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I lost my little girl last night and my heart is broken. My husband and I brought our two girls home after we met and fell head over heels for them. Tiffany and Pugsy are litter mates and have been together pretty much their whole life. This past Sunday Tiffany was throwing up and by Monday things took a turn for the worse. I rushed her to our vet and tests concluded Pancreatitis in a severe form. They kept her until yesterday with meds and fluids. I would go visit daily and she would cry when I left her. My little girl (she was a Shizu) was so sick and I had to leave her in a cold cage alone in an effort to make her better. She has never been kennelled with us and this was upsetting to her and me. The vet told me to come and get her and bring her home to see if she improved. We got 7 more hours with my baby and she passed away 😭😭

I feel so guilty about this last week. I should have brought her home sooner or taken the vets advice Wednesday (we have two vets in one clinic) and put her to sleep. Her death was traumatic to my husband, myself and her sister Pugsy. I can’t stop crying and I just feel this extreme sadness. Everywhere I look I see her. I hope she knows we loved her and tried to make the best choices for her. All I want is my baby back 😪

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Tiffanys_mom07, I am very sorry for your loss. The pain and heartbreak can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. I’m glad you reached out to share your story. We all understand what you are going through and we’re here to support you in your grief. You faced a very traumatic situation and have been through a great deal. I’ve learned that guilt can go hand in hand with grief. We ask ourselves questions like, “Why didn’t I do this? and “What if I did that?”. You had to make difficult decisions during a very emotional time and you made them from a place of love. If you had brought her home sooner or put her to sleep you may find yourself now asking questions like should I have taken her home so soon or should I have put her to sleep. We want the absolute best for our beloved pets and our grief has a way of making us question if we made the best choices. Please be gentle with yourself and remind yourself that you made the best choices possible for Tiffany. I’m sure she felt your love each and everyday and knows everything you did was for her. Sending you warm thoughts of comfort & peace and a ((hug)).

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I want to extend my heartfelt condolences on your loss. Based on your story, you didn't do anything wrong. You did everything right. We all experience feelings of guilt and remorse about a pet medical decision that we either did or didn't make. You did the very best that you could under some very trying circumstances. Please take solace that you are a wonderful caregiver for your babies and make sure you come to this forum often to express what you are feeling. I just lost my (18) year old Border Collie. She was the love of my life. I miss her tremendously. The pain is almost unbearable. God Bless. 

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Thank you for your message. This is the tough part, my heart and my logical brain won’t reconcile. The last 33 hours have been such a roller coaster. I found myself waking last night to check on her. She wasn’t at my feet and that’s when I remembered she was gone.

I appreciate the reminder to be gentle with myself, it will come in time. I appreciate the support and thank you for your kindness.

Best wishes

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Thank you for your condolences. I am sorry for your loss as well. Miss Tiffany was with us for 11 years and I understand how quickly the bond sets in. 18 years is a great deal of time but it never really feels like enough does it? Tiffany and Pugsy have been with me through some of my darkest days and challenging situations in my life. It’s almost like having to relive them in a way.

I have always known there would be a day I had to say goodbye, I just didn’t think it would be this soon or under these types of circumstances. It’s easy to avoid thinking about the end of a pets life when it isn’t reality and they are healthy and happy.

As the days go by I will share more about my girl. I am thankful to have found this site and all of the support on here.

Thank you for your kindness, all the best to you.
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