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A lady from work who knows of my loss of my pups approached me today.  She has neighbors who have two 3 year old Siberian Huskies, and they are considering giving them away due to very busy work schedules and they are now also expecting a new baby.  She told her neighbors about me and my situation, and she asked me if I was able/willing to go over there sometime this weekend to meet the dogs!

I've got to tell you that my heart leaped in my chest!  At the same time, I didn't want to get my hopes up, plus I started thinking that it may be too soon to even be thinking about something like this.  My emotional roller coaster is going full blast, and I just hope that I'm not setting myself up for disappointment....or worse yet, to make a foolish decision that might be bad for both me and the dogs.

I know I'm getting way ahead of myself.  This may well turn out to be nothing, or to be an obvious choice.  I know that I tell others to listen to their heart, and I pray that I can do the same.  I wish I could get some kind of sign from my babies about this!  I have a feeling that I'm not going to sleep too well tonight!  LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)

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You'll know Rick. Don't force it, just go with your gut/heart. I prayed when I was going to take a 7 yr old Pom from death row. I called, he was adopted. I thanked the Lord and moved on. You know everything happens the way its suppose too. Whatever choice you make, its the right one.



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Oh Rick, I have to tell you when I was contimplating bringing Jake home after I took him to the shelter, the day I went to visit him, I almost didn't.  I just wasn't sure, but after I got there and really did some thinking, I did it. 

I can't tell you how nice it is to have my attention directed to another dog.  If your heart leaped, that's a good sign.  Take a little time check out the dogs and how they react to you and vise versa.  You'll know....and Luke and Lil will let you know also.

Best wishes

(Kyries mom)

Posts: 282

It sounds like a wonderful opportunity!  Even if it's just to help you to be open to the idea. To bridge that gap between "it's too soon" and "maybe.."   I think we all wish that something magical like this will happen for us.  Whatever decision you make will be the right one, because you'll make it with your heart. 


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oh cripes...........part of me wants to say this seems so soon for you and part of me wants to say it seems like it's divine intervention luke and lil style. it's just so very odd that there are not 1 but 2 huskies that need a good home. really makes you wonder doesn't it?

as i am sure you already know, just go with your gut feeling when you meet these babies and listen to what your heart is telling you. i wouldn't jump into it if you don't feel you are ready but then again maybe this is what luke and lil want for their dad. too much to think about, worry about and cogitate upon. the universe has presented you with something to ponder over. but it does kinda seem like destiny though, doesn't it?

oh shut up're not making the situation any better or clearer. please let us know how this turns out for you. i hope that you can get some sleep tonight.

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Rick, it sounds like you and i are on the same path!!!!  We have decided to most likely take this Beagle that i found on the rescue web site.  We will have a "meet and greet" on Sunday. 
I am so certain that we will be coming home with a new fur baby that i have already purchased the new food bowl, water bowl, collar(pink) and doggie bed. 
I too am worried about making the right decision, as you are.  I feel like Bonnie has guided me to this decision.  I saw that beautiful Beagle calendar at the book store and then that night, from nothing but boredom, I went to the rescue site and there she was----the Beagle.  I did tell my hubbie that I was planning on getting this sweet Beagle.  After all, I was bringing him home from a week's stay at the hospital and i did not want to send him back from the surprise!!!!! 
i cannot tell you what to do, just as no one told me what to do.  Just follow your heart.  Perhaps Luke and Lil have something to do with this.  I truly believe Bonnie had something to do with me seeing the Beagle calendar and then guiding me to the web site.
I do know that i dreamed about dogs all night last night.  Follow your heart and your gut feeling.  Please let us know what you do.
I will be thinking about you and the decisions you are facing.

I already have a name for my new addition to this family.  She will be Emmie Lou.  I am giving her the middle Lou in remembrance of our sweet Bonnie Lou.
Wishing you all the luck and wisdom in the world. 

~~~~Hugs and best wishes~~~~~


Posts: 541
Rick, you will know the choice to make when you meet these dogs. You will feel it in your heart if they are meant to be with you. Don't worry about whether it's too soon or go by a timetable. Of course it seems like fate that these 2 huskies are needing a home....;) but only you know if you are ready to take this on. If you feel it's right in your heart, don't worry about wishing for a sign from Luke and Lil. These pups ARE the sign.

Good luck in your decision. You'll know the right choice to make, either way.

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I think it is very hard. I just brought home two pups from the shelter on tuesday...was I ready??  NO.  Would I ever have been ready?? NO  Did these guys need a great home that we can give them?  YES  Would they have found the same kind of love somewhere else?  Possibly but you never know.  I am not used to them yet and the adjusting will take time.  They are lovable and I know some day I will love them and then feel guilty because in the beginning it seemed too soon.  I loved Foster with a love beyond all words and it always would have been too soon.
Check out the pups and see what they are all about.  Let us know how you get on!

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Dear Rick,
I too must say like the others for you to follow your heart. Luke and Lil could have their paws in this. Our babies watch us from the Bridge. They know our heartache and pain. They kiss away our tears when we cry for them. They LOVE us and know they forever have a place in our hearts. Most of all, they want us to be happy again. Let your heart guide you. I can tell you from my personal experience that I have been in the situation you are in now. I let my heart guide me and adopted just a month after the passing of my cat Freddie. The house was so empty, dark, sad, and not a home. Freddie and fate lead me to Poof and Oreo. They didn't replace Freddie ~ no cat could ever replace her ~ but they helped the good memories come back strong. As I grew to love Poof and Oreo, my love for Freddie deepened and I know I had her blessing.
Anyway, sorry to babble, I tend to do that a lot. I suggest going to meet the dogs with an open mind and heart. Whatever you decide Luke and Lil are proud of you for considering opening your heart to love again.
Please let us know how things go. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
God bless, Linda

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Hey Rick ~ I'm with Dawn on this one. It seems like it's way too soon, yet it is a strange coincidence. I can share my experience.

I brought home a foster dog with the same coloring as Piezon (3 months after he died). We were just supposed to foster her and help her find a good home. Because she had the same coloring (different breed) as Piezon, lots of people were telling me it must be divine intervention. Or that Piezon was telling me something and I should keep her because the coloring was the same.

We had her for three months and went back and forth on whether or not to keep her. In the end, she found a wonderful home with a little boy to play with. That was the right home for her. My husband and I went with our hearts and our guts ... we weren't ready. It was too soon. We are just now starting to feel like it could happen again for us, we feel it beginning to stir inside us. When it's time, you'll feel that stir too. Maybe you'll feel it when you see them. Who knows. You know you'll be supported here, whatever decision you make.

Good luck,


Posts: 54
Good luck Rick whichever way it turns out.  You can always give it a try-out for a few weeks to see how things go.  That's what my vet suggested to me after Doolan died.  It's been 12 weeks now that I've been 'trying things out' with Paddington.  We have good days and bad days, and I'm constantly comparing Paddy to Doolan, which I know isn't fair.  Just do your best to make the best decision you can, and go with it one way or the other.  You'll be fine.  God bless!

Posts: 1,982
Rick, I was going to say the same thing Berta did - these 2 pups "are" the sign :-}
One from each Lil and Luke.  It hit me immediately when I read your post.


Posts: 564
Gosh, thanks everybody for your thoughts and well wishes!  As I guessed, I didn't have a restful night last night.....too much stuff going through my head.  It's too soon!!  Luke has only been gone 11 weeks and Lil only 8 weeks this coming Monday!  I wasn't even going to consider anything before Spring.  But wait, maybe an opportunity like this won't come along again!  Maybe this is being directed by my babies!!  Maybe this is supposed to be!!!

This morning I came to only one conclusion.....since nobody has either called me yet to come meet the dogs, nor have they said that I can take them, there really is no decision for me to have to to make at this point, right?

OK, maybe that thought will hold me for another hour or so.........!!

LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)


Posts: 564
OK, no more than a half hour after I posted last, I got the call.  I'm going out there tomorrow afternoon at 3 to meet the pups.  My stomach is in knots and my head is going 100 miles per hour!

I know that there is still no decision to make.......but there may be tomorrow!  Please say a little prayer for me!  Rick

Posts: 11,059
I am glad they called you.  I truly hope the meeting goes well with the two pooches.  I know it's a scary time, but you will know the minute you see these dogs if they will be a part of your life.  I am looking forward to your next post.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


Posts: 328
Rick,  When you look into those eyes, your heart will tell you if you are ready. You lost 2 Huskies, close together, so did I. The feeling for me was that Zacky, my first Husky that made the journey, North of Rainbow Bridge, sent me another rescue, Ace. It was shortly after that Dakota made the journey to be with her Zacky, they were together with me for 10 years, both rescues. Just prior to acquiring Ace, I read these words, and it helped me make my decision,

“Don't hold the love that you have within yourself.

Give it to another like me and then I will live forever.

For love never really dies, and you are loved and missed

as surely as we are.”

I hope your decision comes as easy as mine did.
Godspeed to you Rick


Posts: 1,982
Rick, I was going to say the same thing Berta did - these 2 pups "are" the sign :-}
One from each Lil and Luke.  It hit me immediately when I read your post.


Posts: 564
Frank, my wife asked me today whether I was sure that I wanted to consider getting Huskies again, afraid that they would remind me too much of Luke and Lil, and that I might always expect them to be like my pups.  My response even surprised me a little!  I said that I could never even imagine getting a different breed for as long as I live!! 

Maybe it's because of the special connection that we had over the years, but there are clearly traits in Huskies that I love and that I know I would never find the combination in another breed......the intelligence, gentleness, willfulness, stubbornness, loyalty, strength, and all of the spiritual aspects....including being able to look into their eyes and to actually see their souls.....I just don't think that I could ever really be satisfied with any other breed!  The thought makes it doubly frightening that I may be setting my expectations too high.

I am going to go into this with an open mind and open heart.  I think you're right when you say I will know when I look into their eyes.  You and I both know what's behind those eyes!  Thanks for your words of wisdom!  Rick

Posts: 29
Hi Rick

I'm wishing you the best of luck with your visit today I hope that you make the right decision for yourself.
Best wishes

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I too that it was too soon for me to consider getting a new pup so soon after my girl passed, a short four months, but truly, I think it (the call from a breeder that I was wait listed on for next year or the year after and my new pup) was a Godsend and he helped me to love again and grow.  I feel I would have been stuck otherwise in deep grief.  He has helped me to realize all that was special about my girl - and my other girl that passed a week after my pup's arrival - to see that he was another gift to me, possibly from my girls or simply just a gift.  Whichever the case, I am so grateful and happy again, life is good once again.  I am looking forward to seeing your next post and hope all goes well - you deserve love and happiness again!



Posts: 564

Thank you, Nicole, and everybody else.  Today we found out it was not meant to be.  I'm disappointed, but hopeful.....just need to have faith that it will happen when the time and circumstances are right.  Rick


Posts: 607
Your time will come, and that day will be wonderful, you'll see!
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