We buried her in her favorite blanket.  I lost all my strength and just fell in the dirt.  Nothing had ever felt this bad.  Nothing.  I had cried myself into a frenzy and was searching the internet for an answer.  I was reading posts on Petloss and decided to join.  For months, I just read, and listened.  I never posted.  I finally posted and got this amazing wave of comfort and support from people who I didn't know, but eventually became my family.  Even after I felt better I decided I could help new folks in the same horrible position, that kind of healed me too. 

Little did I know that only 3 years later, on Christmas Eve I would need the Petloss family after Gimli's tragic death. 

I can't thank you enough Ed for saving my life. Literally.  I don't know what would have happened to me.  The kindness of the moderators and members never ceased to amaze me.  It still amazes me.  Thank you.

Scruffys & Gimli's mom forever

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I came in 1998 when I lost Magic. She was Bubba's mom, and another heart dog. We were inseparable. She slept on the bed with us. About 8 months after Magic died, I lost my husband too. It was a really bad time for me. But, as with most things, we move forward, hearts heal and we find ourselves back where we started for other reasons. I'm so happy this place exists. I feel like I've made alot of friends here and I want to pay forward the kindness and concern shown to me.


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Originally, my Mother found the Rainbow Bridge Poem when our Festus cat passed away (9 months before Kuma). Then she searched around and showed me that you can have memorials and things here. One day I would like to put one up for both of them.

Then when we lost Kuma, I remembered the site with the poem my Mother showed me. I Googled it, found it and came back to check the site instantly. Then I saw that there were forums, just what I needed at the time which have been and still will always be a BIG help! I couldn't have gotten through the way I did without Petloss. I am forever a part of Petloss, whether I lose pets or not. Thank you all!


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I have never had much to say about the great white wolf Silver King aka Pooky.
But, i take this as an exception. Pooky crossed the river July 19, 2000. I grieved for 9 long months searching for help. one day i found and Ed Williams aka GrandeWolf.
this kind man was so much help to me, but i took one look at all the hurting people surrounding me there and made myself a vow. i would go to petloss every day for 365 days trying to help others that were hurting as much as I. that turned into 500 straight days. it was there i met two women, jojo and marieke. maman loup and magicwolf. this was the beginning of the petloss wolfpack.
maman loup is a soulmate for life and became the mother to the cubs of the wolfpack. Marieke became a kindred spirit also. we were sorta like the 3 mosquitos of legendary fame.
after 500 days i found myself in the kingman, arizona hospital with a bad heart. i got so mad at my nurse. it was a monday night and they would not bring me a computer to go to the petloss candle ceremony. i was heartbroken. i had never misssed one.
over all these moons gone by, the wolfpack has grown, and many many kind people have joined as volunteers to come when they can to help others in their great time of grief and need. not many understand the way these people can hurt over the loss of an animal companion. BartendersBluesWolf came along about 4 years later. she was like a little mouse siting in a corner in the shadows. i think i helped her some. she is now called the Bard of petloss. you came a long way baby. I am so very proud of you and the rest of your sibling cubs. you make my heart sing.
to each person i met along the path, i gave a piece of my heart and was given much love in return. GhattenWolf joined us and we became the second set of 3 mosquitos. again a .
ghattenwolf, rhonda, is a beautiful poet and has written many a wonderful poem that i know must touch the hearts of many. good cub rhonda.
there are many good cubs out there, but i feel i have been windy enough, and this is turning into a book. sorry folks. not.
they now build pages on our website for those who have loved animal companions and lost them, and cried great silver tears.
i can honestly say i do not know what my life now would be like if not for EdW, one of my 3 mentors and my reason for being me. I still meet many people who help me when the waves of sorrow hit me. they come at such unexpected times don't they?
if not for people like EdW, jackie and rhonda i would be a hopeless helpless case, but with their love and kindness they have made me into a much better man than i was.
this i hope will help some to understand the man behind the cubs of the petloss wolfpack.
remember all who read this my words, "they are not gone who live on in the hearts they left behind".
for all you have done for me, i thank you. for all you do for others, i just love you with all my hearts and soul. keep on keeping on you wonderful people, (family) of
love and hugs, papa lobowolf don. the messenger of the great white wolf.


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I ended up on this site thanks to a very good friend.  I'd lost Tina the night before due to one of those not in a million years accidents.  I'm moping, she's crying, and we're both stuck with guilts when she emails me the addy here and a short note, that I'm dealing with enough as it is and this site might help with this loss at least.  Preparing with a stout drink and a full pack of smokes, I logged into the chatroom and braced.

Not at all what I was expecting, in a good way!  Here were people that understood that kids don't always come with fingers and toes and an incessant desire to drain your bank account or stay out late with questionable friends on a school night.  It was also very unique but nice that I didn't get the standard 'ewww, snakes' reaction I usually deal with when people find out that my kids come into the world wearing scales and are limbless.

Aside from the outpouring of understanding and a shoulder to electronically cry on, it's been somewhat of an adventure passing along what I consider fascinating factoids about my kind of kids.  In return I've never hit a search engine so many times in an evening chatting, learning all I could in return about such things as dog and cat breeds, fur colors/patterns, etc.  Just like I could give chapter and verse about my breed of kids, those of you that love your furry children know your stuff and love to pass that along to those willing to listen and have an open mind.

Here I found a wonderful group of people, each unique and a few downright silly (but we all need a laugh now and again!), that know and understand that our 'pets' are our children and it breaks our hearts to lose them.  I want to thank each of you that have talked with me and given that solidarity and support I've been needing to get through this.

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In December of 09 I loss my white cat Nikki. She had renal failure and we were going to have to make the decision the next day but she made it for us during the night. I found her in the bathroom when I got up.

I really can't remember how I came upon this site, I went to so many but all I know is I'm so glad I did find it. It was such a comfort to me in the days after Nikki's passing and also in July of this year when my precious Macy left us. I cry as I read the stories of all the precious pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  I still have days when I cry about Macy and it's comforting to know I'll be reunited one day with her and my other animals who are with her.

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oh, jeepers creepers jackie.    how did i first come to petloss?    well, i know that jude led me here.     after she was at the bridge a friend of mine had printed out some poems and gave them to me.   when i had the courage to face reading them i noticed that one had been printed from this site.    i had never even considered a petloss forum on the internet and decided to look into this.     that was march 29, 2010-3 days after jude ran off to the bridge.

i couldn't believe what i saw and read.   there were genuine people here who cared and most importantly understood how shattered my heart was.    these kind folks took the time to talk to me with their caring words and this site became my refuge.     i clung to it as a drowning person would to a life raft.    it saved me from the depths of despair.     not only the caring words directed to me but i felt like i was also able to help others who also have had recent losses.    between the give and take of all the words that i read and wrote and all the folks that i have talked to, i began to understand a bit of myself on a deeper level and that also helped with my journey of grief.

this place is a sanctuary for hurting hearts and we all need each other.    heaven knows we all need a shoulder to cry on during our rough times in life along with arms to gently hug away our fears and sorrow.   those are all provided in abundance here at petloss.    

to think that this site as grown and matured into the most used site for pet grief support from when it all started as a tribute from ed w to one of his beloved dogs, speaks volumns as to the necessity of this site along with aching desire of all of us to pour out our hearts to those who understand and accept.    it is a therapy for the grieving heart.   

and along with all of the heart felt words from everyone, you, papa and ghatten have added yet another dimension to this site with your wolf pack and those unbelievably beautiful and moving memorial pages that you create.   that is another form of healing for all of us. 

i would like to say thank

Posts: 1,901
drat!   i hit the wrong darned key again and my post ran away from me.    i hope it posts ok.

anyway, my parting thoughts are to say THANK YOU to each and every person here who have touched many different hearts and have helped them to begin their journey towards healing.     that gift is priceless beyond measure as the love we feel for our furbabies is.

((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs to all)))))))))))))))))))))))


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sept 11 2001 one year before 9/11 becme a household word.  I came here when we put Tina down I needed help and support and found it here with people who understood losing an animal and ones little girl.   I loved that dog so much but Ellie, Taylor and Jacob have followed on.   Taylor has stolen my heart and trying to get myself prepared for her leaving us.

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 Gentle Whispers

Gentle whispers for those who must part.
This is a parting of bodies never of hearts.
The bonding and unity with the one with the
gentle eyes is always.

Gentle whispers for the ones who can not
touch in this world, but dance among the
stars in dreams that comfort the soul.

Gentle whispers for those who grieve, for
your loved one is never gone from you.
Every breath you take they are there.
Every step you take they take it with you.

Gentle whispers to those who walk this path of sorrow.
Take the hand of a friend and walk the
path of healing. For each step you
take brings you closer to reunion

Gentle whispers for those who come together
in understanding. Your hearts are caring
and help those who grieve take that first step
to peace of heart. You are the angels that walk
among us.

You are loved always and forever by the
Angels of the Rainbow.

(c)J.C. Stewart
aka BluesWolf


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June of 2010.  I lost my little shih-tzu, CoCo to Cushings disease on April 3rd 2010 but did not know that PetLoss existed.  Once I found this place, I felt among friends.  Then on June 6th of 2010 I lost my little brindle chihuahua, Taterbug, to congestive heart failure.  Losing two in such a short period of time almost pushed me over the edge.  I spent a lot of time in the chat room with such members as Edgewood, Lexa, grieiving, Angel Face and many many more and they helped get me through the grief process,  For that I owe many an eternal "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart.  I have not been on much latley because of some health issues that I have had to deal with but I want you guys to know that I love each and every one and will never forget the kindnesses that were shown to me!

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I lost Luna 01/17/07, then Gypsy 09/17//07.  I was devastated beyond belief.  One day while at work, I went on the web to seek help for my depression.  I googled the rainbow bridge poem to read it and found a link to this site.  I've been coming back ever since.  This site and the people here have been a Godsend, a saving Grace.  Thank you Ed, and everyone involved - all the wolves - you are all such a blessing to me! ♥

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Just Around The Corner

When I dream I see you just around the corner
waiting for me. I see you so clearly, that if I
reached my hand out I would touch your warmth.
I hear you sigh and feel the caress of your breath on
my cheek. I touch my face and picture
you just around the corner.

In the darkness of the night when all the light is gone
and I fear will never see the light of the sun, I hear your heart
beat. Then I see a silver glow. Within that glow a path appears.
Showing me one day I will follow.
I see you always near. Just around the corner,
where my heart dwells.

©J.C. Stewart

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Thank you Jackie for starting such a touching topic
I will try to make this short and to the point pet loss came into my life back in the 90s I was looking for a poem from my neighbor who lost her dog I printed out the Rainbow Bridge poem, fast forward 5 years ago I lost a beautiful stray cat to diabetes and I knew that I needed support I came back to pet loss and joined the chat room I spent 10 12 or more hours a day with people that were going through the same thing I could not imagine there was a place like this... an eternal hug from people that understood, people that did not get tired of hearing about grieving ... it was not new for me to know what loss was but after I lost penny I knew I needed somebody n somewhere for help, and I can't thank pet loss enough all of the people that monitor the board the chatroom the Wolfpack which I soon became apart of and to know all of the wonderful people here, thank you EdW,for this wonderful site for this place I can call home,
Katmomwolf4 n bubbles


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It was August 2000 that I came here. I lost my soul mate and was completely and utterly lost in a sea of grief. I was looking for compassion and understanding that I wasn't getting from the people around me. Finding this web site validated my feelings and I wasn't alone. Here there was understanding and love from fur parents who got ME! They understood that it wasn't just a dog. Dakota was only six years old and way to young to die. I felt a lot of guilt and blamed myself. There are many who felt the same as I did. They shared their stories and listened to mine. Then again in September of 2017 I lost my Heart Dog. He was 16 years 4 months and 4 days old. Yes old for a fur baby but losing him was again heart breaking. I had and still have a very hard time with life without him. Again here I found love and compassion from others. Writing and responding to others who share my pain has been a God send. I can go on knowing that I am never alone, all I need to do is come here and read the posts and know that there are others out there that love as deeply as I do. There is nothing as great as love on four legs and covered in fur. The unconditional love that is given to us by our fur babies is the best kind of love.
Thank you Ed for giving us all a place to come to and talk about our fur babies and not be judged and be understood.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I found Petloss in early 2004 - then in April 2004 Lobo Wolf found me . . . . . . it hardly seems it was so long ago. I always joked with Papa I came here through the back door. Ghatten is not the name of a furchild I lost - it is a fictional catlike creature from a book series I really like. I had by 2004 lost 4 kitties that were mine - one a childhood pet I lost as a child, one a childhood pet who moved with me as I became an adult that I lost to cancer 24 years before I came here, and 2 I had rescued as an adult that I had lost in 1992 and 1993 - and a host of childhood family pets gone before I was grown. Since April 2004 I have lost so many more than I care to even count. None named Ghatten. Each loss did and still does hurt.

I actually came from a poetry site - I had seen the poem Rainbow Bridge but then lost it, and found Petloss searching for the poem. I read several post and met a lovely lady who was loosing her beautiful tabby to cancer and felt I would stay long enough to help her. I also tried to post to some others who I hoped my words would comfort. My intent was to stay in the shadows and help - then before I was too noticed move on. The night I had intended to be my last here I decided to go to the chat room, after all it was my last night so what could it hurt. But I had been noticed, and Lobo Wolf had other plans than my leaving. That night a stranger spoke to me and in speaking became a friend who held my hand through many losses, pushed me to grow, and pulled his shy poet from the shadows where I had hidden in for many years. I miss Papa dearly and always will, and along the journey here have lost others I call friend and miss. Papa would have told you I rarely speak directly - doing my speaking through poems or short tales - I can only hope the poems and tales have offered a small measure of comfort to at least some.



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I found this amazing place in January of 2012.  I lost my Rascal suddenly and unexpectedly.  I was so devastated.  I didn't know it was possible to hurt as much as I was hurting; it physically hurt to breathe.  I was truly struggling and I have no idea what made me search or find this board.  I had never participated in these type of boards or groups.  In my heart my Rascal directed me to this place.  Here I was surrounded by people who truly understood the pain I was feeling; true comfort and understanding.  I became really good friends with several people I "met" here.  

This is an amazing place and I was blessed to find everyone.

InMemoryOfRascal...and Rambo forever.

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My childhood cat had passed away in 1999, but it wasn't until the following year when I went to university and was alone that I really felt the loss. Through some searching I came across Petloss and it was so helpful to find others who understood and knew there was more to healing my loss than just "get over it."

In the years since I had a loss in 2007 and then again this year. Thinking back, each time I thought, I could never find love again...but sure enough, I did. Each of them in different ways, but I became attached to each of them and loved them dearly. 

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It's Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.  <3

Thursday February 13, 2014.  A day like any other, except Tuffy and Toby had an appointment with the groomer.  Toby had Cushings, had a toe amputated and was in poorer health at 13.  Tuffy was almost 14.  Got a call from the groomer about 30 minutes after dropping them off.  Tuffy had a seizure, had bled out a little, his tongue had turned blue but they had revived him.  Called the vet to ask if I could bring him in .. got a call an hour later that he was resting comfortably and to pick him up later.  Oh, and his poor little body had a six inch tumour on his spleen, his liver enzymes were extremely elevated along with some other issues.  I had asked 'how long' and was told 'we don't have to put him down today'.  Reality check, my world came tumbling down.  Just didn't know what to do, or who to talk to so I came here and was a regular here for a long time after.  I knew it was going to be hard, but it was far harder than I thought.  

Took him back to the groomer on Friday to finish his grooming, wanted him looking good. Saturday went to the vet to book his trip to Rainbow Bridge. Vet agreed to come to our home as Tuffy got stressed at the vet's, it was a long weekend here so it wasn't until Wednesday.  The next days were a blur and bittersweet, had a few more days but they were full of tears.  We went for a daily walk which shocked the vet when I told her as he should not have had the strength.  

Four and a half years later I think of him (and Toby) daily and the tears still come.  Until we meet again.  

This place saved me.  Along with meds and counseling.  I was on anti-depressants for a little over a year after Tuffy passed.

He was worth the grief.  My hardest loss.

But thanks to my family here and people that truly understood the soul crushing pain.

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