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I lost my 1 year old girl Ebony to a dog attack 3 days ago. She didn't die instantly and I got to see her awake at the vet. When I saw her she was dosed up on pain killers and when I patted her she started purring even after going through all that pain. We couldnt save her as all her insides were crushed. I'm devastated and so upset. I don't know how to get through the days. I had a huge bond with her as she was an orphaned kitten and I got her at 2 weeks old and had to bottle feed her every 3 hours. I'm grieving so bad and I don't know what to do! I've got my other cat and 2 guinea pigs that make it a bit easier.

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I’m so sorry, I can imagine the special bond you had since you bottle fed her and had her from so young. How lucky of her to be rescued by you and to be so loved.

It’s still very early days for you and feeling so devastated is normal, I know that doesn’t help you but as time moves on, it will get a tiny bit easier.

I wish I could make you feel better, but the amount of grief you feel shows how much you love her.

Just be kind to yourself, take each minute / hour as it comes.

Hugs to you xx

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What kind of signs have people had that their fur babies are still around?

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby girl Ebony. Poor baby I can't even imagine all the pain she was going through. I just hate those dog attacks towards kittens I know they are just accidents but I just can't understand why these keeps happening not good at all. My little girl princess was also attack by a our neighbor's dog and I was the one that rescued her from that horrible attack. I was able to save her but then after I did she passed away because a car right in front of my house hit her. She was also very young like yours was the only difference with mine was that I didn't have the opportunity to bottle feed her. how nice of you to bottle feed your baby it sounds to me like you really love your little girl so much. regarding your question that you are asking about what are some signs that we might have when we know our babies are still are around, well I had a few signs right after my girl kittens have passed away. 

I lost princess back on June of 2014 and then in the year 2016 on the same month June I lost my other girl blanca. when they both passed away I was devastated and so bad that I couldn't even go on with my life because I needed my kittens back. I don't know how but whenever I just to go sleep or just be sad and crying all day long I was able to hear meowing and like paws of kittens running around my house. those signs happen with blanca I always just to hear a lot of intense meowing down in my basement since she was normally down there, so whenever I just to go and see nothing was actually there. Also their was once that I went downstairs and I was able to see blanca running back and forth like she just to do.. I don't know but I think that they are able to feel that we are sad and just by these signs they are letting us know that they are here with us. 

Now in the other hand with my baby girl princess was a complete different signs, with her I was able to feel her spirit presence right next to me as I was crying while laying down at night. One night as I was crying I was able to hear a intense meowing right next to me and then i was able to feel how she just to jump on top of my bed I was like princess are you here with me baby but at that very moment it was a complete silence it's like I felt once again sad because I was like she is no longer with me she is gone gone forever. Until then a few minutes later I was able to hear meowing once more but these time outside of porch the way she love to do by catching things outside. My family always thinks I was either crazy because they were all their spirits are never going to come back, your just getting paranoiac. So how about you have you recently had any signs of your baby girl Ebony?


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I am so so sorry for your loss. I understand what you are going through as I lost my puppy Axe through a bite from another dog. It's hard to say that as it was just a few days ago. We also went to the vet and I do feel like he relaxed and was comforted when I was able to pet him and talk to him before the we had to let him go. It is so so hard to see that and continue on without them with us. The day after it happened I went to my parents house, and our family cat Sushi was there. I was downstairs and he came right up to me and let me hug him and hold him, (he's very stoic and hates to be cuddled normally). I felt like it was a small sign that Axe was around me. It has been so so hard. I feel similar where I can't make it day to day. I have to try to make it hour by hour. I understand how difficult it is for you and I hope you are able to heal soon. I'm glad you have your other pets as I do think that they are very aware of our emotions and can help us heal quicker. 


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Lasweetbaby33 I'm so sorry for the lose of your kittens. Thank you for sharing your story, that must of been hard seeing her get attacked. I'm glad I didn't see ebony getting attacked, it was a few houses behind mine where it happened and I'm just so glad I had her microchiped otherwise right now I would be wondering where is she, I hope she's okay and hasn't passed away somewhere. I'm glad I got to see her awake at the vet and got to bring her body and spirit home. Yep ive felt ebonys spirit presence next to me and ive heard noises that she usually makes at night time.
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