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My  Sweet Angel your 7 yr. bridge day is here already,and my heart still aches to hold you close and feel your beautiful little black nose touch my cheek,it always was so moist,but I always said your were kissing me,I can't believe that at 4:00 in the afternoon Saturday is when  me & Dad had to let your friend  your dear vet help you to leave our arms and go into the arms of our dear Lord,who I trust with all my heart to take good care of you until we can join you and never have to say goodbye again,Oh how I miss you yet,I always go back to my precious memories of you and all the little things that made me laugh and kept my world interesting,you brought more love and laughter into our home and hearts for the whole 17 yrs. and 8 months we had you,you came to us as a little bit of a thing and grew into the most beautiful loving heart anyone would have been proud to have you.I'll never forget you my sweet you will always have a warm and loving place in my heart, where I will protect you and keep you warm in the winter & cool in the summer,I still love you with all my heart,and I never get tired of talking about or thinking of you and going through all your pictures and I do have loads of them,you are my baby always and Daddy's little girl forever,he still thinks and talks about you. We love you my angel and always will.Baby Sammy is doing good and is helping us with our broken hearts,she is a little sweetie and I think you have been talking to her and telling her what we like and how to handle us.
Well you will have a great party for your  bridgeday,I know Sadie and  Sus,and all my other babies will be there to help you celebrate your day,Sleep in the arms of an angel tonight. Sending all  our love and wishing I could be with you, I love you sweet girl and we will be there one day to help you celerate a bridge day,with all my Love and kisses and Hugs to my sweet baby girl.I love you sweetheart and will never forget  you.
With all our love,
Mom Dad & Baby Sammy,


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My dear friend JoAnn, Sweet Sammy Sus' Forever Mom

It seems so hard to believe it has been 7 whole years since your forever girl, Sammy Sus physically left your side. I know how your heart is aching today missing her but your words for Sammy Sus are so beautiful and loving. The whole 17 years and 8 months she was your little girl are a testament to your love for each other. I can just picture Sammy Sus' sweet face and loving eyes glowing with pride at her Mom who loves her so and keeps her safe in her heart forever.

These days never seem to get any easier but each one brings us a year closer to being with them again. We are so lucky each to have found our ways through our terrible pain and grief to Petloss and to the friendships that sustain us while we wait to be with our little ones again. And best of all here at Petloss, they continue to be their sweet loving presences on this Earthly Plane in our words and our memories. I will always be so grateful to EdW for creating this sanctuary for us. 

I pray Sammy Sus comes to visit her gentle and loving Mom tonight in a sweet dream visit and I am so glad you have Baby Sammy by your side loving you through this hard day. Sending you many warm hugs and hoping you find some comfort today in knowing Robert Browning's "the best is yet to come" is true for all us.

(((((((((((((((((((((((( JoAnn and Sammy Sus )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Much love,

For JoAnn and Sammy Sus ~ 

Borrowed Angels
They shine a little brighter
They feel a little more
They touch a life in ways no one has ever done before
They love a little stronger and live to give their best and make our lives so blessed.
So why do they go so soon the ones with souls so beautiful,
I heard someone say they must be borrowed angels
here in this life, they come along into this world
and make this world bright
but they can't stay forever
cause they're heaven sent
and sometimes heaven needs them back again.
They reach a little deeper,
see what’s in your soul
and even when they leave
you know you'll never let them go.
The world’s a little richer
just cause they came along
their love goes on and on
so why do they go so soon
the ones with souls so beautiful?
I heard someone say they must be borrowed angels
and sometimes heaven needs them back again.
I believe they must be borrowed angels…
~ Kristin Chenoweth


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Dear Sammy Sus,
 It cannot be that you are gone 7 years.  If that is true, than Scruffy will be gone 6 years Christmas Eve.  Oh, how we never forget them.  Our friends, our confidants, our biggest fans, our babies.  Although I have new "kids" now and life has moved on, there are days and sometimes weeks go by and then "BAM" all of a sudden something comes to mind.  There it is, like yesterday and she is still gone. 

Sammy Sus will live in our hearts forever.  How blessed you were to have Sammy and how blessed we are to know that you never forget.  You are a great mom and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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(((((((((((((((JoAnn & Sweet Sammy Sus)))))))))))))
OMG has it been that long, time sure seems to fly by.  I remember doing Sammy Sus for you, and it was a pleasure to do.  My prayers and thoughts go out to you on this day.  And remember that I am always here for you JoAnn.  Take care my friend.
¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
* * Andrea * *
¸.•´ (¸.•** *´¨)¸.•´ ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤ ¤



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Your tribute to Sammy Sus is so sweet!  Her memories are alive in your heart.  Seven years is a long time to be without your little girl.  I am sure there are times yet when it seems like only yesterday that she said goodbye.  You and your husband were blessed with 17 wonderful and fun filled years with Sammy.  I hope she had great party at the bridge with all of our precious babies.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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Prayers for peace and signs from the bridge that the connection has never been nor will ever be broken.

Posts: 5,100
Dear {{{{JoAnn}}}},

What a beautiful tribute you have written for your beloved girl, Sammy Sus!  Your gentle, forever love for her is so evident in every word.  I have no doubt that Sammy is watching over you, your husband and Baby Sammy every single day of your lives.  One glorious day, JoAnn, you will feel that beautiful little moist nose again and she will shower you with "welcome home" kisses! 

Precioius Sammy Sus, your sweet Mom and Dad love and miss you so.  Watch over them from above every day and visit them in their dreams!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,

Posts: 2,719
Dear JoAnn,  Can you believe we have been on this journey for so long?  How the time does pass.  Miss Dallas will have her 8th yr. bridgeday on the 26th!  It hardly seems possible.  I know how much you miss Sammy Sus because I still miss my Dallas.  We will see them again someday and when we do......oh what a day it will be!

Bless you and the spirit of your beloved angel.

Love,  Diane

Posts: 763

I hope you had a wonderful 7 year Bridge Day beautiful Sammy Sus! I hope you had a great time with Mr. Meowgy and all your friends! Please let Mommy know you are alright, she loves and misses you so. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Dear JoAnn--

    I was just checking in and saw your post.  I want to send my well wishes to you during this time of reflection on little Sammy Sus' 7-year Bridge day.  It's so hard to believe that those years have gone by.  I will be dealing with the 3-year mark in another week, and those memories of Teddy are still vivid in my mind as yours are for little Sammy.  I guess we owe a lot to this site for getting us through those trying times.  Although we have all that wonderful support, the longing and sadness will always be there. We just have to learn to accept that and go on. With this wonderful family, we are able to do that.

       When something you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

                        Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers--

                                 Helen, Teddy's forever Mom

Posts: 1,405
Dear JoAnn
Your letter to sweet Sammy Sus is so beautiful and filled with the love you have for her. I smiled when you said it was like she was talking to Baby Sammy and telling her what to do to help heal your hearts. I have experienced this a really believe are beloved depart fur babies do this for us. I am honored to remember Sammy Sus on her 7 year Bridge day. I grieve with you and send my love and prayers.
God bless, Linda

Posts: 607
Dear JoAnn,

I just wanted to acknowledge Sammy's Bridge Day and I hope your day was filled with happy memories.  No matter how long they are gone, there is always an emptiness in our arms that can never be filled. 


Posts: 2,245
Dearest Joann:
I was just checking in and saw your post. I am so sorry that I missed Sammy Sus's special day. I cannot believe Sammy Sus has been gone for 7 years.  I cannot believe we have been on this site for so long. 

There are certain Special Angels who come into your life and take your heart with them when they leave; Christopher and Sammy Sus were two examples.  I know that you will miss her for Eternity-the pain lives on as well.

Your Tribute to Sammy Sus is beautiful.  I know that she misses you too and I know that she will wait for you Forever.

Sending Love and Prayers your way from California and the Bridge
Georgeann, Christopher and Miss Sophie

Posts: 452
Dear JoAnn,
     I too am so sorry to have missed your 7th Bridgeday for Sammy Sus. Your words of love over all these years speak to a heartfilled connection that didn't end when Sammy Sus left your side, the love continued.  
     You have shared that love so willingly here at Pet Loss, here among friends from all over the globe. 
     Sending special, belated blessings from Canada to you and your fur angel, Sammy Sus.
     Wendy (Decker's mom)

Posts: 1,523
Dear JoAnn,

My thoughts and prayers are with you for Your Precious Sammy Suss' 7 year Bridge Day. 7 years closer to that Glorious Day! Your Tribute to your Baby is just Beautiful. I wept. Your Love shines as Bright as the Son for your Baby. Yes she is safe in the arms of Jesus. What comfort that brings. God bless you and your Sammy Suss.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

Posts: 1,015


Dear JoAnn . . .

Thinking of you & your sweet Sammy Sus on the anniversary of her 7th year at the bridge. I close my eyes & I see her giving you those wet nose kisses ~ it’s a sweet image & a lovely memory for you to keep near your heart.

With much affection & warm hugs,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.

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