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My Sweet Sweet Sammy,

Today marks that Day that you went to be with Jesus. 17 months ago My Boy. With every day Sammy, Mommy misses you more and more. Gosh Sammy, I just can't believe how My Love for you  grows bigger and bigger. You are My Heart of Hearts My Precious Baby. Life will never be the same. I look so forward to that Glorious Day Little One. I pretend, I dream about what it will be like. Grandma called yesterday and said that Her Precious KiKi has come to join you. Oh Sammy, her Heart is so broken. Take care of KiKi until Grandma gets there. Sammy, I miss you so much. It's still hard to take a breath sometimes. I hope to dream of you. Sing to Jesus and Look to The East. I love you My Precious Mo-Mo.

Love, Mommy

Posts: 11,059
Seventeen long months without your precious Sammy!  Where does the time go?  Some days it truly feels like they just left.  I am sorry to hear about the loss of Kiki.   Sammy is happy with Kiki's arrival at the bridge....the two of them will be great company for each other!!  It certainly would be a perfect world if our pets would never get sick and stay with us until we leave for our next life.

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~


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My Dear Friend Mare (always there),

Thank you so much. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and then sometimes it seems like forever... holding and Loving My Boy. I seen a Beautiful Picture of a Sweet Bunny this weekend and thought of Christoph right away. I can only imagine what Joy is is to be Loved by such a Sweet Bunny Boy. Sammy and Christoph have a New Friend to play with. KiKi was only 2 years old. He is a Beautiful yellow Tabby. Very sleek though. Our world would be perfect if only... God bless you Dear Friend.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

Posts: 842
Mayme, just wanted to let you know my thoughts are with you on this day, you are a very special person to me and many here.  I love what you write for your Sammy--one day, look to the east. Here is to many wonderful blessed days for Sammy and Kiki together, and healing for your Grandmother.



Posts: 452
Happy Bridge Day Sammy......Love to you, Mayme...

     May Mo Mo play with my 'Manda and sleep tucked in her loving Paws.  I just know they are Friends......How could they not be?  You are my Loving Friend,  Always.

  Debbie and The Dude and Lamb 'Manda's Loving Spirit


Posts: 1,523
Dear Dear Friend Kathy,

Thank you so much for your kind words and being here with me for Precious Sammy's Bridge Day. You have always been such a Good Friend too. I believe with all my Heart that My Precious Mo-Mo will see me rise from the East. But Kathy, Sheeba knows this of you too. Sheeba, Sammy and KiKi are having such a good time together. They are joined as Family just like we are! God bless.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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Dear Mayme--

     ( For some reason my computer is not letting me send messages.  This is the 3rd try.  I hope this reaches you.  If not, I'll send you a PM.)

     Thinking of you today on Sammy's 17 month Bridge Day.  Also, I will send some prayers for your Grandmother on her loss of KiKi.  I hope that she will find peaceful healing.

                      The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but are felt in the heart; and Sammy is felt in your heart every day.

                   God bless, Mayme---

                                      Helen, Teddy's Mom



Posts: 1,523
Oh Debbie, My Precious Friend,

It's so good to hear from you. Thank you so very much. Pooh and Mo-Mo are likely up to something!!! lol They both have those natures that even when they are good.. they are up to something lol. Debbie, just think, (tears coming out of my eyes) they are well and happy. Nothing hurts and they LOVE us! For sure... Heaven is a Good Place. God bless.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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To my very sweet precious friend Mayme,
     Your tribute brought tears to my eyes.  I know how deep your love is for your sweet Sammy Mo-Mo. You know I feel the same about Cleo.  I can't believe it's been 17 months already.  Sammy heard every word Mayme.  When it is time for you to be reunited, it will be the most magical moment of utter joy.  I know it's difficult to love Sammy in separation and that your baby is not here in the physical, but the two of you are intertwined.  It is simply not possible for you to ever break apart.  The bond gets stronger every day.  It's so beautiful to see how devoted you are to your sweetheart.  Thinking of you my dear friend and wishing you sweet dreams of your Sammy.
                            Sleep peacefully,
Please, please , please visit your Mommy. She loves you so much and needs to feel your presence.  Come into her dreams and give her some peace and happiness. 

Posts: 1,523
My Dear Dear Friend Helen,

I'm still having problems connecting here. (?) It just happens sometimes I think. I sure do not know much about the cyber world lol. Thank you for your Beautiful and kind words and Blessing. It means so much to me to have you as a Friend. The picture of the Rainbow is just Beautiful. It really touched my Heart. God bless.

My Dear Forever Friend Pam,

Everytime I read your words to me... I cry. You know my Heart. I am devoted to My Boy. Thank you for knowing that. It's just awesome the Love I share with My Sammy.I just miss Him so very much. And I know the Love between you and Cleo. I see it and I do feel it Pam. God bless.

Posts: 398

   Happy Bridgeday to you and your Mo-Mo (Sammy). It was not until recently that I even felt happy about any Bridge Day without my Gizmo in my life. Why should I ? because it is just a reminder of how much I Love and Miss him. But something happened along the way. I found many friends on this site who although hurting somewhat themselves took the time to help me towards finding that Inner Peace that we all need. People like you Mayme and JerryC, and Robin as well as many others. There is a bond that cannot be broken held strong by the power of Love.
   When I was up at Gizmo's grave that night for his 2 year Anniversary I felt a little more at ease realizing that I know that I will always love and miss but yet I know I will also remember and Honor him. I told him that our relationship has taken a new turn. Since I cannot change what has been done My life will have my Gizmo on my shoulder or inside of me helping me make better decisions. May God Always Bless and shine upon you. As always you and Sammy remain in my prayers at Gizmo's grave.



Posts: 564
Mayme, may peace and comfort be with you on this special anniversary date.  Sammy is giving you hugs and kisses in your dreams, even when you can't recall them!  The love in your heart for your sweet baby is so are 17 months closer to your reunion.  What a joyous occasion it will be!!

Today I cried again when I visited the graves of my sweet Luke and Lil.  It had been awhile since I experienced that level of sadness again, especially in the joy I've been feeling after bringing home my new babies, SilverCloud and Rowdy.  In some of the mannerisms they have, I relive times that I spent with Luke and Lil when they were younger and healthy.....from the cuddles that SC gives me to the times Rowdy attacks SC when he's climbing out of a ditch in search of the dreaded takes me back to a very happy time with my other dogs, and then it reminds me that my Luke and Lil are gone.  I am beginning to love these new pups dearly, but some of that is still bitter sweet......I have yet to learn to just accept the joy and to remember that things are as they are meant to be, and my sweet departed pups have played such a large part in this new chapter in my life.  Sometimes I feel so good that I feel guilty for the feeling!!

Mayme, Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Mo-Mo!  It helped me to reflect on the love I will always feel for my precious Luke and Lil, which will help me all the more to be a good daddy to my new pups!  God Bless!  Rick

Posts: 1,405
Dearest Mayme,
My thoughts and prayers are with you especially on Sammy's Bridge day anniversary. Oh how very difficult it is to bear the Bridge day anniversary pain. I'm sorry I can't put into words what I want to say to comfort you. It's in my heart but I just can't seem to make my fingers type it right now. I just want you to know how sorry I am and that I am always here for you.
God bless, Linda

Posts: 1,523
Thank you so much My Dear Friend Jeff. The Love and Wisdom that lives inside of us because of Our Babies is the most Wonderful Gifts. Who knew when we held those Wonderful Creatures in our arms for the first time... how changed our lives would be forever. I agree that our Relationship with them has taken a turn. It's just a different Season. But it goes on forever, never never to end. I go back and read the words of Love and Wisdom that JerryC left with me and so many others. Yes, it is inner Peace. And we are so blessed that his words are written down for us to experience over and over again. Just as we need them. Thank you for your prayers Jeff. I need them so. God bless.

Dear Friend Rick, Thank you so much for your kind and loving words. I am so glad for you that "New" life and "Love" has found it's way to you. One thing I know that we can count on is that everything finds it's way. Heartbreak, Hope, Love and Happiness. All of these things know where they belong in our lives. And if we give them a chance... they will settle where they are supposed to be. It will be a Glorious Day when I see My Sammy again. I long for that day. Thank you again and God Bless.

Sweet Sweet Linda, Your Heart speaks to me loud and clear. I hear it well. I know what you mean about getting it down to your finger tips. But we are such close Family here. I believe we, better than any other, know each others Hearts. Thank you for being here for me Linda and I am for you. God bless you My Sweet Dear Friend.
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