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Yesterday we made the heartbreaking decision to lay our baby Chance to rest. Chance was so much more than a dog, he was our baby for 12 years. My mom actually picked him out for herself, but her older dog wanted no part of him. My mom called and asked if we wanted a dog. I went to go meet him and feel in love. He felt the same he grabbed my purse in his mouth. Let's go momma🐶 He loved his walks so so much. He loved wresting with his Daddy and pets from his brother. Everyone who met him thought he was the best. Early December he went weak in his hind end and didn't want to eat. We found out it was cancer. Chance already had heart issues and arthritis. We just couldn't put him through kemo. So we kept him as comfortable as we could by using prednisone. It worked for a while, he started to enjoy food again and enjoyed more walks. We even made it back to our park. We knew our time was limited, but yesterday things happened so fast. He had a seizure and we decided We would not let him suffer and worried it would happen again when he was home alone. We made the call for someone to come to our home. Now feeling so along.... Wishing we would have waiting till later in the day, thinking would more medicine work? Why didn't we lift him to the couch instead of letting him a ley on the floor. Missing him so very much..

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I am so sorry for your loss and pain. I am right there with you and will share my story if that’s okay. I had to let go of my baby girl last Monday and I feel horrible about it. She had bad arthritis, hearing loss, eyesight was going, and dementia that was getting worse. She also had a very sensitive stomach and would vomit once a month for no reason. She had her first 2 seizures almost a year ago and due to her age, the ER said it was a possible brain tumor. I opted out of the MRI because she almost died on the table during her last dental. I was terrified to put her through anesthesia again. They put her on seizure meds and she was seizure free for almost a year. I was convinced the first 2 were just a random incident. Then last Friday night, she had some kind of episode. It stopped and then started again, so I took her to a different ER. They said it was a possible stroke, vestibular disease or brain tumor. I took her home to monitor her for the weekend. She kept having the episodes which started looking like partial seizures to me. But, they weren’t happening as often and not lasting long. I assumed she was improving. Monday night came and she had 2 back to back seizures and the second one wasn’t stopping. I rushed her back to the ER and they strongly suggested I let her go. Now I keep asking myself if I did the right thing. What if I asked for more meds instead? What if it wasn’t a tumor and it was something that could have been treated?? I feel like I should have taken her back to the ER on Saturday instead of waiting until Monday. These thoughts are haunting me. I wish I had some advice for you, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone. I’m here if you need to talk and again I’m sorry for your loss and pain.

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Thank you for your reply.
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