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Hello all,

I think it will help me if I introduce you to my sweet I can focus on the fact that he LIVED...not dwell constantly on the fact that he died.  I'll write this in parts...just as things come to me...I appreciate your patience, kind words, and support.

The day I got him...

My younger brother had been married just over a month when I decided the time was right for me to get a new kitten.  I had lost my previous kitty, Jonah, about six months prior, and missed feline companionship.  I actually looked online at the animal shelter website before I went to see available kitties...and Sebastian's picture jumped out at me.  I guess it was that he just looked so ORNERY! :)  (Ahh...little did I know...)  All the other kittens in the photos were either sleeping or contentedly sitting in someone's arms.  My little guy, however, was staring straight into the camera, ears pinned back, held out at arm's length, looking rather completely annoyed.  I fell in love with him in an instant.

I went to pick him up...when they pulled him out of the cage, he was sleeping in the back and after briefly waking up, he immediately went back to sleep in my arms.  Sweet boy.  I filled out all the paperwork, agreed to get him neutered within two weeks, and headed home.  And THAT was when I found out that the sweet, tiny, all-grey kitten had the ability to HOWL.  The ride home was about an hour and how that boy never lost his voice is beyond me!

I decided on his name on the way home...Sebastian Rupert.  He was such a beautiful boy...completely soft-powdery grey, nose to tail.  Sebastian seemed a dignified name for such a handsome kitten...and Rupert...well, both my dad and brother suggested it, so I went along. :)

We got home and I immediately put him in a quiet bathroom with some litter, food, and water so he could relax and calm down.  After ten minutes or so, I checked in...and he was GONE.  Panicked, I checked every crevice...even down the drain of the tub...wondering if he could've somehow gotten into the toilet...but he was NOWHERE.  I came out, closed the door behind me, and commenced to seeking through the entire house, thinking he may have somehow slipped under the door.  Nothing.  I was so worried, close to tears, when I decided to check one more time in the bathroom.  Now, *just* as I opened the door a crack, I saw him sitting inside...and *just* as he saw someone was coming in, he dove back for his hiding spot.  In the nick of time, I grabbed his back foot and extracted him from his destination...a tiny hole under the sink cupbard that led up behind the drawers.  To this day I have no idea how he fit into that hole.  My own hand wouldn't fit!

So...after stuffing the hole with newspaper, I began to get to know my little Sebastian.  He was independent right from the start.  Never once did he cry for his family...and never did he truly bond with anyone, except me.  He liked other members of my family...especially my dad...but what he and I shared was unique and special.

Sebastian found other tiny hiding places in those first days...most notably an opening to the box springs of the bed...which he contentedly rolled out of after I tore the bed apart looking for him. :)

Even now, as I look back on our first day together, I have to shake my head and smile.  My sweet boy.  He was very young, only 7 weeks old and I often wondered what his first 7 weeks of life were like before we met.  Perhaps they were frightening, because fear and jumpiness were quite ingrained in his personality, as I came to understand as time went by.

Thanks for reading all helped me to write it.  No tears, just fond memories. :)


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Horray for such a great life to have been lived!  You are right, we should smile because it happened,not cry because it's over..  It's hard but it's also nice to think of the good memories.


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Theresa, I am so sorry for your loss. What a great name! There is so much love in your post. I'd love to see a picture of him.

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Thank you for sharing Sebastian's story.  He sounds like a very sweet and feisty boy.  I love animals that have an attitude.  It makes them so all the more precious.  I also hope you will post a picture of your little guy.  Everyone loves to see precious pictures!!

precious Christoph ~ too quiet without my sweet bunny boy~


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It's so much fun to reminisce about their mischievous ways.  Each little detail gives us a clue to what is really going on in their amazing minds.  Sebastian must have had a terrific life,  living with someone who obviously has a positive, upbeat attitude about the world.  Picking out a kitten who looks the most ornery is a real sign of someone who is willing to see the best in everyone/ everything.   Thank you for telling us about Sebastian.   I'd love to read more stories when you feel up to it.

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