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Sunday morning my Maltese Pomerania poodles Belinda who just turned 14 on May 1st woke up we noticed she was having some trouble walking to get a drink from her bowl she was fine the night prior so I picked her up placed her on my lap and she was looking straight ahead not really moving her head at all I was rubbing her and she seemed to come out of it so I took her outside she was able to walk around and went potty I kept her close eye on her all day wondering what happened to her but she seemed fine, later she had another little episode and I told my daughter we will see if she eats and drinks and comes out of it on her own and if she doesn’t we will go to the vet tomorrow but 2 more episode happen after 5 pm and later that night she stopped drinking water wasn’t able to stand for very long and had no appetite we were able to get her to drink from a spoon but she seemed to just wanted to sleep which was not like her so we laid with her on my daughter’s bed and about a hour later she let out a bark and this happened again 3 separate times within 1 hours so we new she is experiencing some kind of pain and this wasn’t normal so I called the animal hospital told them her symptoms and they said bring her in and we will have the doctor look her over we said we don’t want her to suffer and if he finds that its her time and that she won’t recovery we want to do the right thing for her and euthanasia so at 2 am we drive to Temecula and they told us because of covid we can’t go in while they take her vitals but we can go in when the put her in a room so I handed her over to a technician while in the parking lot and I wasn’t happy about that because we were worried that if she is in pain that we weren’t with her to comfort her and that they are strangers to her we also thought she might be scared, they had her for about 5 minutes so I called the front desk and asked how she was doing and they said they were about to call us to come in so we went to the room and when they brought her to us she was sedated they didn’t tell us that they were going to do this shouldn’t they have told us prior she was just laying in a blanket and I now I was angry that they didn’t let us go in before they sedated her because we should of been there with her to comfort her and to say our good bye first because she was just laying on her side she wasn't moving her head around at all like in the car ride over and her eyes were open with a blank stare Belinda was giving to my daughter at the age of 3 she SIerra in now 17 every day she just adored her she is also expressed to me that she is very upset that we weren’t able to go in for the exam and the fact they didn’t tell us prior to the sedative how do I get over this we have a imagine of Belinda being scared and feeling like we had abandoned her when she need us the most we loved her protected her and kept her healthy and safe fir 14 years and couldn’t of loved her more

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I understand your feelings.  I wasn't able to be with Jasmine when she passed because of COVID.  Unfortunately, because they told me to call when we got there and they'd come to the vehicle and pick her up I assumed I couldn't come in.  I didn't ask.  Anyway, I got a call that I needed to come quickly and that she was not doing well.  She had passed by the time I got there.  I saw a customer come in and out with their dog and my heart broke.  That meant people could come in -- now I realize they offered to get her from the car but didn't require it.  I digress.  

I sooooo hope they gave Jasmine something to calm her down.  The biggest reason I wanted to be with her was so that she could pass gently and calmly.  I am not sure why your vet did that for Belinda but IMO it is a blessing.  

 Maybe others here with more experience will have a different opinion.  I think it was a humane thing to do for Belinda but I could be wrong.  I'm scared to ask my vet if they did that for Jasmine because I fear that they didn't.  I can't change it so ... 

Did they ever tell you what happened with Belinda?  Jasmine had a couple of moments like that before she passed.  One morning she was so excited that her human brother was here and she started racing toward him, like she normally would, but then stopped suddenly and looked around dazed.  I felt like she had a moment where she didn't know where she was.  I later found out that she wasn't getting enough oxygen.  She had fluid on her heart and lungs.  I wonder if something was preventing Belinda from getting enough oxygen.  

I bet Belinda is the best gift your daughter will ever receive.  I can't imagine how excited a 3-year-old would be getting a beautiful little best friend!  Heaven on earth.  Give your daughter a hug from me.  This is going to be so hard on your family. I'm just so sorry it happened and that your vet disappointed you.  

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